Friday 28 December 2012

Fashion Friday, a little overdue.

Just a little round up of assorted outfits from the last little while, I apologize for the difference in quality, iPhones don't compare to Canon apparently ;)

Thursday 27 December 2012

Get Inspired

Sorry for my lack of posting; my sister was in town for ten days and just left today (sniff sniff..) tomorrow will be back to normal!

These days, with the likes of pinterest, fashion blogging, instagram, you name it, it's never been a better time to share your outfits with people who appreciate it, and take little snippets from outfits you like to make them your own. Personally, I love it. 90% of the bookmarked blogs and websites are fashion related sites (big shock, I know).

Friday 14 December 2012

Bucket List

My birthday is on Sunday (EEEEE!!), and I have been thinking a lot about getting older, wiser, saggier, you know, all the perks that come with it. And I thought to myself, I have so many “dreams” that I say “before I become an adult, I want to do this..” Well, girl, you’re a homeowner, haven’t lived at home with mom and dad since you were 18, and every month you pay bills for various lovely companies. Wake up! You are an “adult”. It happened when you weren't even looking. I consider being an adult when I've finally come full circle, when I’m caring for someone other than me, be it to a dog baby, or a real baby. So, as I continued thinking about what life will bring me as I grow older, I thought of what my “adulthood bucket list” would look like; meaning, what do I want to accomplish before I can no longer be completely selfish, and before my life is no longer 100% about me? And, I decided since my birthday was coming pretty quickly, why not make a “Before I am 25 Bucket List” I give myself until 25, because by then I’ll be ANCIENT. (JOKING! no hate mail please! ;) )

Wednesday 12 December 2012

The War on Gluten.

Slight (okay, huge) departure from what I normally blog about, but this is an issue to me I've become pretty passionate about, because it is one heck of a lifestyle change. One that I can't say i'm overly thrilled about.. Neither is my wallet, for that matter.

For years, literally, years, I was always nauseous.  Or would have a weird headache, or stomach cramps, all for no reason. I couldn't understand it: I ate very healthy - most of the time -, I drank lots of water and didn't drink soda or sugary drinks.. WHY was I constantly feeling this way!? Obviously, it was pretty inconvenient, because feeling sick most of the time is just ridiculous, and gets in the way of a lot! Not to mention, can make one very grumpy.

Friday 7 December 2012

Dresses for Every Shape

Who doesn't love dressing up? Okay rhetorical question, I understand not every lady is like me, and gets much too excited at the task of dressing up. Especially if you have troubles finding the silhouette to best flatter and fit. Luckily, there are a few "basic" silhouettes that are quite universally flattering, which I will show you today. First, let me define some of them for you:

A-Line: Having a tighter top, and flared bottom. Literally makes an "A" . Suitable for almost every shape

Sheath/Shift: A straight cut dress that doesn't hug the body or cinch in at the waist.

Empire Waist: One of the most common used silhouettes in fashion, why? Because it is fabulous. So flattering, and so diverse. The waistline falls far above a woman's natural waist, usually just under or a few inches below the bust, and the bottom is generally flowy and not fitted. This shapes works very well with Apple figured girls, as it hits where your waist naturally occurs.

Wrap: A great, versatile piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe. It is a v-neck dress designed with a slim-fitting top and a looser skirt, often with extra material across the bust and stomach, giving it the "wrap" look. This silhouette is universally slimming, as is creates an illusion of a more nipped in waist.

a. Shift: Best shapes for this silhouette: Straight and Apple figures. To create the illusion of a more cinched in waist with this style, just add a belt!

b. Wrap: best for hourglasses and full busted ladies. The wrap enhances your natural waist, while showing off your curves without showing too much. To ensure the most comfort, look for wrap styles with adjustable waists for the best fit.

c. A-line. Best for straight, hourglass, pear, full busted. The a-line is quite a multi-tasker, for straighter girls, the cinched in waist creates the illusion of more curves, but for the girls with more natural curve to go around, it helps to hide the fullness of hips.

d. One Shoulder. Best for straight shapes, as the added drama ensures a more dramatic silhouette.

e. Strapless: Quite flattering for all, but best for Pear shapes, as the open neckline enhances your upper body, and draws the eyes up.

Now, for some of my personal "do's & don'ts" when it comes to the dress, and dressing up in general.


  • Wear something that is comfortable, that you can dance in, and allows you to eat in. Stretch is always your friend. Always.

  • Wear a color that is flattering to your skin tone. Warmer skin tones look best in "warm" shades, think reds, oranges, deep burgundies or purples, greens and jewel tones  Neutral skin tones, well, you can pull it all off. Cooler skin tones look best in pinks, purples, and blues.

  • The sit test, and the "raise the roof" test. This summer, I found the most amazing shift dress, ever. But as soon as I put my hands over my head, it raised right up to my belly button. Needless to say, it didn't come home with me. Dependent on the event you're going to, make sure that the dress you pick enables movement, and does not require you to stand the entire evening for risk of showing off too much when you sit.

  • Above all else, wear something that makes you feel like a princess/starlet/beautiful. 


  • Wear a dress that is too short. If you put your hands down at your sides, and your dress falls well above where your fingers fall, it is too short. Try to bend over. If you are unable to do so without showing your underthings, it is tooo short. If you are unsure on whether or not it is a dress, or fancy shirt, it is TOO short. Sometimes opaque tights can blend the lines of just right/too short, but in the hotter months when you do not have that luxury, don't risk it.

  • This is not the time to pull out your best glamour goddess of jewellery impression. Yes, it might be a fancier occasion than your day-to-day wear, so by all means wear the glitzier items in your repertoire, but the rule of 3 still applies.

  • If you are wanting to create the illusion of a long, lean Gisele body, don't wear items that will hinder that. Ankle straps (my arch nemesis, thank you cankles), will cut your leg off at the ankles, so if your hemline is a bit longer, it will create the illusion of stumpier legs. Also, if you decide to wear a dress that has a dramatic neckline/embellishment, wearing your hair down will distract from it, and add too much in a way you don't want.

  • Visible bra straps. DON'T. The only person that can - barely - pull that off is Carrie Bradshaw, and she is fictional.

And to end it off, my most favorite quote on this subject, summing it up perfectly :  "A dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to prove you're a lady." - Edith Head




Thursday 6 December 2012

My life, as told through my purse.

In 40 30 15 years, when my back and shoulder problems have caught up to me, I will be able to pin-point the major reason I am lopsided and semi-hunchbacked: my love of big purses. I do not have "little" purses, except for the Coach purse I bought for my birthday last year (happy birthday to me, from me), and the only reason it is small, is because that's what I could afford. Otherwise, I love big purses. I carry my life around, and by the end of the day, my poor shoulders are not my biggest fans. One day I will learn, but today is not that day. So, what is inside my bag of tricks? Well, let's see!

Tuesday 4 December 2012

All Shapes & Sizes.. Part 1

I am woman, hear me roar! Sorry, couldn't help myself. But ladies, we are not all made the same, are we? One pair of jeans can look amazing on my leggy sister, and my hips practically laugh at me when I attempt to put them on, all while being about 3 inches too long. And on the flip side, I love me some high-waisted skirts to flaunt my shape, but they don't do a whole lot for her. But! We are the same "size". Funny how that works hey? And by funny, I mean the most annoying thing ever. I am a true "hourglass", I have a teeny waist I love to highlight, but my hips have not been little since I was 13, and my boobs are the first thing to balloon when I gain weight. But, I know my shape like the back of my hand, and I have no problem dressing for it. I know what works, what doesn't, and what seriously The problem is, I don't know every shape like the back of my hand, so this is something I have literally stressed about, and put lots of hours into "understanding" (it is a work in progress). Just because it works for me, doesn't mean it will work for you. And vice versa. So, this will be a multi-series post, to go over casual, business, dressy, and everything in between to master your shape, and master the art of dressing for it.

Friday 30 November 2012

Fashion Friday, giving new love to old favorites.

This week was pretty calm on the outfit front; who knew being a little under the weather dulled the fashionista in me? My leggings got quite the workout this week; my mind was so foggy it was about all I could put together. But, what turned out to be a theme this week was re-mixing old pieces I had long forgotten about, or taking pieces that weren't quite right, and dressing them up in ways I could get more use, and enjoyment out of. So there you go, fogginess can sometimes hinder my inner Rachel Zoe, and then it can cause me to be a bit more creative.

Wednesday 28 November 2012

The invite said, "Dress Bewitchingly"

With December just a few days away (seriously, when did that happen!?), one of my most favorite times of the year is approaching: Holiday Parties. It should come to no surprise to any of you that I love dressing up. Honestly, when I know we have a "function" to go to, I start outfit planning in my head usually a few days before, depending on the amount of heads up we have. Slightly embarrassing to admit, but it is my happy place. Now, here is one of my little weird quirks that I have about dressing up, and it is so teensy, but actually drives me crazy. I hate it when Andy & I don't "go together". I'm not talking matching outfits here (we only do that in the privacy of our own home), but when we clash, it makes my skin itchy. I hate it. So, not that I am controlling or anything - I am -  when it comes to dressing up, but sometimes, he humors me and lets me pick out what he is going to wear too. Thankfully, as stylish as he is, he is a boy and doesn't really care. And you know, "happy wife happy life ;)".

Now, not all Holiday Parties were made the same, and sometimes it is as simple as a relaxed, casual potluck & board games night, and sometimes it is a fancy-pants office party. I have devised three "looks" for you and your special someone, to suit each function. In my opinion, I will always choose to be slightly over-dressed than under, and if worse comes to worse, it is easier to take off your bling than try to cover up the holes in your jeans, amIright? Now, without further adieu.

Monday 26 November 2012

Take the Time.

Life is busy, isn't it? Like, really busy. Some days it seems like my 8 hour workday is really a 14 hour one, and then before I know it, it's 9:30 and I'm in bed (I really enjoy sleep, and trust me, everyone around me enjoys me well-rested). We get so stuck in our routines and schedules and the constant go go go, whether you are juggling work & a family, or if you are a single gal like me trying to fit a workout here and there, plus school, plus work. Before you know it, the important things get pushed to the side. Not work, not cleaning, not chores, the really important things: your relationships.

Wednesday 21 November 2012

It's the Rule of 3.

I love accessorizing. SO much.  Some of my favorite memories are when I would sneak into my mom or my sister's vanities and put on all of their jewels and play princess.. Oh wait, I still do that! You know how you feel kind of naked if you forget, say, your phone at home? I feel that way if I've forgotten to wear my accessories. Naked & Incomplete.

Friday 16 November 2012

Fashion Friday - This Week in Outfits

You know when you have a really good outfit day? Your hair works with you, you feel fabulous, and just like you're simply rocking it out. This whole week felt that way. Probably because it was a shorter work week, so I was just in a good mood to begin with, but hey! I'm not complaining. Here is a little peek at the outfits I wore to work & out this week:

Thursday 15 November 2012

Winter is here, and I am chilly.

There are two things I enjoy about winter: my birthday (because, well obviously, I get to be Princess for a day.) & Christmas festivities. What do I not enjoy about winter? Being cold. I HATE being cold. I go from cheerful to grumpy in .5 seconds when I am cold, or worse, when the bottom of my pants & feet get wet. Now I am one serious Bitter Betty.

So, how do you resist the urge to put on everything warm you own, and bundle up like the abominable snowman, but still stay warm? Layers! Layering is your best friend this season. Because odds are, for the most part, you are only piling on the layers for the transit of getting from A to B, once you're inside somewhere, the need for four puffy parkas is a bit of a non-issue. Thus, layering.  Generally, on any given chilly day I have about 5 layers going on. I have my "base layer": either jeans or leggings, socks and a tank top. Then, you pile on another top, tunic or button up. Next (my fav!) a cardigan, because you are able to remove it without causing all the static electricity in the room to meet up & party on your head (another bonus of this weather, staticky hair. Don't even get me started). Finally I am wearing a nice toasty scarf, usually a pair of leg warmers, mittens,boots & my cutest winter parka.

Thursday 8 November 2012

items you NEED in your closet.

did that get your attention? good. the idea of building an entire wardrobe is pretty daunting. how do I know this? because after I lost 35 lbs over the course of two years (hey thanks metabolism! didn't realize you were such a tease), nothing in my closet fit properly anymore, and even though I'm a big fan of the baggy, looser style, that only works when the clothes were made to look that way, otherwise it looks like you have raided your boyfriend's closet. not hot. so, I had to slowly start building it up again, key word being slowly, as my bank account doesn't really allow for a full out shopping spree, much to my dismay. what I discovered, however, were that my "basics" were not necessarily the basics we are always told we "need to have". for instance, I do love a crisp white button up, on other people. I personally have never worn one, and don't see that changing anytime soon. on the same note, let's revisit the LBD. do not get me wrong, every wardrobe needs one, but why not have the LPD (little perfect dress) instead? you know, the one that makes you feel like a movie star, who said it needs to be black?! a boring person, that's who.

Wednesday 7 November 2012

The Red Jean Diaries

I have known Meg Courtney for a while, through acquaintances and recently (to my serious luck), she has become a very good friend of mine, and her and her husband Scott were one of the main reasons I decided to take this leap (Thanks guys! Man am I ever glad you moved here!!). Now, Meg has a not so secret talent, she is an amazing Wedding & Lifestyle photographer.  She has done photo sessions for quite a few of our friends, and she even did Andy's brother&sister-in-law's wedding in Maui last December. This April, she wanted some help to outfit her brand, and asked me if I would be interested in helping her out. Shopping? I can tell you what to buy?! I'm there. In return, she offered to do a "mini lifestyle" session for Andy & I. Needless to say, I was the real winner of that trade-off, as now I have absolutely stunning photos to hang all around my home. Thankfully for me, Andy is the kind of guy to say to me, "B, I know you already know what I'm wearing, and how you want this to go, so put out what you want me to wear." (smart guy hey?)

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Who Am I?

Now, I'm sure you're thinking "and who exactly are YOU to tell me what my style is lacking, or how I should dress?" I get it, completely! Style is so unique, and it is not based solely on what labels are hanging up in your closet. And I am not here to make little carbon copies of myself walking down the street (no offense, but I like being one of a kind, as I'm sure you do too!). No, in fact, one of my main interests is to show how easy it is to perfect the style that makes you you. And here is my favorite part: I plan on doing this, while maintaining a budget, whatever your personal budget may be. To give you a little intro into the world of B, here are a few snapshots of my day to day style, beautifully crafted with the help of my two friends, instagram and selfie-in-the-mirror shots. Enjoy!



Behind every successful woman, is herself.

Well, welcome to my blog! This has been a personal dream/goal/wish of mine for a while, and it took a few pushes from some very special people to get me here, but here I am! I am beginning my journey as a "personal stylist", though I'm hoping this will be an umbrella of many services, tailoring (pardon the pun) to each individual client. On here, I will rave about my favorite trends at the moment, rant about the others, and show you my personal style & favorite tips along the way. Stay if you like, I promise I don't bite, and if you like what you see, I'm sure your friends will too, so don't keep this a secret ;).

Lots of love,






Congrats Bri! Here is a total thrown together rough version of your blog!! Anything on here can be changed and customized.. so have at 'er!! ;)