Monday 14 January 2013

I dress for me.

I was recently directed to a post that was written by another blogger, titled "I dress for men". And I know, I have heard it all before, what men "like" you to look like, blah blah. So I read the article, and at first I was thinking to myself, Okay I can see your side here, though I respectfully disagree with every point you've just made (Maxi dresses look like mumus? what era are you living in, and where the heck do you shop!?). But then, the more I read it, I found myself actually getting a little lot bit mad at this girl. Sorry, total stranger, but I totally did.

I mean, excuse me!? As IF I am going to base my outfit choices solely on what my boyfriend, or any guy, would want me to look like. Did I time travel back to the 50's?! Do you know what I would like? To be with a guy who appreciates my creativity, and my expression that comes through what I wear, how I do my hair, or what color lipstick I have on. And thankfully, that is the guy I am with. When I come downstairs after getting ready, Andy appreciates the work I have put into it, and while sometimes he might look at me a little funny (he is a guy, after all, and sometimes he does not get the "vision" quite like I do), he knows that I feel good, so why would he tell me otherwise? In fact, when I wear a great red/burgundy/pink/orange - yes, orange- lipstick, he makes sure to say, "Wow, that looks great babe! You look beautiful." Now, what would you prefer? I will always go with someone who accepts me for me, "purple lips" and all.

Now, if you couldn't tell by now, while I love knowing that I make my man happy, I see him as my partner, not my judge. I have never lived my life trying to impress solely men, so why on earth would I do so through my closet? How exhausting that would be. Men don't like topknots? They sure would if it took them 30+ minutes to tame their lion's mane every morning, or they were so sick of their hair flying into their lipgloss when they were trying to read.

To sum it up, dress for you. Dress for what makes you feel pretty, what perks you up, and what makes you look in the mirror and go "Damn, who is that girl?! Oh ya, it's me." Don't spend your days trying to only impress the guys, or you will have to wash your hair every single day, wear only nude pink lipgloss, and have cleavage up to your neck all the time. Like I said, exhausting. Not to mention, very boring.


Take it away, Betsey.

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For the curious, here is the rant-inspiring post. Now, if you feel the need to leave a comment, don't be nasty. She is entitled to her opinion the same way that I'm entitled to mine. Let's keep it classy! ;)




  1. Wow, love your post, HATE the other one! Just read it and ya, the feminist inside of me got into the red zone a bit. WHAT AN IDIOT!

  2. Loved this! And for the record, I only wash my hair about twice a week, hardly EVER sport cleavage even though I have a fabulous boob job and most days, don't wear any makeup at all! And my husband hasn't left me yet so I must be doing something right!

    I'm sure not if you have read my blog in the past or if seeing that post was the first time, but 99.9999999% of what I write is supposed to be humorous and tongue in cheek.

    However, I still stand by what I said about the red lipstick ;)

  3. Hey, to each their own! You probably have already assumed by now that I'm what I like to refer to as a "Chic Feminist", meaning I don't have furry armpits or am planning on burning my bra anytime soon; but I can't help but get my feathers ruffled when ladies have the opinion that a man's opinion is the only one that matters. But you know, that could be because I am also very opinionated! I'm always down for another funny blog to read, so I'll definitely be checking yours out more.

    However, if our world's ever meet (stranger things have happened), I won't ask if you want some of my red lipstick ;).. But I will probably admire your boob job.
    Happy Blogging!

  4. awesome reply :) and trust me, I most definitely do not believe a man's opinion should rule my life...I pretty much have the last say in our household *wink* but like I said, it was pretty much being more humorous then anything as right now I am sporting a very high topknot and am wearing leggings for like the 100th day in a row. My husband asked me why I can't just wear a sexy pair and jeans and plain tee and I said because this is more comfortable!

    Anyway, thanks for your non-agressive reply (if you read any of the other comments near the bottom of the original post you can see people get all sorts of panty bunched) and since your a stylist, if you ever come across the PERFECT shade of nude lipstick let a girl know!

  5. Love the back and forth girls. As young women and bloggers, you have a responsibility to, and you did, set an admirable example of how differing opinions can be expressed without being mean and obnoxious!! Nice job and please keep it up!