Friday 1 May 2015

Musings for Fridays.

  1. Have you seen the articles positing that the "dad bod" is the new thing women my age early-mid twenties - find most attractive? Uhmm, horseshit. I call stinky, smelly horseshit. Now, I'm not saying you should be ashamed of your body if it does in fact resemble a "dad bod", but like.. Ryan Reynolds' vs. Leonardo DiCaprio's bod? Is it even a question on who would win that?! Personally I find taking care of yourself to be the most attractive, and generally - that does not equate to a beer belly. Maybe I'm biased because my boyfriend has sahh-weeet abs (high five to me!), but I gave a major eye-roll at those articles. Ps, Leo, Leo Leo Leo, I am SO dissapointed I just used you for that example. RIP Jack Dawson indeed.

  2. Now, I am a selfie enthusiast. If you follow my instagram, you know I'm not one to shy away from.. myself? Or just my forward facing camera. BUT, I heard a "couple selfie" today being referred to as an "ussie"... Let. that. sink. in. Did you almost throw up a bit in your mouth? Just me? Because, guys, grossss. Gross! That's as gross as social media'ing anniversaries that are anything other than yearly. Nobody cares that you made it 3 months, keep that shit to yourself. underwood

  3. Banana ice cream is my new jam. I had it for breakfast twice this week, and devoured it in my bed with chocolate chips when PMS may or may not have reared her ugly, broken out face - hint hint, she totally did. What is this magic, you ask? Frozen bananas, enough milk (I choose cashew because it is so so creamy but very low cal) to get it moving in your food processor/blender, and viola! It turns into the consistency of ice cream, but it's fruit. Not to mention bananas are ridiculously good for you. Add in literally whatever else you want, I did vanilla protein/blueberries for one breakfast and matcha powder, vega protein/greens for the other. Jake looked unbelievably horrified at the last one, but no sweat off my back that he doesn't want to share, matcha powder is expensive, yo ;)

  4. Grey's Anatomy. Like, WOW. If you haven't seen it yourself yet (how!?) and the internet hasn't ruined it yet for you either (again, HOW!?), I won't be the one to do so. But let's just say my boyfriend was so embarrassed for me when I came downstairs and couldn't talk about how "nothing bad is ever allowed to happen to you" without moving into a fresh batch of ugly sobs.. on his shoulder.. while he was watching the Stanley Cup playoffs - life tip, don't ever expect sympathy, attention, affection, or even conversation when your guy's team is playing an elimination game - emotional trauma included, apparently.

  5.  Has your week been on the shittier end of the scale? Not anymore. You. Are. Welcome.