Thursday 10 January 2013

These are a few of my Favorite Things.

My name is Brianne, and I am a goop hoarder. Now, the word "Goop" is basically a big blanket term I use, to excuse the fact that on any given day, my bathroom is over-run with sprays, bronzer, lipgloss, lotions, more sprays, etc. Poor Andy. It's a bit of a viscous cycle, really. I have a little epiphany every few months where I go through my vanity and throw out old products, ones I don't like, ones I've never used, and then I feel great, refreshed! But, then I reward myself by going out and buying three more things, you know, "Because I just got rid of all this old stuff!" I can't be the only person who does this, right? Well, through my hoarding  experience with consumerism, I have landed upon some tried and true favorites, as well as some new-comers that have made their way into my heart.

First up, my favorite perfume: Kate Spade Twirl. This stuff is amazing, it is such a fresh smell, I love it! It was such a fluke purchase; Shopper Drug Mart sometimes does this clearout sale after a holiday, where they just have too many of the product, and clear it out for a serious bargain. Case in point? I scooped this sucker up for $20, on sale from $100. Score!


Next, MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly. This stuff, let me tell you. I use it for my eyelids, either as a base or all on it's own (it does a great job of brightening up your eyelid when worn alone.), I use it as a highlighter for my cupid's bow; in short, I use it for a lot. The best about this, is once it is on, it is on for the day. No creasing, no smearing, no melting. It stays. I lost this in the summer, and felt like I was incomplete until I replaced it. I love it just that much.


Benefit Coralista, one of the new comers. A perfect, peachy, pink blush that gives the most beautiful glow. I love Benefit's boxed bronzer/blushes. For the price you pay (About $30), this is such a good product. Great color coverage & pigment means you only have to use a little; one box should last you a while. (Thanks Danielle! ;) )benefit_coralista004

Have you guys tried Smith's Rosebud Salve yet? Oh my goodness, DO IT. Short side story here: We're out for dinner, and I burnt my hand on one of the serving trays. My sister-in-law to the rescue! She pulls it out of her purse and goes, put this on it! In my mind, I'm laughing, because all I've ever used mine for is my lips, but oh boy it's like a beauty product Swiss army knife! Burns, blemishes, rashes, dry skin, chapped lips. It heals EVERYTHING! And smells like roses. But for real, my lips have never been so soft.


Another new comer, and life changer. You use this to exfoliate your face when you're washing it. It is very gentle, but it scrubs away all the dead skin, makeup, gunk, "environment", and basically it's like a facial at your bathroom sink. Get them at Sephora for under $10.

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Bumble & Bumble Styling Lotion. Spray it on before you blow-dry, and it is the only product I use in my hair, apart from hairspray. It eliminates the need for a serum, heat protectant (unless your hair is very damaged, in which case, use the heat protectant too!), curl enhancer, straightening balm; it does it all.


To be honest, this doesn't do a whole lot of anything more special than other flex-hold hairsprays I've tried. BUT, it smells like honeysuckle. And, it doesn't make my hair feel dry or crispy. ... Honeysuckles!!


Evening Primrose Oil. I try to get all of my nutrients through my diet, but there are a few supplements I still take, mainly to keep my hair healthy. (Snicker all you want, I worked hard for this hair. Very hard.) I take Bamboo Silica pretty religiously, and recently added this one to my repetoire. Really good for nails & scalp, but also has a insane amount of contributing benefits. Read up on it hereevening_primrose_oil_1000mg_60s_01a

And just for fun, and because I can't get enough of it lately: KALE. I have a kale smoothie everyday. Here's my trick so that it doesn't taste leafy or get chunky. I take 2-3 good sized stalks of kale, put it into my magic bullet with maybe, 1/4 cup of coconut water. I blend that up first to totally liquify it, then I add the rest of my ingredients. So, in my mind, I'm getting way more kale than if I add it normally with the rest of the ingredients, and it's so liquified that I don't get the pulpy action, or feel like I'm drinking a salad. This stuff is SO good for you. It is high in Vitamins A, C and K, is full of anti-oxidants, is an anti-inflammatory, high in Calcium, Fiber, Iron.. How can you go wrong with this? Kale Chips, Kale Salad, I put Kale in everything. Like I said, I can't get enough.


So, there are a few of my current favorites. What are yours? Any one thing you cannot live without? Let me know, like I said, I'm always down for more.. consumer research ;)

Xo, B

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  1. Great list. One of my new fave things (thanks to one of your previous blog posts) are my new Lululemon Wonder Unders. I'm in love!! *thank you*

  2. Love Painterly too Bree. Thank heavens Alicia turned me on to it! Love the list and your blog :)

  3. Same!! I love it so much! Thanks Glory :)