Tuesday 30 April 2013

30 Day Challenge

I don't know when it happened, but I fell off the gluten-free train. HARD. It started as just one bagel to serve as comfort food for my poor sore Mexican bug tummy ( I realize that contradicts itself, but it sounded good at the time), and next thing you know it I am back on that delicious carb high daily.

Fast forward a few weeks, and not only do I feel like absolute garbage, my face and waistline have taken a hit. Have you ever heard the expression "carb face"? Whatdoyaknow, it's real. My face is living proof. So, you can imagine how ecstatic I was the other day when Andy turned over and said to me, "I want us to do a challenge in May. 30 days of serious clean eating: no processed garbage, I want to stock our fridge with all healthy protein, vegetables and fruits and just. eat. clean." Ohh, yes my love, yes.

An added bonus is the amaazing Farmer's Marker that Vernon has to offer is only a block and half away from our house, so we can enjoy fresh veggies, spray free, and local! This month is going to rock. In accordance with our healthy eating, I will still be going to my fabulous gym, but also doing a couple "exercise challenges" as well, to really make this month the best, including a few runs we will do together now that the weather is so beautiful out. I plan on doing the squat challenge I keep seeing everywhere, as well a plank challenge to really get my core singing, as well as get me up to a full 3 minute plank, yowza. I have done a 2 minute once, through some sort of miracle, so I know it is doable. Wish me luck.  Thanks to my other love, my Pinterest food board, I have a few recipes ready to try so that we don't lose steam on day 10, and don't get bored with our meals. Do you have any that you love and want to share? I'd love to hear about them!     New folder1 image_1367376306792507image_1367376315517925{Can you tell I did some food prep yesterday? Fruits on Fruits on Fruits, and my deeeelish quinoa salad. I need something to tame my monster sweet tooth!}936651_196730677117624_1497485230_n e1be2969667e8d18503df4d9be410c60



pretty darn special.

My dad has always been a real hero of mine; I look up to him as someone who really works hard for everything he has achieved. I'm talking hard, people. I feel really proud and really honored to be "following in his footsteps" in my career path, and being mentored by him. Turns out, I really really love the world of insurance. Who knew!? Today, he gave me his briefcase, embroidered with "Lutz Financial", the business he built from the ground up 25 years ago. A hand-me down briefcase might seem like whatever to you, but to me, it is pretty darn special. It just feels like a good luck charm for my future, oh goodness how cheesy, but I really do mean it. I imagine filling it with client files, inspirational books on how to succeed in life, and pens. And lots of lipgloss & gum. Maaybe the odd People Stylewatch. IMG_8994thanks Dad, I love you.




Friday 26 April 2013

It's a closet overhaul, people.

What do you do, when everything you own, you hate? Okay, that may be exaggerating, I don't hate everything, but I had gotten to the point where my clothing didn't match my personality, does that make sense? My basics and "go to's" didn't work anymore, and I spent most of time frustrated because nothing I put on in my closet made me feel good anymore.

{STEP ONE: Purge}

Pretty basic, but when you have a bunch of stuff that is taking up space and no longer working, unfortunately you just got to let it free, no matter how much it hurts. And trust me, there were pieces that hurt to part with, more for the name that was on the tag, and sadly that was not reason enough to keep. So, be ruthless, this is not the time for sentimental feelings. Here was the formula I stuck to:

  • When did you wear it last? Did you feel comfortable in it?

  • Are you saving it "just incase I get skinny enough for it again"?

  • Are you keeping it "just incase this pattern/style/length comes in to trend again"?

  • Why don't you like this? Is it alterable?

Purging your closet is hard. Most cases, you need to enlist an unbiased party who is not going to go, "Ohh but it's so cute!! Are you sure you don't want to keep it?" I'm sorry, but these people are not helpful. My first choice would have been my sister because she is seriously cut throat about purging, but my next best thing was Andy, who couldn't care less that this color is so me, it's gone Bri, make peace with it.

**For those interested, I am selling some of these items, check out this fb album**

{STEP TWO: Establish "Clothing Identity" gameplan}

Thank God for Pinterest on this one! in order to re-establish what I wanted to have as basics in my closet, I did a couple things. 1) what was my "go-to" outfit lately that always makes me feel good? 2) When I see an outfit on pinterest or a blog that I like, what is it that I like so much? Is there a pattern to the outfits I'm liking, ie. what do they have in common with each other? 3) What items can I buy now that I can still wear throughout the summer and bring me into fall/winter?

This one is a bit difficult, but at the same time fun. I have come to a couple milestones in my life that need to be reflected in my wardrobe. 1) I am in a career now where my business attire needs to be last minute meeting/luncheon/client interview friendly, but versatile. While I had my fair share of "office friendly" stuff, I didn't have items that I would feel comfortable wearing to meet an important client or business rep, but I also didn't want to solely buy items that I could only wear to work. Also, with the launch of this blog, I am making a name for myself through what I wear and my personal style. How can I help others with their wardrobes when I'm not 100% on my own?


{STEP THREE: the fun part.}

Shopping! Well, "Re-Building" is a much more budget friendly way of putting that.


Peace, Love & All of the above.

As I get older, I find myself really wanting to better myself in every way that I can, enrich the relationships that I have, and really make sure that I am being the best possible version of me. So, as a fun little project, I put down all of my "mantras" on one spot, and wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy, and have a very wonderful Friday leading you into the weekend. Fullscreen capture 42513 102800 AM.bmp



Wednesday 24 April 2013

Currently Coveted

CCThese strappy ankle strap heels are a serious obsession of mine, as seen on these beauties herehere & here. To be honest, they may be a love I will just have to appreciate on someone else, as they will more than likely cause my already stumpy legs and ankles to dwarf, but oh my goodness me I am obsessed. So obsessed, I might not care what they look like on.

{Where to Find}:

Zara: Here, Here, Here & Here

Windsor Store: Here, Here & Here

Aldo: Here & Here - Slight variation, but both are on sale!

Asos: Here, Here & Here..

..woah, can you tell I enjoy the online shopping? because I really, really do. something romantic about a big glass of wine, stained sweats and hair buns really complete the experience, ya know? it can't be just me, don't you lie.



Tuesday 23 April 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I really love outfit posts, but feel like for myself they may be a bit redundant. It could be because mine are mirror shots, but in any case, this is my new feature: What I Wore Wednesdays. This will be the new weekly feature where I show what I've worn throughout the week, instead of doing numerous individual posts. If I have a seriously dynamite look, it may deserve it's own, but for now we will try this out and see how it goes ;)

Diptic (1)     photoIMG_7087Diptic



Monday 22 April 2013

50 shades of Blue.

Okay maybe only 5 or 6. My go-to work outfit at the moment: Blouse, Boyfriend jeans (my goodness do I LOVE being able to wear jeans to work), and some form of jewellery. A bold lip never hurts either ;) IMG_6987  IMG_6994IMG_6988{Outfit Details: Blouse: RW&Co / Jeans: GAP / Shoes: Aldo / Earrings: Stella & Dot}IMG_6989 When figuring out how to use a DSLR - in my opinion - the best way is with inanimate objects, that have some wicked details to them. What better object then, than these stunners?


Hello again, Spring.


The science experiment brewing in our neighbor's planter is making an exceptional subject to learn the camera settings for the DSLR. Thanks for that, neighborino ;)

After what seems like a surreal nightmare that was last week, I'm hoping everyone around the world has a much better go at it this week. Stop to smell the roses, or in this case, stop to admire nature uninterruptedly doing it's job.


Friday 19 April 2013

How do you Bib?

I have been lusting over this Olivia Bib since it came out, but kept talking myself out of it. My sister finally said to me: "How many cheapo versions of it have you bought to try and replace it? Take the plunge already."- She's pretty good at convincing me to spend money, older sisters, I tell ya. Well, I am beyond stoked I listened to her, I want to wear it everyday! It is such a beautiful piece, and even though I don't actually own anything orange in my closet, it goes with so many of my clothes! Perfection, it was meant to be a part of my arsenal. Here are just two ways I've worn it, one super casual, & one for a night out for dinner with friends.

IMG_6815   Diptic{warning, this bib may make you feel saucy, it may be the camo pants though too}IMG_6814IMG_6813{Outfit Details.}

Outfit #1: Pants: GAP/ Tank: American Eagle/ Chambray: Roxy

Outfit #2: Tunic: RW&Co/ Leggings: Lululemon





Thursday 18 April 2013

Things I think when I peruse Pinterest

Sometimes, when I'm wasting numerous hours on pinterest, I come across certain pins, and in my head, before I can even help myself, my inner biznatch makes little remarks at the obvious disaster that pin would become in real life. Because as my boyfriend so lovingly likes to remind me, I'm a sarcastic biatch. sometimes.

Thoughts I have while perusing Le Pinterest:

  1. "My most popular blog post, how to achieve platinum/white blonde hair at home"... Was your second most popular post, "How I made the buzzed hair look hot again once my hair stopped melting off my head." ?

  2. "To straighten hair without heat, just mix a cup of water with 2 tablespoons of BROWN sugar, pour it into a spray bottle, then spray into damp hair and let air dry"... Umm yeahhow about NO.

  3. "Remove blackheads with white school glue." Not going to lie, I may actually try that.

  4. "The Military Diet! Lose 10lbs in 3 days"... And then cry yourself to sleep when you gain 12 back the second you eat normally again.

  5. "The healthiest smoothies recipes to lose weight!" People, the ingredients had ICE CREAM in them... I..Just..Can't. 

  6. "DIY Sugaring - Hair Removal".. I can already tell you how that's going to go down, I hope you didn't like the first layer of your skin, or your cool with a wicked rash.

  7. "No Heat: Straightening/Perfect Waves/Ringlets" Unless your hair is naturally that way, you're being played, fooool. 

  8. I could do those aztec inspired nail art tutorials, OR I could have a life and save myself the 4 hours and patience it will cost me.

  9. ANYTHING followed with the tagline "Just Girly Things"/"Things Boys Do That We Love"/"Perfect Girl Bucket List" Some of the items are, but not limited to: Get a 6-pack, meet the Kardashians, and meet a boy with a goofy smile. Dream big girls, dream biiiig.

  10. "10 exercises to burn 200 calories in 3 minutes". And I'm out.

violetsAnd, because a post isn't really a post without a pic or two, I thought I'd introduce you to my new babies, Hattie & Beatrice. Peculiar names for African Violets, non? Well, I love old British names for our future (currently non-existant) children, and Andy promptly veto's my choices, so hence, they have now become the names of my Violets. Beatrice is looking decidedly less plush than Hattie is, maybe I should stop telling her about what's going on in our world, it only depresses her. {But I mean really, Hattie & Beatrice Violet? Adorable. I really should've been born a Brit, I would have been so good at it.}


iPhone Diary


{follow me on instagram: breezylutz}IMG_5786 IMG_6783 IMG_6749 {My man #13, Soccer season has started!}IMG_6735 IMG_6663

IMG_6656 IMG_6602 {my boyfriend surfs better than yours. unless your boyfriend is a pro surfer, in which case, I retract that comment.}IMG_6498  {Green Blood}IMG_6392{Mexico Before..}IMG_6442{And Mexico after. I call this my "I've been sicker than a dog for over a week, and this is my new uniform" Uniform.}IMG_5796{I wore this to the AGM for Hunters. To discuss travel insurance for their clients. Think I stuck out much? ;) }


Wednesday 17 April 2013

Lovin' & Not so Lovin'

IMG_2675 IMG_2678


Let's start with the love, shall we? That's always more fun.

{LOVE} As if I need to point it out, my Stella & Dot order came in, and last night I couldn't wait to snap a few pics with them, horrible lighting or not (horrible lighting, this is the downside of your personal photographer working until well past 6!). To be honest, I originally wanted the turquoise version of these earrings, because turquoise is my go-to every time, but my sister convinced me to get the jade version and holy moly am I ever pumped, I LOVE them! I see me and the Jades conquering many, many outfits together. & the scarf? No words can describe the beauty, and SIZE of this sucker. It is huge. I am currently testing out every possible way to wear it, not limited to: skirt, dress, top, wrap, babushka, superwoman cape, etc. etc.

{NOT SO LOVE} As horrible, as shallow and as self-deprecating as this sounds, as I was going through the pictures we took last night, do you know the only thought that came in to my mind? "Okay we can't take pictures at that angle, I look too fat. OMG Why did I think this outfit would look good on me? I look like a whale!!" etc etc. Basically it was a hate fest on my body, and one that I try to really not do, but those annoying thoughts creep up whether you want them to or not. As I have said before, I am the master of taking a picture in the mirror, how to pose, my "angles". But when someone else has the camera in front of me, it is insecurity city, and I become the harshest, meanest critic of myself. Where am I going with this? I don't know, but I needed to let it out. So instead of focusing on the dark thoughts in my head, I will chalk it up to not so great lighting, and start fresh tomorrow. And for now, I am going to go back to lovin' on my new jewels ... & maybe stalking some more of my favorite fashion bloggers to see how they pose without looking like goofballs. ;)


Monday 15 April 2013

Spring 2013 Lust List

Spring is hands down, my favorite season to dress for. Fall comes in at a preeetty close second (layers really are my bff, though I digress), but Spring for sure is the winner. So much color! Everything around us is blooming and coming to life again, and the color palette we now get to play with is endless.  Personally, as I have said before, I love color, but more in my accent pieces, as opposed to the main items. I don't know why particularly, I just find my comfort lays mostly in neutrals, with bright colors in hits, such as from my shoes, scarves, or jewels. I find also, that this is a much more versatile way to incorporate color into your wardrobe, because the same multi-colored vibrant scarf can be worn with 10+ outfits to transform them into something different, whereas if you have the same pattern in a blouse or skirt, the options (to me), feel a little more limited. And with every new season comes a few more staples to add to the arsenal, maybe that's another reason Spring gets me so excited, another reason to shop. Hmmm, I do think that's it! Here is my "Spring Lust List", with the coveted items I am either A) awaiting impatiently for, B) Recently purchased, or C) Have yet to find the perfect one. I'm currently having a serious love affair with art-deco-esque and colorful jewellery, and who better than my forever love Stella & Dot to give me endless options to choose from? No one better, in my oh so humble opinion. a32060cedb390fee0969531f287789ed

{The Items}

  1. Chambray Shirt- It would appear I am quite finicky about this one, so the hunt continues!

  2. Military Style Utility Jacket

  3. Jean Jacket - I may possibly be the last person in the world to get a jean jacket, though I have no idea why I have yet to.

  4. Polka Dot Dress - I only say Polka Dot because that's the pattern of the dress I purchased, but really a dress that has a versatile print, that can be worn multiple ways for work/fun/etc. Mainly I am in love with the silhouette of the dress, the skater style is fun, breezy, but can be just as professional when need be.

  5. Boyfriend Jeans - I <3 the GAP jeans. A store that I generally have to size down for? Always a winner in my books!

  6. Coral Maxi Skirt - Forever21! Under $20, and so cute.

  7. White Flowy Blouse - RW & Co. has awesome blouses for really great prices! This one was clearance minus 40%!

  8. Strappy Sandal Pumps (highlight those cankles!)

  9. Stella & Dot Olivia Bib necklace 

  10. Stella & Dot Serenity Stone Drops in Emerald

  11. Stella & Dot Palm Springs Scarf. Words won't even do it justice, this scarf is stunning.

  12. Stella & Dot Seychelles Chandeliers in Blue (they also come in a stunning pink/coral duo!)

While this may seem like a lot, all of these pieces can be utilized in numerous outfits, and can also take me straight through summer into Fall. Really, I'm being very economical and a brilliant shopper.

What's on your lust list? Share in the comments below, and don't forget to "like" this and share with your other fashionistas ;)


Monday's should always have a little sparkle.

{After all, it is MondayIMG_2581IMG_2595 IMG_2603 IMG_2605And throw in a bun to hide your 4 day old hair, for good measure. Hair training is not for the faint of heart!

Outfit Deets: Snow Leopard Trousers (unfortunately too big, I now have a date with my tailor!): GAP / Sparkle Tank: Dynamite / Black Blazer: Aritzia / Jewellery: Stella & Dot




Sunday 14 April 2013

my new boyfriend

IMG_2534IMG_2514 IMG_2516 IMG_2526  IMG_2548 IMG_2564Jeans, that is. I don't plan on trading in the current one ;)

As Andy put it today, "Man, we're spending a lot of time together lately. This is odd." As a couple who rarely get days off together (we're talking once or twice a month, tops.), it is odd to have so much free time together - a whole weekend!! So what did we do? Well, I made him take pictures of my outfit, naturally. Have to start somewhere people; so let's hope next batch I actually remember how to smile.

"Hold up, I have to do this more than once?! Sonofa..." - Andy. Yep, sorry honey, that "being supportive" thing just bit you in the ass. ;)

Outfit Deets: {the BEST} boyfriend jeans: GAP / Tribal Kimono: Element / Black Tank: Costa Blanca / Earrings: Stella & Dot / Bardot Bangle & Spike Cluster: Stella & Dot, Here & Here/ Red Leather Wrap: Wicked present from my equally Wicked Brother.

Hope everyone's weekend has been just as fantastic as mine!

Xo, B

Tuesday 9 April 2013

You & Me.

It's done! Maybe it's because I'm still technically "Shopping", or actually just becoming an actual Grown-Up, but re-doing this room and going together and buying all the little bits & pieces for it was so much fun for me. I think A.Stein just tagged along to be a good boyfriend, but I loved it. All we need are some art prints {and I happen to know one handsome little artiste ;) } and we are on to the next project!

I am so ridiculously happy with these Katie Daisy prints. I just order the 5x7 greeting cards off of her Etsy page and framed this with these gems I found at Homesense! The lamps were a fluke find we saw while at Homesense last time we were there, and they fit in SO well and are so mod, I'm ridiculously stoked about them. IMG_2451 Don't they match well? ;)IMG_2453 {This is my "Saving for a Paris Day" corner, complete with a "just for looks" candle. }IMG_2454Sugar Skulls from Mexico! I love them so much, and they match the room amazingly! ;)IMG_2459 Love this idea as opposed to the usual dresser! Especially with the whicker baskets. All A's idea!IMG_2456I thiiink this year I may even venture out into real plants in my pots.. We'll see how long the poor things survive! And I LOVE the pottery in Mexico! I want to go back just to stock my bowls and plates with it! All I got this time was a little change dish, but it's pretty cute! IMG_2464And that's it! My vision come true: Zen, Romantic & Relaxing. When I walk into the room I literally go "Ahhhhh". Now on to the next room, right A.Stein? ;)