About Breezy

Breezy, a small town little lady with a high fashion heart & a sarcastic mouth. Soon to be wifey, not yet domesticated goddess. I love everything charming and beautiful in life, from how the rain hits green leaves to a huge, sparkling statement necklace, and everything in between. I enjoy being happy, finding the humor in bad situations, and always believing in the best. This is a blog where I share exciting, happy moments in my life, throw my two cents into the internet bucket, include what I am wearing, as my own personal little vault of memories - all with a good "fuck" peppered in there for variety. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a look at my little slice.

Xo, B

A few things about me.
  1. "Breezy" is my nickname from elementary school, and has not left my side since. I also have "Boogs", but surprisingly that one didn't make the cut.
  2. I like to make lists.
  3. My biggest bucket list item is to visit New York once for every season. atleast. First up is Christmastime for my birthday.. someday.
  4. I swear like a sailor. #SorryNotSorry, I know when to reign it in. Know your audience.
  5. I've never met a Mariah Carey song I can't do a damn good cover of.
  6. I believe a girl can never have too many accessories. Ever ever.
  7. My favorite seasons are Springtime & Fall. Not too hot, not too cold.
  8. I was a Parisian socialite in a past life. My entire world was filled with macaroons, lace, tea roses and fabulous jewel encrusted gowns.
  9. I am the laziest gym lover you will ever meet.
  10. I am always down for a good hotdog, anytime anyday. 

If you have any inquiries, please email me at breezylutz@gmail.com, I look forward to hearing from you ;)

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