Thursday 8 November 2012

items you NEED in your closet.

did that get your attention? good. the idea of building an entire wardrobe is pretty daunting. how do I know this? because after I lost 35 lbs over the course of two years (hey thanks metabolism! didn't realize you were such a tease), nothing in my closet fit properly anymore, and even though I'm a big fan of the baggy, looser style, that only works when the clothes were made to look that way, otherwise it looks like you have raided your boyfriend's closet. not hot. so, I had to slowly start building it up again, key word being slowly, as my bank account doesn't really allow for a full out shopping spree, much to my dismay. what I discovered, however, were that my "basics" were not necessarily the basics we are always told we "need to have". for instance, I do love a crisp white button up, on other people. I personally have never worn one, and don't see that changing anytime soon. on the same note, let's revisit the LBD. do not get me wrong, every wardrobe needs one, but why not have the LPD (little perfect dress) instead? you know, the one that makes you feel like a movie star, who said it needs to be black?! a boring person, that's who.

B's "must have items in the closet":

  1. skinny jeans. personally I do not like them sitting at my ankles, thanks to my sister who lovingly pointed out that I was not blessed with pretty, skinny ankles (just a little traumatizing at the time, but, sigh, so true.. while my feet may never beautifully highlight an ankle strap, they also won't break.. you know, silver linings and all). instead these are my "boot" jeans. nothing makes me cringe faster than loose jeans being forced into boots. just. don't. do. it. and in non-boot season, I roll them up once or twice and they accentuate my flats, heels, wedges beautifully.

  2. a basic "perfect" tank top. the "boyfriend" tank is one of my absolute favorites, and I have atleast 3 white ones, and 4 black. (oh, did I mention I am a clothing hoarder? shocking right?) but they go with everything! jeans, shorts, high-waisted bottoms. find a cut that you love and loves you right back, and you will never go wrong.

  3. a basic perfect tee. this is my solution to the crisp white button up. if the material is "luxurious" enough (think jersey/cotton, and ditch the itchy polyester), you can wear it with work pants, tucked into a skirt with a fabulous bib necklace, or under a cardigan and scarf.

  4. semi-sheer, "floaty" blouse. one in a neutral color, I prefer the "floaty" styles, as they feel less constricting and are surprisingly extremely versatile.

  5. nude heels. let's see, they go with everything, & make your legs look longer. need I say more?

  6. black trousers. your absolute basic must have. whether your work requires "office" attire or not, they are the perfect basic to have for dinner with the in-laws, an office party, or an occasion that needs something a teench dressier than your prettiest jeans. personal favs are cigarette cut, boot cut and wide legged

  7. the little perfect dress. mine for instance, is hot pink. surprising, since I never wear pink, ever. however, this dress is perfect for: spring cocktail party, a wedding, a fancy function, and I will even wear it for a holiday party or two. what i'm getting at is if it fits the bill and makes you feel gorgeous, it should be a fall back staple.

  8. a printed scarf. hello outfit maker! they can be added to any ensemble (I have yet to find an inappropriate situation where one shouldn't be used) and take it from a boring look to fun, fresh and so so simple to do.

  9. blazer. be it black, navy, white, red, patterned, whatever. this is probably the most versatile piece you own. what's that you say? doubt? here are 3 outfits completed with a blazer: with a band tee, your perfect black trousers & some sweet heels. hello sexy little concert goer. with a white tee, scarf, skinny jeans and boots. bam! brunch outfit. overtop of your little perfect dress and you are elegant, chic, and warm.

  10. LEGGINGS! blew your mind right there didn't I? probably not, but hey I can dream. fact is, I wear leggings 5 days out of 7, with everything. except.. EXCEPT. ladies, please, pleease do NOT substitute these for real pants. I repeat, they are not real pants. My rule of thumb is, if I am going to wear leggings, my top(s) need to cover my bum. maybe not all of it, but most. I wear a lot of longer, baggy tops/cardigans etc., so they are my perfect go-to. because of this, I say investing in a good pair is ideal. I wear my lulu lemon pair all the time, and if I factor in the magical "cost per wear", I've practically made money on them.

so there you are! the "basics" I swear by and build around. what I love about these is they can be interpreted to fit your unique style in any way. color, fit, style, it's endless. so these are mine, what are yours?




  1. I have the same unwritten rule for leggings! Love this broke away from the norm in a good way ;)

  2. Let's see the pink dress girrrl ;)

  3. LOVED THIS BRI!! Awesome advice!

  4. Great article! can never go wrong with skinnies and a cardigan!

  5. I love that you started this! You are sush a stylish lady and any tips you have, I defiantly welcome!! Thanks bri!

  6. Do you shop at the gap? They have great basics.

  7. Danielle Murdock8 November 2012 at 13:09

    GREAT advice brianne!! Love it, good for you!

  8. This was brilliant! Your witty and an outright genius! I work in a dayhome and wear clothing that is comfortable, but now I know what to wear in the evenings when I go out :) So thank-you!!

  9. LOVE the gap! The black pants in the pic above are one of my all-time favs.I haven't found a place that does work pants better!

  10. Love this Brizz. Simple basics go a long way. Thanks for breaking them down for us! ;)