Wednesday 8 April 2015

Are you saying I have a problem or something?

Many of you may not be familiar with Vernon's retail offerings; similarly all of you may be familiar with Vernon's retail offerings. Point is, other than some hippy-dippy stores (no hate, I love them), liquor stores on every corner and enough dollar stores to keep us stocked on mockolate and fake flowers for years to come, the shopping here is shit. Not the shit, just shit. There's maybe one or two decent stores, but our mall is quickly becoming a prime candidate for the tour of (insert serious sniffly face for target; I hardly knew ye), stores are dropping like flies. So, as a fashion lover and someone who doesn't want to rely on winners solely to have the items I need want, my real option is online shopping - which I love. Some would say a little too much, I'd probably agree with you, but whatever.


Lately I've been having some shade shade shadiness being thrown at me by some of my favorite people: the gentlemen who deliver my goods. As the old saying goes, the ones you love hurt you the most, right? It all started with the UPS guy, "another pair of shoes hey?" - which, thankyouverymuch, were not for me but in fact a gift for my boyfriend. Second was the Purolator guy, who when he delivered a Forever21 parcel two days in a row (the shipments got split up I SWEAR) remarked "it's okay I get it, you're not the only girl in Vernon with a Forever21 addiction". THEN, when he hadn't made a delivery in a while goes, "Where have you been? It's been a while." Pfft.  Yesterday was the icing on the cake, when the Canada Post guy gave me a wink and said "Another one hey?". He happened to be holding two silk blouses I got on sale for 70% off; 70%!!! I meeean, shouldn't he instead be applauding my bargain hunting abilities? How about a little positivity gentlemen? I won't pretend I'm not a little hurt.

Although I'm going to be honest, the shame I feel may be enough to have me put that money elsewhere, like my savings account. It may be the judgement, it may be the fact that I have no more possible room for clothing, it may be the fact that we're now looking at buying a house in the next year, or it may be a combination of all that. Either way, it worked. Cecilia the Credit Card is going into hibernation, and my savings account is thanking the deliverers of UPS, Purolator and Canada Post, because let me tell you no one else has been able to put a cap on me.

unnamed (3)How could you say no to the perfect breezy silk blouse? You can't, which is why I also got it in baby pink.