Monday 5 December 2016

The end of an era as we know it.

My house is officially sold. Papers signed, 10 lbs lost thanks to pure adrenaline and stress of "pretty please go through", and she's a done deal. The Princess Palace, my first real taste of adulthood, well she's officially someone else's now. Someone else will make memories in her, deal with and form relationships with all their new interesting neighbors, learn the art of being seen by strata yet not heard, and wrestle with the shower faucet that always squealed until you wiggled it with juuuust the right amount of pressure. 

And you know somethin? For the last few months/year, this place has been the thorn in my side something fierce. Not enough room, too dark, too hot, we live in a fishbowl, too this not enough that - you  name it, we have felt it for this place. Now that we have less than two weeks here? I'll be damned if it's not the cutest place I ever did see. The white shutter door that opens up to our storage under the stairs? It's darling. The paint color with the shade of flooring is so modern and cute, and the kitchen is so quaint! It's like the day before you chop your hair off, and you have the best hair day in months. 

I mean, all I have to do is try to find parking on a busy night, or have a mega grocery shop that entails me making the never ending trip from the car, up the stairs and to the front door to remind me why I'm leaving; however that's not how I'm going to remember this little place years from now. It'll be the cutest condo that I tell our future kids about when they ask about the houses we used to live in. It'll be the spot that from our bedroom window in the mornings, we could count deer on the mountain more often than not, and where I learned many a thing, from how to make baseboard heaters work again (boot it real hard) and how to not hang pictures - my lifelong ban from Jake is well deserved.

This place will hold so many amazing, heartwarming memories for me. It serves its purpose beautifully, and I will always think of it so fondly. But man alive am I relieved, thrilled and beyond excited to set it free and begin our new journey, whatever that may be. 

*these photos were taken by the amazing Jenna Myers of jmy photography - these were taken back in the summer when it was sweltering in my place and I would currently trade gladly. I love that I have these photos to remember what this house encapsulates so perfectly and will continue to for many years: my early-mid twenties, when everything was still perky ;) just (kinda) kidding, these pictures are a treasure of my soon to be "old stomping grounds".