Friday 31 May 2013

Hey girl, I like your style.

So yesterday, I was standing in line to get my lunch on break from work, and I could see these two girls and a guy in front of me keep looking back at me, giving each other a "wtf is she wearing!?" look, and snicker to each other. Now, did this slightly hurt my feelings? Of course! But, being that I'm in a small town, I could understand why my high-waisted leopard pants wouldn't go over so well with everyone. Still slightly rude, and clearly they weren't taught manners, but oh well. It reinstated a thought that I've had for a really long time: Style, and someone's sense of style, is a tricky little devil, isn't it?

It's pretty hard to classify as well. For instance, if you had seen me over the weekend in my sparkly blazer, you'd think to yourself, "well look at this delicate little flower. she's some kind of fancy". But on the other hand, if you saw me today in my loose white tee, boyfriend jeans, oversized blazer and nude pumps, you'd think "wow! that's a great outfit", and I'd say thank you. ;) The conversations in my head are always so complimentary - and after getting mean girled, thankfully my mind is on my side ;). But I digress, style is something that changes on a daily basis, I know mine does. So much so, that I have a really hard time classifying it. I'm not boho, but I obsess over style icons like Nicole Richie & Rachel Zoe. I'm not a die hard classic prep, but  few ladies can make me squeal over their outfit as old pictures of Audrey Hepburn can. Or Princess Kate for that matter (in one word, perfection. She's a princess for goodness sake). And it goes on and on.

My "style" changes with my moods, the weather, and the seasons. There are some key aspects in it, but it is always developing, and always growing/maturing. What I wore when I was 18 makes me shudder now that I'm 24 (too tight, too low and too much boob. no wonder my boyfriend fell in love instantly ;) ). And what I wore when I was in grade 9? Good lord. But you get the point. I love taking aspects from every style genre to make it into my own, offbeat pretty style. Trademark that, I have found my style genre. "Offbeat Pretty". I love taking a pair of ripped up, loose jeans and throwing on a fancy blouse, sparkles and heels. Wearing my combat boots with a sundress and jean jacket. Never too fussy, never too "edgy", always my own touch. Style is always about balance; you can make the tomboy look incredibly sexy with a great pair of heels, and give the prim & proper a good amount of grit with some studs or leather. It's all about how you balance what you wear, and the touches you bring to make it uniquely "you".

Case in point of how style is so radically different. Whenever I go shopping with my girlfriend Danielle, we more than often pick out the same items. But when we leave the store, that's when those two items stop being the same. Why? Let's say it's a top. She will now pair hers with black skinnies, converse and a leather jacket, and I'll pair mine with pumps, high waisted pants and a blazer. Same item, two distinctly different ways of making it our own.

And now, a mega massive collage of all the ladies that I continually think, "damn, I LOVE her style." Slow clap lades, keep rocking what you're wearing. If the girls in front of you at Subway ever snickered at you (while wearing MOM JEANS, ahem!), I would totally stand up for you. love her's love her's-001

Thursday 30 May 2013

Currently Coveting


CC-002 Think of them as the "LBD for your feet"; fact is, you need a pair of white converse in your closet this summer. & fall. But not winter, they'll get mucky. Well, any color of them, really, but my color of choice is white. These suckers are so versatile they compliment practically any outfit you add them to, so how can you go wrong? Dresses, jeans, leggings, shorts, fancy, casual, they work with everything. I bought a cheapo version from Target and have worn with with almost everything since I purchased them, so I think I've justified heading over into the big leagues now.CC-003

Tuesday 28 May 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I missed last week's, therefore this one is just a wee bit heavy.      may 15 20131 new-lens-pics-739x1024 What-I-Wore-Wednesday-001-819x1024 What-I-Wore-Wednesday-003-739x1024 What-I-Wore-Wednesday-004-739x1024 {oh hello, repeat offender.}What-I-Wore-Wednesday-006-739x1024 What-I-Wore-Wednesday-007-739x1024 What-I-Wore-Wednesday-819x1024

Life will always be magical.

View More: is a spot by our house, that every time I drive past it on my way home, i think "This is such a magical spot." the way the afternoon sun hits it, the light comes pouring in and illuminating all of the trees, it's really just beautiful. I'm obsessed with it. So when we had Scott & Meg over for dinner last week, I knew she'd love it too. (Like me, she loves all things pretty and enchanting. we're Disney Princesses at heart & soul, I tell ya.) Unfortunately the sun did not cooperate, but I still wanted to show her. So, we brought our cameras down, and she took a couple (wicked) snaps of me and Andy. One thing I love about Meg, she sees every day as a fairytale. Every moment can have magic in it, you just need to open yourself up to see it. As we walked over to our spot to take the shot, Andy inhaled a mouthful of those tiny little bugs that hang out in groups (know the ones I'm talking about?) While I was laughing and Andy was supremely grossed out, Meg said this gem, "I love those little bugs, they look like sparkles in pictures. their wings get illuminated." Have you EVER heard someone compare bugs to sparkles? I sure haven't, but it was the coolest way of looking at them. And now, I will forever think of those things as sparkle bugs.   View More: we were princesses, she would totally be Rapunzel. my hair envy for this girl is unREALView More: More: is officially my favorite picture of us of all time. This is our "backyard", and it is honestly one of my favorite parts of where we live. It reminds me of a side-street park in Paris, something a lot more romantic than Vernon. This photo is so special to me, because it will be something that I can look back on, and know that this is from the first house we lived in, together.

Thursday 23 May 2013

Table for Two? Server Nightmares.

**Disclaimer: I am heavily sarcastic. If you are A) a horrible restaurant patron, or B) can't take a joke, move along. I also say f-ck a little bit, so again, faint of heart need not apply.**

I am a long-time server. Since I was 19, I have served off and on. I put myself through numerous rounds of school with serving, worked up some wicked biceps, forever ruined my toes and feet, and basically gave myself a free psychology degree. Oh, why is this? Let me put it to you this way: You will never fully understand human personality until you serve. Why is this? Because you will serve the salt of the earth people, the spawns of satan, the weirdest people you will ever lay eyes on, children, and everything in between. Recently, I started serving again, as a favor to my old employer who was short a few servers. I was considered one of her "stronger" servers (toot toot to my own horn), and she was wondering if I could help out for a couple shifts a week. Ahh sure, why not. Easy work for some extra cash? Let's do it.

Famous last words.

It didn't take long to be reminded of why I do not love the restaurant industry. In fact, it took my first table to remind me of this. There is a specific set of "rules" you need to follow in order to be a semi decent server, and they're pretty easy: smile, be polite and charming, get them their meal and drinks in a timely manner, and make sure to check up to ensure the quality is to their standards. So, my first table back. I'm witty banter-ing like an old pro, smiling, not being too clingy and not dissapearing for 20 minutes at a time, quality checking after their first few bites, you know, pretty much rocking it. So when time comes to clear their plates, you'll imagine my shock when I get this: "Uhm so yeah, we just wanted to bring to your attention, there was something in my steak. Like, the whole way through it." Oh? That's odd, and that's usually something you call to the server's attention when I ask the all important questions, "How is everything tasting? Is there anything I can do to make this meal better?" So, what was "the thing" throughout the whole steak? A beef tendon.

Stop the FREAKING PRESSES. There was an ANIMAL PART in your ANIMAL FLESH!? You'll have to excuse me while I go try to make sense of this.

What is my point? People say, the stupidest f-cking things. Ever. And when you are a server, you get front row access to all of them. For example, just a few quotables throughout my years:

"Okay so, um, you used to have a dish, and it had like, noodles and stuff. Do you still have it? I want that one. But not with the saucy stuff, I want a different sauce."

"I want a caeser salad, but I'm on a diet, so dressing on the side please." Slow clap, your abs should be coming in any day now.

"I was not satisfied with my meal and I will not be paying for it." - See, it doesn't work in your favor that you licked the plate clean.

"So, you're not just a server though, right? Like, you have an actual job too, right?" Um, go sit on a cactus.

"Oh I have gum, can you take it?" And then proceeds to put it. in. my. BARE HAND. I'm not even joking.

"What time do you close? Oh in 10 minutes? We'll order fast. All 10 of us." You are just a fresh crop of hell on earth, aren't you?

"Oh, don't touch that plate. Little Simon puked on it. Poor thing has the flu." UMMM. Are you F-CKING kidding me!? (I have a MAJOR puke phobia.)

"You want a f-cking tip? Learn how to be a good server." I was whispered this in my ear by the drunk guy I cut off, after throwing up in our bathroom. Rude hey? Well, I took the liberty of charging him a gratuity, so we're cool now.

"I. WANT. A. SAAAALAD WITH MY STEEEEEAK. DO. YOU. UNDERSTAAAND. ME" Yes, asshole, I'm not actually deaf or an idiot, I just missed the last word. Thank you though.

"Umm, what is this thing in my mashed potatoes? Is this a beef tendon!?!? I'm a VEGAN." Okay, two things. First, a Vegan in a steakhouse? Sounds like we are right up your alley. Second, that is a potato stem, we do not put beef bits in the vegetable sides. Dummy.

Now, here are some rules for you, the public. Yes, you are "always right", but sometimes, you're what we like to call "an asshole."

1. Just because you can make 10% in your head does not make it a decent tip. When you factor in the fact that we have to tip out all of the support staff, that 10% is now 5-7%, and we end up paying the restaurant to serve you. Now that, is Special. Also known as RUDE. If you cannot factor in a decent tip into your budget for the evening, go to subway. We make below minimum wage, did you know that? We make LESS than the pimply kid at McDonalds spitting on your burger, because we serve alcohol and accept tips. Don't make that an ironic rule, please. As an industry standard: 20% is a good tip, 15% means I did a good job, but not stellar. 10%, see above, and anything less you are getting the supreme stink eye. Behind your back of course, I am jaded, but I have manners.

2. Gift Cards do not include a tip. EVER. Do I sound greedy about tips? It's probably because we survive off of your tipping habits. You make the decision whether or not we go home and cry over our piling bills and upcoming rent, or breathe a little easier that we will still be broke, but at least can pay for the roof over our head. for this month.

3. Cutting you off of alcohol is just as embarrassing and awkward for us as it is for you. No, it's worse, because we have now guaranteed no tip because we're trying to keep you safe, and in doing so have pissed you off. If you can't handle your alcohol, don't drink. It hurts us just as much as you.

4. It's server, not waitress, and CERTAINLY, not servant. Get this straight.

5. I tell you my name at the beginning of your time with me. I don't recall telling you it was "Sweets", "Maam" - MAAM!? Screw you, "Honey", or "Sugar". Most certainly not "Hey You". Unless you are a southern gentleman, and it sounds charming as all get out, call me by my name.

6. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, pick a fight with your spouse at the restaurant. I mean seriously, COME ON. A few things will happen: We will watch, and pick sides. We will watch, and try to decipher what the fight is about. WE WILL WATCH.

7. Sit as long as you want to, hell, stay until we close. But when we give you your bill, pay it. Just pay it. We're not rushing you, you just may be our last table, and we just want to cash out and go home to our sweatpants.

8. As a general rule of thumb (there are exceptions to every rule), serving teenagers sucks.

9. Last, but not least, the cardinal rule: You do not f-ck with the person who is responsible for your food. Will I mess around with it, personally? No, I think that's absolutely revolting and it would make me gag to watch you eat it. I can only speak for myself though, others may have no problem watching you enjoy your spit alfredo. What will I do? Much more subtle, but just as good. Oh, you would like a decaf coffee at the end of your dinner, in which you spent the whole time telling me how stupid, useless and worthless I am? I may just forget about the decaf part. Have a nice sleep, mofo.

Serving has taught me many things. For instance, you will never see me losing my shit on a server. EVER. Even if she has just given me the worst service I have ever received, I know her. I know she may just suck at her job, but she may also be pulling a double shift on her feet, have 10 tables on the go, or any other reasons that are hindering her performance. Practice empathy and patience, this is not an easy job. I have worked with every type of human being by now, and let me tell you, I may be jaded about this, but I am nice to other people. Ruining someone else's day to make you feel better about your cold soup does nothing except make you look like the horrible person, not them. You catch more flies with honey.

Do none of these pertain to you? We love you. You are the reason we continue to serve, because you brighten our days, and restore our faith in the public. I have had those customers that make me laugh, smile, brighten my day and completely shatter my beliefs in how people treat servers. And look, are we all awesome at our job? Of course not. I have had some of the worst service in my life, numerous times actually. But, just as I approach every table like I have never been burned, you need to approach us like we are going to spin your world a little brighter, even if Velma messed up your order beyond belief last date night and subsequently ruined your life. My name is not Velma, it is Brianne; what can I get you to start off your evening?


Wednesday 22 May 2013

The Accidental Hipster

Hi, my name is Brianne, and I am blind as a bat. As. A. BAT. Have been since grade 2. (Thanks mama). And up until recently, I haaaated glasses. HATED them! Because when you have to wear glasses in order to function, you don't think they're cute, you just think you look like a dweeb- now that is a word that doesn't get enough airtime. You don't wear them because they are a cute little accessory; you wear them because if you don't, you may actually harm yourself and those around you.  Okay, maybe I am a teensy bit bitter, but my point is, I never felt pretty in glasses, and always felt like a dork when I had to wear them. Unfortunately for me, wearing contacts every single day of the year going on 10+ years have made my poor little peepers quite sensitive, and I can't go more than a few hours before I have to take them out, plus I stare at a computer all day, and my eyes just can't handle it. Now, more than I dislike having to wear glasses, I am cheap when it comes to them. When you are blind, glasses are priiicey. Enter, with the magical gift of "Your first pair is free!" Oh, hell yes. So, since all I had to pay for the first pair was shipping & tax, I figured hey, if I buy a really fun, trendy pair and end up hating them, who cares? they cost less than my shoes. So, I got some funky, tortoise shell ones. And then I put them on, and slightly preppy, chic Brianne is transformed into Hipster Brianne. People, it does not matter what I wear, these suckers turn any outfit into Hipster territory. Oh, you're wearing a pantsuit? Business Hipster. Polka Dot dress with tights and oxfords? You cute little quirky, Hipster, you. & on it goes. Do I have anything against Hipsters? Hell no! I think they are quite hip, if you will (See what I did there? I find myself hilarious. ;) ). But if ya knew me, I am not one of them. I am nowhere near as cool as them, and when something excites me, I am not blasé about it, I am excited. Like, puppy excited. Case in point, the first time I went paint sample shopping at Home Depot, my dad informed me that he could hear me going "Oh, WOW! Look at THIS COLOR! OOh my FAVORITE!" from 10 aisles over. God, I am SO cool. Maybe I really am one of them. In an ironic way. Kind of like the Inception'd Hipster.  Think about it. But not too hard, or your head will hurt, as mine does now. Ahh, the trouble I go through to be hip. 101CANONYes, I did take self-timed selfies with a hint of duckface. & I regret nothing. Holy smokes, all the coolness in this one room is just suffocating, people. Gotta go open a window.


Tuesday 21 May 2013

One Lovely Blog Award

I received an email on the 19th that I had a comment waiting for me on my latest post. Being that I'm a really green blogger, getting comments on any post actually make me so stoked, you have no idea. So, imagine my level of stokeded-ness (go with it) when it was a lovely fellow blogger (Sarah from A Year of Boxes) letting me know she had nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Needless to say I was extremely flattered! This blog has become such a fun side project for me, to showcase what I consider my personal style, but also share little anecdotes about me, my own life, and the happenings that make me happy/laugh/facepalm, etc. I decided that even if the only people reading the posts are my mom & boyfriend, I know that one day this will act as a little vault for me, to remember moments in my 20'something stage of life that were important to me. To know that other people are really enjoying it make me just, infinitely happy. Thank you so much Sarah, you made my week!

The rules of the award are:

Thank the person who nominated you (duh.)
Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post
Share 7 things about you
Pass the award on to seven nominees
Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs

7 things about me:

  1. I am a "retired" classically trained singer. I used to compete, and I really really miss performing. My boyfriend will tell you that my dramatic flair never left, but I still miss performing to actual animate objects, not my body scrubs in the shower.

  2. I live in the sleepy town of Vernon in the Sunny Okanagan, and would not change that for the world. I love my little town, and can't wait to raise my own family here.

  3. I am 23 years old, going on 65.

  4. I have a pretty inappropriate sense of humor that I share with very few people, in fear of being seriously judged. You will know when you've been entered into my inner circle, because my filter will fly out the window (Ie, in my family, farts are really funny. Unfortunately my boyfriend does not agree. Bummer for him.)

  5. The day has not started without coffee. I also drink my coffee like it is dessert, woops. Sorry not sorry, I love creamo.

  6. I have an ungodly supply of lipgloss, lipstain/stick, and lipchap.

  7. Being late for anything makes me itchy.

I have nominated the following blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award. These are the blogs that I read almost everyday:

  1. Meg Courtney Photography Blog

  2. The Londoner

  3. Cara Loren

  4. The Daybook Blog

  5. Ivory Lane

  6. Veronika's Blushing

  7. Xoxo, Cleverly Yours

Two Ways Tuesdays

outfits 2013This dress, Oh my. It was practically calling out to me at Target, "Buy me Bri, you know you want to. I'm what you've been looking for" And truthfully, I resisted.. for a whole THREEE DAYS! But then, I had just made one too many outfits in my head, knew it was the perfect work dress (super versatile, while being pretty modest), and it was sold. Extra bonus? I had to size down for it, Umm boo-yah.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

It's that time of the week again, Happy Humpday Everyone! :) Enjoy the latest crop. New folder1-004 -Soccer Viewing outfit to cheer on my man. #1 cheerleader, right here. Just don't ask me to fill you in on how the game is actually going. I only focus on my guy, and know absolutely nothing else. Whoops. New folder1-005 -FAVORITE of the week ^^, this blouse was a hand-me down from my mama, and ohh baby it has been promoted to favorite blouse in my closet.New folder1-009 -Both of these blouses are from Target, they come in a variety of colors and fit perfectly! For $24.99 how can you go wrong?!New folder1-011There is something about the fact that a maxi skirt & blouse are totally work appropriate and oh so comfy that makes this little miss so very happy.New folder2 And last but not least, my "Weekend Uniform" right here.  IMG_9711



Tuesday 14 May 2013

Two Ways Tuesdays

Okay I fibbed, this is really three ways.. But, in my defense, the third outfit was a last minute "Hey I wonder how these two would work together".. and, it made the cut. Plus, this way it rhymes, and sounds more appropriate than "Three Way Tuesday", ya know? my mama reads this.

Anyways! Today we are taking a piece and showcasing how versatile it is, even though on first glance it may not look it. The Tribal Kimono. Or really, a kimono in general.  Whenever I put this on, I remember my brother in law telling my sister that hers looked like a grandma's robe.. But I love it anyways. I feel much more chic when I wear this as opposed to a regular cardigan or blazer, it just brings more personality to the outfit. And as you can see here, it can go casually over a tee and skirt, a little edgier with some "leather" skinnies, or act as the perfect cover up on date night. My kind of staple. New folder1-012


And that's all I have to say about that.


Monday 13 May 2013

An Ode, to my Hair.

I get asked this question a lot, so as much as I do really love discussing my hair's journey, I figured it's pretty easy to have all of the info in one spot, too.

You know how when you fight really hard to achieve something, it becomes terrifying for you to lose it again? Do not judge me; but that is how I feel about my hair. Andy laughs at me when I tell him that a recurring nightmare is someone chopping off my big thick ponytail. I know, the vanity dripping in that comment, is ridiculous, but you know what? Honesty is the best policy, and if we're being honest here, this is an entire post dedicated to my hair, I'm not even going to pretend this isn't vain. The road to this hair was one filled with missteps, and a mountain of dead ends. If you are willing to be diligent and make some sacrifices, it is really quite easy!

New folder1-007{the various lengths & colors, some of these make me shudder}

Backstory: I worked at a hair salon in the reception area for just over a year. It only took just over a year to ruin my hair. Because I got color for cost, I was dying it dark, then bleaching it, then going dark again, then bleaching it. Once I quit however, I was back in school and couldn't afford the upkeep. In walked box dyes. Black! But then, I didn't like black, so I decided to strip my hair myself -DON'T DO THIS. What came next? You guessed it, RED! But, I didn't want red, so I then proceeded to bleach it and streak it until I wound up with a strawberry blonde/orange. I knew then that even though I despised this color (no offense to the natural gingers, but that did not work for me), I could not afford any more stripping to hit my hair, and I'd just have to ride it out. It was a low point, and an ugly one. After about a year of nasty hair, I could afford to chop off the dead ends, dye it a natural color, and start fresh.

My Top 5 Hair growth ways:

1. Start with a cut. There is no use growing out split ends, because they are only going to split further and break off more, really just eliminating any of the growth you are doing. Start off fresh, cut off as little or as much as you are comfortable parting with, and you have a clean slate.

2. No heat, or as little as possible. I didn't really do this on purpose, I just had gotten the world's WORST haircut (step 1), and couldn't stand letting my hair down, so I wore it in a bun for - I'm not exaggerating - 6-7 months. A little teeny tiny bun for the first 4 months, and then I met the sock bun. Love at first try. The reality is, heat tools and blow drying sucks the life out of your hair, whether you use heat protectents or not, the less heat you use on your hair, the better off.

3. Embrace your hair's natural personality. This means color too. I have been every color in the books: black, brunette, platinum blonde, sandy blonde, orange, red (the last two not on purpose), everything in between. I don't need to tell you that that cycle will torch your hair, as it did mine. You know that video that's gone viral now with the girl burning a chunk of her hair off? The same chunk of my hair broke off in the exact spot after bleaching it too many times. I woke up, and was like a good 4 inches lighter.. Only in a 3 inch wide spot though. Awesome. So, when I decided enough was enough and I was going to re-virginize my hair, I was blonde, so really I had an easy route: I was going ombre, naturally. My hair is a dirty blonde/light brown on it's own, so growing out blonde roots were really pretty painless. And now that I have almost grown all of the color out, I not only LOVE my natural color, I am also scared to dye it again. My stylist laughs at me, because any time I book a cut and color, I phone back the next day to say "umm.. yah.. maybe just a cut.. I can't do it yet." My hair is also what I'd like to call a lazy curl. It used to be ringlets, but with all of the processing I put my hair through, I also relaxed the curl. RIP, ringlets, I hardly knew and appreciated ye.

4. VITAMINS. One stylist a few years ago told me about the magical supplement Bamboo Silica, and how she took it to grow out her inverted bob, and within a year her hair was past her shoulders. My friends, it works. It works well. I took it religiously, and while it takes 3 months for your body to send the nutrients to your hair, my hair started growing like a weeed. And my hair generally grows at a snail's pace. I have also heard a lot about biotin, but personally I find that the bamboo really worked wonders more than anything.

5. Think pretty, healthy thoughts and your hair will follow suit. Ok that's probably a heaping pile of BS (hint: it is.), BUT, what could go wrong with doing that? Nothing, I tell you. But, on the subject of healthy, your hair is made up of proteins, and something I learned working in a hair salon, is that proteins alone are brittle. So, in order to compensate, they also need to lubricated. Where am I going with this? Omegas. Fish, nuts, omega oils, all fantastic for your hair. While you do need to build up the protein in your strands, you need to lubricate them as well so they don't snap off from being brittle.

& That's it! My big long post dedicated to my hair. I may have been flipping & stroking it while writing this, but if you see me in person you know I do this all. the. time. Like I said, it took a better part of 5 years to get here, and I am so freaking proud. Well done hairs, high fives all around!

hair selfies-001

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Friday 10 May 2013

5 years, holy smokes.

hard to believe it has already been 5 years with this guy. we've been through good times and not very good times; and every little and big memory in between. one thing has never changed, he's always my constant and the first person I want to tell all the good stories to, now & forever. we're a team, and man oh man do i love my partner. i love you so very much, my very best friend in the whole world. 5 years! yowza.

IMG_9589photo (1)

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Currently Coveting

Let's get a wee bit racy up in here....


Alright, not really, unless pretty lace bras get you all hot and bothered (hey, maybe they do, no judgement here! they are really quite lovely). Lace bras! &, more specifically, lace bralettes. These are my girl's new bffs. I'm not a girl who's down with the mega push-up or padded bras as is, so these little numbers are right up my alley, plus they are adorable! They add just enough oomph to an outfit where you would normally where a bandeau - cut out tops, tanks with low backs/sleeves, etc. And when they are worn with clothing where they are not meant to be seen, I always feel just that much more feminine & foxy. I have ones with underwire and ones without, and sometimes I even forget I am wearing a bra at all, they are so comfortable! Definitely worth adding to your arsenal, and speaking from experience, the guy in your life will thank me. ;)

Where to get them:

Urban Outfitters: Here $18, Here $24, Here $20 & Here $16

Aritzia: Here $25

Forever21: Here $10

What I Wore Wednesday

New folder1-001 {Jeans - GAP, Blouse & Belt - Dynamite, Heels - Aldo, Earrings - Stella & Dot}Fullscreen capture 50813 90704 AM.bmp{Dress - Forever21, Belt - Aldo, Necklace - Forever21}New folder1-002  {Cardigan - H&M, Jeans - GAP, Blouse - Dynamite, Belt & Heels - Aldo, Bracelet - Stella & Dot "Bardot Bangle"}New folder1-003{Belt & Blouse - Target, Cropped Dress Pants - GAP, Heels - Aldo, Earrings & Ring - Stella & Dot}


Saturday 4 May 2013

May the 4th be with you.


& that is all. this is my tattoo I have with my best friend, it is our anniversary and we both have it in the same place. this date made me infinitely more cool in the house I share with my Star Wars fan, so ummm, yeah that's pretty neat. May the 4th be with you, and have a great weekend ;)



Thursday 2 May 2013

Currently Coveting

Utility Jackets! 

This has been a hot ticket wishlist item of mine, but I cannot seem to track down one that has the jusst right amount of length, and isn't too stiff. As you can see below, this jacket is much more versatile than you may want to give credit for. It can be dressed up, down, worn casual, chic, preppy, edgy, you name it. In my opinion, it is one more jacket to add to your arsenal, much like the jean jacket, or a blazer. CCCC2^ ^Above are two ways that I would style this, so that it complete the outfits, but with polar opposite styles. It can take a very feminine outfit and give it just the right amount of grit to balance it out, or it can take an edgier, street style and neutralize it so you don't feel too much like you're standing out - though there is nothing wrong with that!

Here are some options I found, ranging from all different prices. So far, I feel like I may need to save my pennies for this option from Aritzia, but hopefully the bargain goddesses will let me find one for a better steal, here's hoping.

Zara: here, here & here - the leather sleeves make this one so yummy.

Asos: here

Forever21: here & here

Urban Outfitters: here

What is the item that you are currently coveting?


Wednesday 1 May 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

IMG_7284{matching my lipstick to my skirt & necklace because it is spring and I do what I want.}

Outfit Details- Skirt Forever21 / Shirt T. Babaton / Lipstick: MAC Sheen Supreme "Full Speed"IMG_7280 {I think I will wear these camo skinnies to death. GAP, you did good.}

Outfit Details: Baseball Tee F21 / GAP Skinnies / Stella & Dot Scarf / Winners Jean JacketIMG_7281 {What, you don't wear a pleather skirt to brunch?! Weirdo.}

Outfit: Winners Skirt / F21 white tee / Dynamite Scarf / Winners Jean JacketIMG_7282{Black, White, Skulls & A pop of Pink}

Outfit: Pants & Shirt Forever21 / Scarf Sartorial Boutique / Lipstick: Maybelline "Fushia Flash"