Friday 28 September 2018


My very first bumpdate! I loved reading this from other bloggers, so I have to admit I'm pretty excited that I get to do my very own. 

how far along:
 As of today, September 28, 2018 I am 14 weeks & 1 day.

baby size: baby is the size of a peach! Or 8.6 cm and 42 grams, to be technical. A peach just sounds so much cuter.

gender: as of yet, unknown – 20 weeks can’t come soon enough! I feel like it’s a boy, but all of my dreams where peanut is there, it’s a girl. I’m 50/50 for old wive’s tales on what it will be, because my hair is greasier than normal but my skin is nicer than usual, and I’m craving everything in general. Some days sweet, some days salty & sour.

showing? I certainly think so. I’ve got a fairly small frame and I feel like I started showing at 8 weeks. Prior to that it was just bloat that I was hoping was a tummy, but now it’s a legit teeny little pooch and I love it so much. It’s firm and I just rub it on the daily all the time. Every morning I used to wake up and check out my abs, and now I wake up to see how much more my belly has grown.

weight gained: I like to think I was still holding about 3-4 pounds of Europe baking/pasta left over when I actually got pregnant, so I’m up about 5-6 lbs, right on track for first trimester; but a good 10 lbs from true pre-pregnancy weight though.  Truthfully this part of the pregnancy has been the hardest for me. I’ve always been very fit and pride myself in being active and lean, and this first trimester just did not accommodate that. I would go to the gym maybe twice a week and just walk with some light weights afterwards – I was just too nauseous and exhausted to care. My brother got married on Labor Day weekend and the dresses I had lined up no longer fit me, and it was then that the realization truly hit that I needed to say goodbye to my pre-baby body until 2019. Thank god I’m pregnant during layering & leggings season is all I gotta say.

symptoms: This first trimester was a rough one. I was extremely nauseous all day – whoever came up with the phrase “morning sickness” can honestly get fucked, it’s all-day and I bet my money it was a male doctor who came up with that gem. I only actually threw up once, which if you know me is a blessing since I am phobic of throwing up of any sort, but every morning on the button I would have the worst dry heaves that I had to sit and breathe through. Brushing my teeth is a dangerous game because if I do it for too long or realize I have a toothbrush in my mouth, the heaving starts. I was also exhausted. I mean I would take hour long naps daily, and still be ready for bed at 7:30 – however that hasn’t really left yet. I started to experience physical changes almost immediately. I was bloated what felt like immediately, and I got boobs for the first time in my life by week 6! Jake’s favorite part of this whole thing, except they’ve been so tender he’s barely allowed to graze them. Also, good LAWD the mood swings. I’m already a fairly moody person, but holy dina the mood swings were next level. Thankfully they’ve started to calm down, but my poor husband was dealing with a crazy pants for a solid 2-3 weeks.

cravings: My cravings have been random but not too over powering as of yet – except the other week when I had the strongest craving for jello at like, 8:30 pm; not only did Jake deliver and bring TWO flavors home (he had been at hockey when I texted him), it was literally the most satisfying snack in a really long time. Apart from that, Tomato sandwiches with just tomatoes, pepper and mayo have been on my weekly rotation, and I haven’t had those in years. Mainly my cravings are crispy chicken and alfredo, so basically its father’s child just coming through in case I wasn’t 150% sure. Anything vinegary or sour, I can’t resist. I make greek salad and drink the brine when I’m finished. And, bread. Bagels, and sandwiches to be precise. That’s more because for a solid month or so it was the only thing I could stomach eating. Apart from sour fruit and the odd veggies & dip, veggies weren’t high on my list which surprised me since pre-pregnancy that made up 60-75% of my diet. I always said I would be the healthiest pregnant lady, nothing would slip... So basically something someone who's never been pregnant would say, because I legit did not care whatsoever.

aversions:  For the first 6 weeks, it was just vegetables. Literally I had a delicious veggie soup in the fridge that I eventually made Jake get rid of, because just looking at it sitting in the fridge would make me heave. Even as I type this, the thought of disposing of it STILL makes me feel sick. Week 7 the infamous “meat” aversion kicked in, basically if I have to cook it – I’m not going to eat it. I can’t even be in the kitchen as it’s cooking. However if I haven’t had enough protein and the hunger strikes (and DAMN is the pregnancy hunger real), I will crave protein like no other and will murder a burger. Although we had meat lover’s pizza the other night and the meat grossed me out so much I picked all of it off until it was just a cheese pizza and Jake looked at me as if I had just smeared it all over the walls.

A few weeks ago we had our first ultrasound, where we finally got to see our little peanut. It was the most surreal, amazing, wonderful moment of my life. Jake and I in that dark little room, and all of a sudden – there’s our peanut! It’s real, and really in there!! I could’ve watched it move and squirm for hours on end, it was just the neatest thing I’ve ever experienced. The tech made a comment about how active it was, and how strong the heartbeat was – the pride that swelled in my chest over my active little bean almost made me cry. The week after, we met with our OB/GYN and actually HEARD the heartbeat – Jake recorded it and I’ve watched it a good million times. It made it just so much more real, like okay, you’re really in there, small tiny human – I haven’t just had the world’s longest flu this summer. And it kind of made everything more tangible and manageable. Like, if feeling sick everyday and having a stuffy nose and turning into a she-dragon on the dime is what it takes to keep you happy and healthy and safe in there to summersault away for the next 6 months, let’s do this kid. Worth it.

Hi Peanut

Hi Little Baby Stuchberry,
We're so very excited you decided to join us, we can't wait to meet you.
March 28th, 2019