Wednesday 30 January 2013

The Humble Brag.

And for once, not about myself! ;) People, I have been harboring a secret. Well, not a very well-kept secret if you know me personally, but either way, I want to shout it to the world! Because my best kept secret won't do it for himself. I live, with quite the talented fella. Am I a little bit biased? Obviously, I love the guy! But, his talent really does speak louder than my biasedness. For a while now, he has been doing the window displays at a Ski & Board shop here in Vernon, called Attridge. The detail he puts into these, and in the little amount of time he takes, it's just amazing. We went to Maui last Christmas, and he had to have the display up, the day before we came home. So, after an all-night flight, he went straight down to the shop, and created the coolest winter display, in under a half a day. And here's the kicker! The display was entered into a North America wide contest for Salomon skis, and he won! Here is that display:Salomon WindowRight!? He obviously had the "props" ready before we left, but from the wooden walls, to the fireplace to every little detail, he blows my mind. Here are a few of the other displays he has done in the past:

display See the cool black background? Oh yeah, he drew that with sharpies.

movember display This was for the Movember contest at the shop this year. He even hand made those curtains! Gold piping and everything.

soloman Not to be totally, 100% biased, BUT. This one has to  be my favorite still to this day. He made all those little ninjas, and created little ninja suits!

SPYFor "Spy" sunglasses, Spy vs. Spy. Do I even need to tell you he made ALL OF THIS!?

And now for the really fun part. He also makes these really cool, abstract, pop-art paintings. We have at least 10 around our house. Here are some of my favorite pieces that he's done:

Fullscreen capture 12913 121816 PM.bmp IMG_0961 IMG_4180 IMG_4190

And finally, just in case you did not think I could brag about him any more, I can! Here are a few of the pieces he's created for others, the most recent being a graphic he did for Skevik Skis, a ski company based out of Vernon. stein_howl_2012_tab(All done with sharpie. No, seriously. He created the graphic on a 6 foot canvas, all with SHARPIE.)

AHow cute is he!? Painting a "woodgrain" finish on a surfboard. Post note, he also made that hilarious caricature in the background of his brother for Danny's stag houseboat weekend.

Now, what is the point of all of this? Well, beyond my admiration and wanting to pump his tires just a wee bit, he is going to be selling the work he has already done, but he is also going to start taking orders for custom commissions. This guy is diverse, and has no limit of what his abilities can do. If you would like to know more, send me an email!  And maybe, pop a little comment down below and show this guy some much deserved love.

display at workBecause seriously, how cute is he!? Sorry ladies, he's not for sale, just his art ;)

And with that, thank you for enduring my gush session. Because A) if you love something, you want everyone around you to know all about it, and B) he is an artist, he would NEVER do this for himself.




  1. Wow! Course I knew a lot of this already but hadn't seen some of his paintings! He is such an amazingly talented guy! Ok. So first commission. I want those two rolling tree stumps done. You (Brianne) decide what he will charge because I know he won't feel comfortable charging us. I would LOVE to have 2 pieces of his original pop art. I am stoked!

  2. wow, he's so talented -- no wonder you're so proud! I would love to follow more of his pop art. I'm totally drawn to the palm tree, sun & wave piece -- Let me know if it's for sale. Best of luck to him in this new venture of his, he's a natural!

  3. I haven't met him yet Brianne but I've heard from your sister he is a very talented, very great fella. There must be something special about him cause you picked him, and he must be pretty smart cause he picked you!

  4. SO incredibly talented!! I think there are HUGE THINGS ahead for you two creatives!! Love it, this was an awesome post Bri!! And I am pumped for you Andy!! Amazing work!

  5. Hi Keri,
    I'm definitely going to be showcasing it more, and we're probably going to get a facebook page up and running for them, so stay tuned for that! Thank you for the compliments, I just think he is so talented, it was driving me crazy that everything was just sitting in our spare room! That particular one was done for our neice, so that one isn't for sale. But if you are interested in one similar he can absolutely do one for you! :)

  6. WAY to go Bri......Thanks......for taking the plunge for him, and your correct in that - we both knew he wouldn't have done so for himself ;)
    Its great when you have good people supporting and building you up, Thanks for your Brag....I am thinking you kind "like" my boy - alot - Tee Hee

  7. We love you Andy , had no idea how amazingly talented you have become. May need to place a request for our new nursery !!!!