Friday 28 June 2013

Awkward & Awesome

Fotor0627161458Hey Pippy Long-Stockings, I like yo braided buns.


  1. ↑ my new favorite man-repeller hairdo. Why is it a man repeller? Well ladies, you add some cokebottle glasses to that mix and I am not getting asked for my number, lemme tell ya that much. Still, I love it & it is a much more fun way of concealing my greasy post-workout hair.

  2. Andy’s new nickname for me, brought to you by autocorrect, and it has stuck: Babar. Now we all remember who Babar is, right? Babar. :| I strangely like it, but only on days where my tummy is nice and flat.

  3.  Getting wine dumped on me (accidentally- though my elbows somehow took the blame..?), and then for the rest of the evening smelling like, well, red wine. Thankfully I was wearing black. But, do you know what red wine smells like on clothes? Bad breath & eggs. Oh yah, it was lovely.

  4. One arm being stronger than the other. How does this even happen!? This becomes very apparent during gym sessions and bicep curls, where my right arm will power through them, and I have to stare at my left arm, just willing the bicep to just. lift. the. WEIGHT. icy glares don’t work for it, apparently.

  5. I need a couple of items altered. Totally things I can do myself, and we have a sewing machine.. it’s just.. I don’t actually know how to thread it, or the bobbin. When I told my mom this in the company of Andy, he pipes up, “You don’t know how!? I do..” Let’s call that a housewife FAIL when your hubs can do that, and you cannot.

  6. Fastly entering sweaty season. I am from a family that sweats. Gross, awkward, socially unacceptable, gross. “Well, this has been a lovely conversation, but you’ll have to excuse me, I’m getting quite the glow on & see a fan with my name written all over it, so I’m just going to see how it’s doing..”

  7. My sister sent me a picture of my niece with her new hair do: she died the tips an amazing purple-ish blue. With that came the realization “I think my 8-year-old niece may be a bit cooler than me. If nothing else she is certainly braver than me.”


  1. Grocery shopping at Safeway, to have our littlest niece phone me and ask if I’m home, just because they drove past and she was wondering. She probably was more interested in where Andy was, but she phoned me, therefore naturally I win.

  2. On the same Safeway visit, have the cashier tell me “my husband” was in the other day, prepping for his boys’ weekend.. Felt pretty famous for a hot 5 minutes, like Brangelina.

  3. After a few – long – days without one, we replaced our smoothie blender. I have a seriously green smoothie every day, and after 3 days sans smoothie, I was worried about my scurvy chances. PHEW, dodged a big bullet there.

  4. It’s a long weekend. Temperatures in the High 30′s. Enough said.

  5. Discovering a stashed away makeup bag with bright, bold summer lip colors. It was like discovering magenta treasure.

  6. Andy saying to me, “I wish your office was busier, so that more people could see how good you {outfits} look.” → insert blushing face.

Just add a little denim.

_MG_5514-001I've been pretty slow to get to the denim top party; But now that I'm here I am seriously making up for lost time! In two months I have acquired a chambray shirt, jean jacket, and now this vest. Is there anything a denim top won't go with!? They really add just enough to an outfit, to both play it down, complete the look, everything. I'm in love. This vest has been my most recent addition, and with it I think I am complete (minus this delicious chambray shirt from Madewell I've been eyeing up, sigh if only my bank account agreed with me. - it doesn't)._MG_5491Fotor0627215330-001   ~ blog post photos must be taken seriously. at. all. times. ;)_MG_5534I have a feeling I will wear this vest constantly this summer; I already have about 7-8 outfits ready to go with it. Also, have I made it extremely obvious by now that leopard & stripes are my favorite patterns to pair together? such love.

Thursday 27 June 2013

I'm what I'd like to call a Bargain Hunteress.

Can I share a teeny secret with you all? Just a wee little insider thing: I really like shopping. A lot. BUT, I am also cheap. Many reasons have brought me to where I am in my cheapness now, to just name a few:

  1. Starting when I was... 8? My dad made my brother and I keep ledgers marking down every purchase we made, and we had to balance it with him at the end of every week. 

  2. My parents are investment planners, and now I am too. It's like "Budget" is my middle name.

  3. I have maxed out a credit card.. twice.. therefore I no longer have one, because I clearly cannot be trusted. Maxed out twice and I still consider it to somehow be "free money". no VISA for you!

  4. Mostly putting myself through round of school while not living at home. Wal-Mart & I were serious hombres for a while there.

  5. I have Murphy's Law luck. What I mean by this is if I was to go and drop a good couple hundo today on a shopping spree, tomorrow my water tank would burst. I just don't feel like tempting the fates too badly.

So, even though I really enjoy shopping, I rarely pay for something full price, unless it is for a decent amount. Most of the time, I am elbows deep in the sales rack - ESPECIALLY at the Gap; their sale markdowns are unreal sometimes. So for the past year or so, I have been almost exclusively getting my shoes from Aldo. On clearance.  The closest Aldo store to me is 45 minutes away, but on the online store, you can not only pay through your bank account, shipping is free! It's cheaper for me to buy online than to drive to Kelowna, so that right there is a bonus. My rule of thumb for buying clearance, is when I get the comment "Yah but they're last year's style, they're not 'in' anymore." Well, if your shoes are so trendy that they aren't going to last you into another season, you shouldn't be investing that much in them anyways. This last trip, I got three pairs of gorgeous pumps, two that I have had my eye on forever, all for $90. Best part? Originally, all three of them were $90 each.  Now that, is a purchase you can feel good about.Fotor0627172111

Gossip Girl Here.

Were any of you as in love with the book & then the TV show Gossip Girl as I was? The fashion, the drama, the cattiness, all in the streets of the Upper East Side? I mean really, what wasn't to love. Well I have been really discovering the goodies that Netflix has to offer, including the whole GG series! Now, if you did watch it as loyally as I did, including watching the series finale (which BLEW my mind), watching it now from the beginning and knowing who Gossip Girl actually is, is so surreal. BUT what else came back full force was my absolute infatuation with New York. I have always loved New York and used to nurse this fantasy that I would end up living there (even though I'm am the most nervous person in big cities, ever.), and maybe I would do a run or twelve on Broadway, before I got mega rich and famous, and started my road to EGOT (any 30 rock fans in the house?). It has long been a goal of mine to go to New York once every season - at least. But for starters, at least 4 times, to experience Springtime strolls in Central Park, Summertime sweating in Brooklyn - it seems fitting, Autumn watching the leaves fall, and spending my Winter birthday skating underneath all of the lights at Rockerfeller Center, finished with a hot chocolate at Serendipity. In my opinion, New York is one of the most romantic cities in the world. I think I'd have to be sedated on the way there, or else my head might literally burst from excitement.

But now, back to Gossip Girl. It's not very hard to see why a fashion lover would enjoy this show: the fashion and styling is to die for. The glitz & glamour in every look has definitely been inspiring me lately to amp up my own looks, if not just for the sheer enjoyment you get from feeling a little extra glam in a ho-hum setting. Studying the two main girls, I'd like to say if you mixed up their styles, I'd be the hybrid. Serena has the perfect free-spirited, boho goddess look down, but for me it's almost a bit too chaotic and at time feels messy, where Blair is so put together and prim, it's too stuffy. Two very diverse style personalities. Now that I'm watching these back with a more fine-toothed comb eye, I feel like they did this to really cement the differences in the two bffs, and how opposites really do attract. One thing I love about both characters though, is the use of color. Blair is very much preppy and chic, though she uses bright colors and bold prints. Serena has a very 70's vibe to her, but I don't think the girl ever met a sequin or sparkle she didn't like.


On a finishing note, two things also came to mind while watching the series premiere (from 2007): 1. Dan Humphrey trying to convince his dad that "this new thing called MySpace" will help re-launch his band into mega stardom. LOL. sorry, RIP MySpace. Also, R.I.P Cute, normal looking Jenny Humphrey, aka Cindy Lou-Who, aka Taylor Momsen. Taylor-Momsen-Before-After-276x300


Wednesday 26 June 2013

Junuary in the Okanagan.

_MG_5090_MG_5087  _MG_5102Fotor0625213217{Hoping and praying to hair gods that my hair doesn't frizz out & pouf on me before we get to our destination.}

Somehow I always forget that June kind of sucks here in the Okanagan. It's rainy, but hot, therefore muggy too, where you always feel.. sticky. Gross. I shouldn't complain, because soon it will be so hot here I'll want to sit in a cooler most days. And also, everything gets really green and fresh, and it feels like I'm living on the Island. On days like this, a maxi dress hides all, and remains comfortable. To make it more of my own, I wore it backwards, so that the deep-v became a chic little back draping.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

what's black & white and read all over?

A newspaper! Duh. If you didn't know that joke, clearly you weren't in Mrs. McNamara's kindergarten class.

Fotor0625123413Today, we are highlighting a huge look for Spring & Summer: Black & White! Could there be an easier trend to play with? I have an absolute abundance of black in my closet, and the fact that you can pair these two colors and look chic and put together, effortlessly? Well, that's a big win in my books.

Not only does it pop because of the contrast between the two "colors", but it is also a blank canvas trend. Meaning if you want to, you can add color pops and accents until the cows come home, or you can leave it as is, and have a very neutral, toned down, on trend look for Summer. Not only that, but because the colors are so muted and neutral, mixing textures and prints is a risk that's easy to take, since your chances of it going wrong are pretty slim. Fact is, you can't really mess this one up. This can be worn daytime, nighttime, casually, or at the office; it literally knows no bounds. And in any trend where a leopard print pump coordinates perfectly, that my friends is a trend for me.


Friday 21 June 2013

Awkward & Awesome

Fullscreen capture 62113 100553 AM.bmp {This outfit isn't awkward. This outfit is comfier than your grandma's "sink into it and never get out" sofa. You know the one. No, not the one covered with plastic. Right, the other one; the one probably filled with 50 years of dustbunnies. You're welcome.}


  1. This scenario, playing out multiple times: "Oh my goodness I love that skirt/maxi! oh wait. high-low. ugh. nevermind".. All I'm saying is, can we stumpy-legged girls have the full version as an option? To you long-legged wonderwomen that this trend looks great on: ya ya, good for you. I'll just be in the corner, bitter. 

  2. Hashtags on Facebook. I don't know why, but I'm not down.

  3. Biffing it up the stairs and doing the paranoid, bug-eyed, "did anyone catch that?" look around, and pretending to laugh when you realize someone did. Wasn't that funny how I just ate shit so hard? Man I am so glad I didn't have to experience this awesome moment alone. Oh look! My shin is bleeding too! SCORE.

  4. When I try to be super sly about buying new clothes and try to hide it from Andy, so I leave the receipt and bag in my car, but somehow don't think that the price tag being left on the bed would be a dead giveaway. I would make the worst spy. 

  5. North West. WHY. I. Just. CAN'T. Kanye, stick to music, don't become a professional baby namer. Kim, I'd say stick to your dayjob, but what is it that you do, really?


  1. "Hi, my name is Brianne."..."Yah, I know you! You write that blog! I love reading your posts!" UMMM this is the best. THE BEST. If I look super awkward when you say this to me, it's because I'm embarrassed.  But on the inside? High fives and confetti are happening. Seriously. This is the coolest feeling in the world. 

  2. When I forget to type the "r" in something and when I read it back, I say it in a Boston accent. "Kind Regads". just read that in the Boston accent: Kind Regaahds. If you don't find it as hilarious as I do, well.. it's probably because you're cooler than me. Congrats.

  3. Getting ID'd, but not having two pieces, and then having to convince the person at the liquor store that I'm seriously over 19. "no, no really, look at my forehead when I frown! 18 year old faces don't do this!" And them going, "okay..... fine" side-eye. I just showcased that my face is not as smooth & perky as an 18 year old, and you still aren't buying it? I could just kiss you, Donna, I could just kiss you.

  4. Farmer's Market. Especially when it's raining and you are the only one there, so you can just pull right up to the stand. Practically drive-through organic, local food? Ka-Chiiing!

  5. Andy is away this weekend on a "Boys 30th Birthday Weekend" and this is my plan for the evening.

  6. fridaynight

Wednesday 19 June 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

ombre- I seriously adore this dress. I wanted to get it in black and decided the colors were so gorge and perfect for summer, I'd go out of my comfort zone. It fits so perfectly, I feel like a goddess. You win again, Target. Fotor061983853 {Dress: Thrifted (thanks D!), Shoes: Aldo... How Mad Men is this dress?! I have a business lunch today.. in New York, 1967 ;) }prepster {Cardigan: Artizia, Jean Shirt: Thrifted, Shorts: Old, Sneaks: Converse}casual{Cardigan: Aritzia, Jeans: GAP - similar here, here and here!, Clutch: Target} polkadotty{Cardigan: Aritzia - popular this week! Dress: Shasta (random find in Mexico), Pumps: Payless, Belt: Target}

Tuesday 18 June 2013

It's a party, do you want to come?

They say if you love something, you want to tell the whole world about it. I agree, so I'd like to tell you about my hair salon. Yep, my hair salon. It is not secret I've been traumatized by bad hair experiences, some of which even include hairdressers vanishing into thin air, so when I got my hair done by Holly the first time, it was love at first snip. She's been doing Andy's hair for a while, and her hair is always beautiful, so I just knew she'd be my girl. And oh mama, was I right. I have to admit, I'm not exactly the easiest client, because I know exactly what I want done, and more than that, I know exactly what I don't want done. Well, Holly is a master, I barely even have to tell her what I want, and I always leave feeling gorgeous: the way you should feel leaving a salon. This past birthday, Andy bought me a gift certificate to get eyelash extensions from her, and I have literally never felt prettier. I ran errands, solely for the purpose of other people seeing how pretty they looked, not one word of a lie. I felt like a princess. Well, Holly recently opened up her own Salon, called Noir, and this Saturday, June 22nd is the Grand Opening! When I first saw the new salon, I was actually giddy; it is so perfect. It is just the right balance between rustic and feminine, it is the perfect "Shabby Chic", and it is also the only Bumble&Bumble salon in Vernon, helllo! If you are in the area and want to come down, please do! There will be wine tasting, giveaways & live entertainment! All ages welcome, you will not want to miss out. 1017445_617553541590017_1392203556_n  

Noir Salon: 250-549-1199

Services Offered: Eyelash Extensions, Color (both Redken & Aveda trained stylists), Gel Manicures & full ranges of hair services.

Fotor0618160734{But seriously, could it be more perfect?!}

Also, don't forget to give them a "like" on facebook! They post daily tips, videos & great pictures to make you smile.

See you there!


What goes around comes around.

Growing up, my sister was always my trendsetter. Being that she is 12 years older, I naturally idolized her (still do), and would try to emulate whatever she was wearing. We were texting a while ago, and I told her that what she used to wear in high school, is what is considered trendy today, albeit more in the "hipster" scene, but 90's grunge is definitely back, in a big way. I mean, mom jeans are no longer "nasty mom jeans". They are "let me cut them off and now they're wicked high-waisted shorts!" jeans. Combat boots are the new version of Doc Martens, and 80's hair band tees have never been more popular. So, you'll imagine I had to pick my jaw up off the ground when I saw the latest thing: sweaters/jackets/flannel tied around your waist. I mean, seriously!? I could find about a million and one family hike pictures where I'm sporting my pink and neon windbreaker around my waist, and this is cool again? Fotor0618153716You know what? I'm so down with it, I really am. Functional? Yep. Unexpected? Totally. And in the oddest way, pretty chic. I mean, really, how can you go wrong? Who likes carrying their jacket around when it's too hot anyway? I know I certainly don't. Welcome back waist cinching, you've been missed without me even realizing it.

Friday 14 June 2013

What I want to be when I grow up.

These ladies are just, beyond. I want to be exactly like them when I grow up (Living in a New York apartment would also fit the bill quite nicely, just letting you know universe, I'm totally down with being relocated to Manhattan).

Every Friday should end with a touch of fabulousity, non? Thanks for showing me this, Aunty Jody!

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Awkward & Awesome



  • Andy working two jobs basically full-time, and seeing him only in the mornings before I go to work. Therefore I try to converse with him everything that happened the day before, upcoming events, you know, have a pow-wow. First thing in the morning. This doesn't work well when he phones me at 10 to say "did we talk this morning or did I dream that?"

  • Going to bed at 7:45 because said boyfriend will be working until midnight. I did this twice this week.

  • The lady who lives across the lane from us, waking me up every morning at 6:30 to her horking while having her morning ciggy. If that isn't an anti-smoking commercial, I don't know what is. Makes an excellently revolting alarm clock though.

  • My first appointment with my brand new (fairly handsome & YOUNG) Doctor was to discuss my lady bits. Ahh, excuse my face looking like a tomato when I have to say the V word, I'm just terribly uncomfortable right now.

  • The sushi guy giving me two sets of chopsticks because the amount of take-out I ordered could not possibly all be for me. Bonus? Two things of miso soup!

  • The courier lady at work also makes her own dog biscuits. The other day she was trying to convince me I could eat them too, because they're all "human" ingredients. "Oh yah, they're really good with salsa or dip!" "Really? what's in them?" "Oh you know, flour, eggs, PIG LARD, salt, etc." Umm, wow that sounds delish, but I think I'll just save them for the dog, thaaaanks.

  • Hearing a teeny "pop" from my microwave and opening it to see every little drop of tomato soup that was supposed to be for dinner is now coating the entire microwave. It looked like a tomato soup massacre in there.

  • Thinking in my head, not once, but twice this week, "Wow, what a long week, finally Friday!" and then the crushing reality settling in, "No no sweets, it would be a Tuesday." / "Wrong again little miss! It's Wednesday." Le sigh.


  • As much as I don't enjoy solo nights almost every night of the week, it has given me a chance to thoroughly get the most of our US Netflix. Liz Lemon from the start has been on constant repeat this week.

  • My first sleepover at a hotel/girls night out on Saturday. Okay, my first legal girl's night out/ sleepover at a hotel on Saturday. I've been planning my outfit all week, because I'm A) a hermit and don't get out much, and B) it's the funnest, duh.

  • When the back-up courier guy doesn't say "you too!" when I tell him to have a good day, so I make up a random voice and say it to myself. Not awesome because he's rude, awesome because I think I am preeettay funny.

  • Falling asleep to a rainstorm outside. My favorite

  • Andy responding with "Wendy!?" (my mom) when I texted him that he should give himself a "pat on the back for a job well done". I would take this as him saying I'm an old fart, but my mom is awesome, so it's high praise to me. Thaaanks, dude!

  • He hates it when I call him dude, which only makes me want to more.

  • It's Friiiiday.

BONUS Awkward: When boys have long hair, and have somehow NAILED the "I didn't try but it looks so damn perfect" top knot. And the most annoying thing? They probably just mushed their hairs together and wrapped an elastic around it, while I spend a good 10 minutes trying to accomplish the same feat, and failing. Share your SECRET, gentlemen!!

Thursday 13 June 2013

Bad Beauty Habits

Ahh, a big beauty post. I will not sit here and pretend I know what I'm doing in the makeup department; everything I know I've learned from youtube or my older sister, be it her telling me "you need to try this awesome product, it does wonders for our eye color" etc., or the more subtle "what the f-ck do you have going on right now on your face. Hold on - Sjon! (my brother-in-law) Hand me a baby wipe, we need to get Brizz's situation dealt with right now." - Thankfully she hasn't done the latter in a while, but I wouldn't put it put it past her to do it again. BUT, that being said, I love makeup. When Andy is working late, I usually make a Shopper's Drug Mart run just to peruse the new stuff or buy some goodies, because it's all just so pretty and fun. So let's start with the fun one, Bad Beauty Habits. We all have them, don't you lie to me.

  1. I pick at my nails. As soon as I see a slight chip, it is prime picking time. Also, if there's a chip and I have time to kill. See: my trip home from Mexico.

  2. I pick at my zits. I'm sorry, I know it's bad to do this. But SERIOUSLY, how can you see it staring at you and not want to murder those little buggers? If you can do this, slow clap for you, because I cannot.

  3. I'm a picker. Clearly. 

  4. Peeling my split ends. Not all of them, but sometimes when I'm bored at work I get into this peeling groove.. And then one peels too far up and I get scared and snap out of it.

  5. Avoiding regular trims. Which is why I have splitties to peel. I just waited so long to have long hair, that it truly pains me to cut it.

  6. I don't follow a skincare "regime". I know I should, I know it's a good habit to make, but I'm just too lazy.

Bad Beauty Habits I have broken:

  1. Not drinking enough water. I bought a 24oz water tumbler and have it at my desk, that plus a water cooler within 5 feet at my work has given me no excuse to not drink at least 3 of them in 8 hours. I'm sure it drives Andy crazy, but I usually have about 4-5 cups of water on the go, around our house. I've done this since I was little, right dad? (it drove him nuts, too.)

  2. Washing my face at night. I know, I can't believe I never used to do this. Again, just lazy. Even if it's 1:30 am and i just want to crash, I will force myself to. The thought of sleeping on my pores as they slowly clog with oil and makeup gives me goosebumps now.

  3. Eating way more fruits & veggies. My mom used to still does tell me that if you ate a balanced enough diet, taking vitamins and supplements wouldn't be necessary, and I totally believe it. I still take my hair vitamins and things like vitamin d in the winter, but other than that I just make sure to have rich leafy greens in my diet, along with anti-oxidant rich / vitamin c packed berries and fruits! Daily smoothies make it impossible not to at least get a great start on the day.

  4. Not blow drying my hair until it's dry. I rarely do this anymore, and feel like that came with embracing my hair's natural style. Also, not having A/C in the summer and not being able to handle the heat for longer than 4.5 minutes.

Products I'm loving lately:

Loreal Caresse wetshine lipstain. LOVE this product so much, it's been ALL I've worn on my lips, minus lipbalm, for the past 2 months. I have them in 3 shades, a pale pink, berry and a watermelon blue-toned pink. It gives just enough of a shine, keeps lips hydrated, and the color sticks for a solid 7 hours.


Benefit Hoola bronzer & Watts Up highlighter. The bronzer is the perfect color to perfect the appearance that I may have cheekbones; it's not shimmery at all and isn't orange. This highlighter is magnificent, I use it on my brow bone, tops of my cheekbones, and sometimes in my cupid's bow to really va-va-voom up my puckers ;)

Hempz Bronzing Moisturizer. A lot like the jergen's gradual moisturizer, but it smells like bananas and not your usual "self-tanner" smell.. BANANAS.

Andalou Naturals Meyer Lemon Brightening Cleanser & NOW Solutions Vitamins C/Acai Berry Toner. I got some au natural face cleansers because I'm not too hot on slathering harsh chemicals on my face, and holy toledo these two products are not only amazing, they smell DELICIOUS.


Whew, did you make it to the end? Well done, high fives all around for you! Do you have any bad beauty habits you'd like to share? I'd love to hear em ;)


Wednesday 12 June 2013

in which I'm learning my camera.

Boy oh boy DSLR's are finicky little creatures aren't they? Pinterest is yet again my best friend, taking me to numerous blogs and sites that help me A) understand the jargon used, and B) what settings are going to give me the result I want. It's a slow moving process, but I am determined to make the absolute most of this sucker. Well, I did invest in a fun new telephoto lens, and thank goodness for Spring/Summertime in the Okanagan, because my "subjects" are endless. And much to Andy's dismay, I am already saving up for my next lens.. Looks like I'll need to sell more clothes! And or my right arm, because holy smokes are those puppies priceeyIMG_4098 IMG_4099  576682_10151491220925787_1232201702_n 401009_10151491220805787_86729991_n935743_10151491220810787_1875841120_n

What I Wore Wednesday

talula{Cardigan: Aritzia (on sale!). Blouse & Jeans: GAP. Shoes: Nine West.}monday{Blazer: Aritzia. Blouse Belt & Clutch: Target. Skirt: Roxy. Shoe: Aldo.}dressy.4 {Dress: Costa Blanca. Jean Jacket: Winner. Belt & Shoes: Aldo}Fotor0611105038{Blazer: Suzy Sheir. Skirt: Aritzia. Blouse: Dynamite.} neojeans {Skirt: Roxy. Jean Jacket: Winners. Baseball T: Forever21. Shoes: Converse}

My neighbors all officially think I'm the weirdest in our complex - which I should take as compliment, because we have some serious nutsos living here. Apparently no one is familiar with the phrase "I'm taking pictures of my outfits for my blog." They just stare at me with the awkward smile and nod. All right people, move along, shows over. Unless you want to help me grab some detail shots? So far no takers.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Two Ways Tuesdays: Neon Edition

twoways{this skirt is four years old. I would like to say I bought neon before neon was "in" again, so ya know what? i'm going to.}

For Day: Treat it like you would any other jean skirt or jean shorts. Pair it with a neutral top, to keep the color the focal point of the outfit, keeping it bright but not make you look like Rainbow Bright. This baseball tee is one of my absolute favorite items in my closet, it goes with everything, including my lovely converse sneaks ;)

For Night: Nothing classes an outfit up quite like a blazer does. Since this skirt is on the shorter side and I'm showing enough leg, I wore my looser cut boyfriend blazer and a white sleeveless button up, paired with my trusty leopard belt to give it a bit more oomph, but not so much that the two accents are competing. A nude neutral clutch, some heels and you are good to go!

Ahh, this skirt. Another little gem I decided to resurrect. As a non-color person, neon scares me. "How the eff do you match it!?" "Good lord it's so LOUD" "Ahh, too much."... So, the fact that I even own this skirt, or managed to not throw it out has always baffled me. I do love the style of it, so maybe that's why it's survived so far.. but then, THEN. Sunday night, I'm in bed and for some reason I thought of this silly skirt. So, I hopped out of bed to try it on and you know what happened? "Holy smokes, I look TANNED!". And thus, it has become an "old item, new love" favorite for this summer. This is why I never get rid of anything, because ya never know. 

Friday 7 June 2013

Awkward & Awesome




  • ^^this little nugget accompanying me on my outfit pics last night.

  • Getting all of my certification and licensing after 2 loooong months.

  • Finding a dress hidden in my closet i bought two years ago and never wore, and it has now become a staple on the weekly summer circuit. "It does not surprise me in the least bit that you've never worn it." comments from both my man & parents. So, what are you trying to say here people!?

  • Not being able to cross my legs without grunting thanks to 3 days of wicked workouts.

  • My first summer in a grown-up vehicle with A/C. Ahhh yes.

  • Andy coming home and saying, "Wow, you look really nice today! like, really nice." on a day when I didn't feel like I looked really nice.

  • Emptying out our storage locker and freeing up space. We are becoming reformed hoarders!


  • Finally deciding to take pictures outside, and having every neighbor in our complex walk by me while doing so. Awkward smiles & waves a plenty.

  • Running across the crosswalk to hurry for the post van, and losing my shoe halfway through.

  • Entering into "sweat dripping down my back while I blowdry my hair" season in the Okanagan.

  • Not being able to cross my legs without grunting thanks to 3 days of wicked workouts.

  • Combining two words together while on the phone with clients. "Thanks so much Mr. Smith, you have a grunderful day. I mean. Uhh. Bye."

  • Honking at a car that was certainly not being driven by the friend I thought it was, so continuing on and not making eye contact when they give me a supreme stink eye.

  • While cleaning out our storage unit, finding not one, but two rubbermaid containers full of excess clothes that I had forgotten about.

  • Rocking out too hard to the Shins to realize the light had gone green.

  • Trying to take big strides in a tight pencil skirt. That's a lost cause right there, giirl. 

Have a GREAT weekend everybody! Enjoy this lovely June weather.


Thursday 6 June 2013

An ode, to some fabulous eye accesories.


Dear Lily Collins,

Damn girl, those eyebrows. I want, those eyebrows. They are stunning little things of beauty they are. I wish I had listened to my mom when she told me years ago that over-plucking my eyebrows was going to be a big pain in my ass later on, because girl, I've been growing mine in for the past 2 1/2 years and they aren't even CLOSE to your level of majesticness. Not to mention they are blond and shy, unlike your bold beauties. If I wasn't so terrified about the results going horribly wrong, i'd Rogaine mine with a q-tip (but for real, did anyone else see that episode where they discussed doing that on the Tyra Banks show? It was like, 10 years ago and I have considered doing it ever since). In conclusion, never change them, haters gonna hate, right? Well, I will never ever hate on them. Ever.


Ps. while we're on the subject, I wouldn't mind your hair, either. I also enjoy belting out your dad's songs while on long road trips, it soothes me. Do they have the same effect on you?

face3Sincerely with envy & admiration,


Wednesday 5 June 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

camo jean maxi chicwish IMG_4485This week it was all about keeping it simple. I'm finding that with all of the blogs I regularly read, the only "fashion" receiving recognition is the crazy out-there, super patterned and super colorful outfits, and the simple ones just don't cut it anymore. Not true, in my opinion. As much as I do love my pops, most of the time I keep my outfits really simple, and then jazz them up with little hints. So, this week we kept it pretty chill, and I love it. Hope you do too!



Monday 3 June 2013

Online Shopping Queen

Ahh, online shopping, how I love you so. It is certainly no secret I enjoy online shopping as opposed to real life shopping, it's just so much more convenient, and opens up endless possibilities I wouldn't have otherwise. I live in a small town, and with the exception to Winners, there isn't a whole lot of variety in our mall, and if there is something super cute around (at say, Target), you can pretty much guarantee that you will see minimum 10 girls who had the same attraction to it as you did. The next closest mall is 45 minutes away, and that doesn't exactly scream "last minute shopping trip!", unless you get free gas somehow. Enter online shopping, my favorite thing to do. I mean really, where else can shopping in stained sweats, topknot and a glass of wine in hand be considered appropriate? Not that I do it like that..

Golden Rules - According to Bri - For Online Shopping

  1. KNOW YOUR SIZE. It's easiest when you have shopped at the store in person (ie, Forever21, The GAP, Old Navy, etc.), but for ease of mind and to avoid return shipping costs, knowing your size in and out is very beneficial. This includes measurements, not just "S,M,L", especially when the item is not being modeled on a real person.  

  2. When in doubt, size up. I have a long torso, and too short tops are my nemisis. I would much rather have the top or dress be a tad bit baggier than too short/too tight arms. when I'm not sure about sizing or length, I size up.

  3. Shipping costs is a make or break deal. Minimum $25 to ship to Canada? Count me out, I don't care how stunning that shift dress is. I will make an exception very few times, most of the time I show myself to the (virtual) door.

  4. If the price is super cheap, generally the clothing is too. Forever21 has been  an exception to this rule numerous times (the quality of some of their items boggles my mind for the price I pay), but I am still scarred from the little twink at Charlotte Russe customer service telling me that the pleather leggings I bought for $16 that were thread bare in the bum within four hours of wearing them was a "consumer issue"... That's cute, little one, but my bum is NOT that big, or powerful thankyouverymuch. Lesson learned? Some things can be cheaped out on, some can't.

  5. If they have customer reviews on the items, read them. These are SO helpful, I can't believe I used to ignore this section. Questions you will have such as "Is this item true to size? Should I size up, or size down? How is the quality? How does the fabric feel in person? Is the color this nice in person, or is it new shade of nasty?" and so on and so forth...










  • ... to name a few