Thursday 26 February 2015

Coming to you from Cabin Fever

Well, I'm going on day 6 of a minimum 7 day bedrest after my cervical leep surgery. I tell ya, it's been a lot suckier than I thought it was going to be. Not being able to do much is an understatement, My couch and I have become the closest of friends, and I feel like I personally know all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hill's botoxed little souls. Thank goodness for my mom and dad being here so they can come keep my company, and there's nothing like a mama taking care of you and making sure you always have tea, and a dad to clean your floors for you so atleast while you feel rotten, your house does not.

  1. Day 1 of bed rest I figured I wasn't in too bad of shape, so decided to walk to the mailbox to get my new stickygram magnets, and take the recycling out at the same time. That ended in me staying on the couch for the next 5 hours ish, not including bathroom breaks. BUT I did master the Miley Cyrus bun (we all stared in envy at her top knot/fun-bun skills back then, don't you lie.) exhibit A & B
    photo^^My secret was 4 day old hair that had previously been blown out, makes for a very workable curl. That and the grease ;)

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous out lately, nothing but blue skies melting the snow. Which naturally has gotten me thinking spring outfits. It may be because all I've been wearing lately is lounge clothing, but I cannot stop thinking about printed tuxedo pants, and figuring out how to wear pajamas without looking sloppy. Obsessed with this pair from free people, and this pair from madewell for a more structured feel. Pair with a blazer and pumps, jean jacket and booties or crop top for a night out - they make the statement while you're comfy - win win! I've also found myself wishing that nighties were appropriate to wear out, although the way I dressed up my striped lace one with this fisherman's sweater and leggings, I kinda think I nailed it. blog photo

  3. The beautiful weather mixed with me not being able to move much has given me the strongest craving to go for a run. Ha. I am pretty gung ho that I'll start jogging more this spring, I'm going to start off realistically and settle for fast walks for now :).

  4. Feeling like this spring's wardrobe will be Parisian themed; simple colors, lines and simple pieces. Like this long sleeved striped crop top and black linen midi skirt - so chic but simple. This outfit can be dressed up or down so many ways - with a jean vest and sneakers, floral flats and a blazer, or my leopard scarf and booties. blog photo 2

  5. I have re ignited my K-Pak obsession. Two uses and my hair feels so much healthier and silkier. If you're hair is feeling a little bit on the frazzled side, get yourself the reconstructor/hydrator duo and your tresses will thaaank you.

  6. Netflix has been my savior. Grey's anatomy, Friends, Call the Midwife, Austin Powers (!!), they've kept me from going crazy.