Friday 27 September 2013

Random Musings

  • I don't care how old this song is, or how many (thousand) times I've heard it, whenever "What makes you beautiful" comes on, it is an instant mood lifter and makes me smile huge. Frig I love that song. Songza must know this, because sometimes they spoil me and play it twice in a playlist. Yesssss.

  • The new Vaseline spray & go commercial really bothers me. You know the one where the girl sprays herself with this Vaseline spray, and then gets dressed super fast? Well, she has a top knot in, and puts on a bowler hat. What the f-ck!?! WHY? Irrationally bothers me, clearly. So much so that I kind of refuse to watch it.

  • If you have yet to read this, oh my goodness you have to. It is legitimately laugh out loud funny. And the part about only rich people having a food intolerance? So true. Gluten has been welcomed back into my life with open arms. #BrokeGirlLife

  • If you kind of need a perk up, watch this. Jimmy Fallon has officially become my nighttime boyfriend, I can't go to sleep without watching him. Sesame Street AND Jimmy? Pure Gold.

  • I spent way too long infront of baked goods the other day at Target having an argument with myself over why I wasn't going to be buying them. It went a little like this: "Ohh! Cinnamon rolls! Those will be a tasty little treat for the next couple weeks".. "Who are you kidding, you're going to eat half today and half tomorrow, you're not buying them." You all know how it went. I felt really weird, until I walked past a woman comparing diaper prices to herself, way louder than me. And I felt a little better.

  • Yesterday I broke down and got a cinnamon bun, and I'll be damned if it was not the highlight of my day.

  • I keep setting my alarms on my iPhone with "inspirational" messages to motivate me to wake up and work out. And every morning, I laugh at my phone. Like, "Wakey Wakey, time to get up!" With a little sunny emoticon is supposed to do it. As IF, nighttime Brianne. bitch please

  • One and Only thing I miss about my old blackberry: The facepalm emoticon. How handy was that little guy?!

  • My new goal in life: When I am able to furnish my house with numerous items from Anthropologie, and actually be able to afford to do so, then my friends, I will have made it in life.

And that's all I got this week. Happy Friday!09fea9892bbd12207c0ec55054746d3a c47c27599b2e6e9f51333437fa7e8154 skinny 16744633c2231b3a63d906cbe7c0cadb

Wednesday 25 September 2013


Not going to lie people, I don't have much going on in my head today. I've had a chill since I woke up, and a grueling trip to the chiropractor means one thing has been on my mind today: The bathtub & me have a hot, steamy date come 5 o clock. So, enjoy a few outfit ideas I've been daydreaming about in the meantime. {FALL1}
{FALL2} {FALL3}{FALL4}And because this is LITERALLY my favorite commercial right now: 
Happier than a Camel on Hump Day.. and if you don't like that commercial, we may have to fight. But not today, I feel like a Rhino sat on my spine and spun around.

Friday 13 September 2013

I confess..

One of my favorite blogs to read, Don't Quote the Raven, posts these "I confess" posts from time to time, and they're hilarious. Mostly because she is hilarious. And I love her. So, to steal from her, I decided to let some out myself.

  • Sometimes (read: all the time), I drive with my mirror down so I can check myself out out of the corner of my eye.

  • Lying about liking country music brought me more personal shame than anything else I've done in the past little while.

  • When I have really inappropriate thoughts, and or really snide remarks in my head, I always look around to make absolutely sure that there are no mind readers around. Because that would be awkward.

  • I can be as irresponsible as I want, because no one else pays my bills but me.

  • As a result, I will be eating popcorn for dinner for a little while, because I mistakenly went boredom shopping at Target. Go in for a garbage bin, come out with a whole new closet. #LessonLearned.

  • For the first time in my life, I had to go fill up my 20 Gallon water jug and lug it up my never-ending "stairway to heaven" (affectionately titled), up into my house. All by myself.  25 minutes later, 4 pauses for breath and one "Well now what the f-ck do I do", and that sucker is good to go. And the next time I'm bribing someone to do it for me. Hey, all I needed to do was prove I could, all right?

  • I can't decide whether the person who parks beside me in my complex is genuinely nice, or would eat my face given the chance. His car tells me it's the latter.

  • What you call "Indian Summer", I call "Global Warming". And it freaks me the f-ck out.

  • How I stumbled across this piece of garbage I don't know, but WOW. No words. No, no, no. How did I manage to type out that sentence? With my college education, you sexist f-cks.

  • I say the eff word a lot. I know when and where to put it away, so I'm not sorry. baha

And I'm out.

What I Wore Wednesday, Friday Edition.

I don't know what happened, my last "WIW" post was over a month ago. Oh wait, I do know what happened: I didn't care enough to take pictures. My outfits were great and my instagram followers got a good eyeful (follow me if you aren't already @breezylutz), but I just honestly couldn't be bothered to haul my tripod out and pretend to be a model. "Yooou didn't want to ham it up in front of a camera!? Yooou!?" I know guys, I know. It's okay I'm all better now. Also side note: this skort I'm wearing? You're going to be seeing it, A LOT. Never have I been this in love with a skort since probably grade 3. And how fun is that word to say!? Bonus points. Well done, Zara. Fotor0911124230Skort: Zara, Sweater: GAP, Clutch: Stella & Dot, Shoes: Aldo
Fotor0911124525Blazer: Dynamite, Jeans: GAP, Eagles Band Tee, Boots: Target, Purse: Gift (& a beautiful one at that!)Fotor0912131935Skort & Blouse: Zara, Heels: Aldo, Necklace: Stella & Dot (also, if you're in the mood for the best fall lipstick combo, combine MAC Russian Red & Rebel. Hell-o. You just better be prepared to wear it for the next day because that shit isn't going anywhere.)Fotor0913122055 Cardigan: Forever21, Pants: GAP, Cami: Aritzia, Necklaces/Bracelet: Material Girl & Stella & Dot_MG_8082~this is the face you make when you realize a spider the size of a large infant has been 3 feet away the whole time. #NotImpressed.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Random Musing & Thoughts

  1. Is there anything better than a good old-fashioned dish session with a bestie? Because I don't think there is. That shit is as good as therapy, but way more hilarious and much less appropriate. Especially now that they have little humans too, I just can't wait to see the awesomeness their genes created.

  2. I get to be a bridesmaid next summer beside all of my best girlfriends from High School, watching one of us tie the knot! Does it get much better than that?!

  3. I forgot how much fun it is to sing, and dance around in my house while doing boring things, like clean and do laundry. Or shower, or getting ready.

  4. I also re-discovered Songza. Heard of it? Download it now! The "NYFW Dance Party"/"Indie Kitchen Dance Party" playlists are making my life right now. And if you don't get ready in the morning to "Guilty Pleasures from the 80's & 90's", well my friend, you haven't lived.

  5. I got to have a full shopping day in Vancouver with my sister. I hadn't had one since the summer before High School started. My bank account acted accordingly, which is to say threw all caution to the wind and got down to party. In the battle of food vs. closet, closet won this round.

  6. Spent a whopping 24 hours in Vancouver, and discovered a few things: a) I love Vancouver so much, and every time I am there I just want to get lost and never come home. b) a homeless man rawring at me in my leopard harem pants and blowing me kisses made my week, and c) Music is amazing at the emotions it can evoke. Family Eagles Concert. To me, the Eagles remind me of my family; RV-ing, camping, just driving or dancing in the house. It brings me right back to those warm-fuzzy memories of us all together. Between the 5 of us, ages 23-61, we all had that "wow" moment at one point or another. Except, they didn't play my JAM until the second encore, and I was getting only slightly panicky. Hotel California, duh. Fotor09109582

  7. I love the sites theChive & theBERRY, but one thought constantly fills my mind. Girls send in half nudie shots to theChive; disclaimer - no judgement, whatevs girl, do your thing. BUT. You do know that you're sending an ass/booby shot, to the internet, where anyone can look at it, right? As in, do you know how many people go on those websites? I just imagine the day their Uncle Dwayne calls to tell them that they saw them on this website the other day. Like, really? I'd be mortified for the rest of my life.

  8. Also, the girls who strip down AT WORK and take a selfie. Come on. For that, I'm totally judging. You're bored at work? Go on facebook, like the rest of us.that is stupid

  9. SnapChat. Stupidest f-cking app EVER. And I think we all know I'm a fan of taking selfies. But seriously, if it's a great picture/video, who cares?! I'll never see it again after the allotted 10 seconds are up! I think this app was literally created for the sole enjoyment of teenagers - don't look so innocent, you know exactly why. So, the only way I actually enjoy it is the conversations I have with one friend (yo Kelso!), because they are hilarious. I would show you the double chin shots, but let's be real. I'm single, and still need a wee little dignity to show off. Fotor0910111952

  10. I did a coffee run at work today, and my boss requested a berry smoothie from Tim Hortons. It was all I could do to not lecture him on how there were, in fact, no berries whatsoever in it. #OrganicFoLife.

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Currently Coveting some Muscle Tees, Please.

Fotor0905101611I've become a big fan of eating my words as of late. Big fan? That might be stretching it, but either way I've been doing it a lot, so I may as well enjoy it. What I mean is, I used to make fun of ex-boyfriends for cutting the sleeves of their tees to make muscle shirts, for some reason I just thought it was slightly douchey. (And on the wrong person, it still is mega douchey, but I digress). I'm all about muscle tees right now, they're super easy to outfit, they can add just enough edge to an outfit, and they're flattering. I've recently taken some scissors to a few t-shirts I was never going to wear because of the sleeves, and now I love them. To tone down a pretty feminine look, pair a muscle t with a pencil skirt and heels. Wear with some leather skinnies and chucks and daaaamn. My favorite though has to be underneath a blazer with skinny jeans and boots. Yowza. c600x620Well what is the point of this post? I'm going to the Eagles concert tomorrow in Vancouver (Woo Woooo!), and will be picking myself up a nice little band tee to DIY into a soft, worn-in muscle tee - stay tuned for the how-to on that. Fingers are crossed that they didn't decide to sell the lamest concert tees possible this time around. My dad will probably think it's blasphemous that I'm doing it to an EAGLES shirt, so I just won't offer to do the same for him.

Wednesday 4 September 2013


Hey guys, remember how much fun dating is? Yah, neither did I. The last time I "dated", was in high school. HIGH SCHOOL. This shit has chaanged since then, oh me oh my. First off, do you know how many ways you can creep on your potential date? A scary amount of ways. I decided pretty early on not to do that, because it doesn't paint a clear picture. Difficult to do? Hell yes, I'm a snoop. But, I wanted to get to know these people the organic way, not what their Facebook page had to say about them. But, I digress. This has been fun. Not so much in a "Oh my goodness I just love dating! The rush! The thrill! I could do this forever." F-ck no. It sucks. My favorite part was dissecting the truly awful with my best friends, over too much wine. Now that is fun. My sarcastic nature thrived on this part.

#WeCan'tDateIf *:

  • You shave more hair on your body than I do. Are you trying to play it off as though you haven't sprouted through puberty yet? Sexy. If you must, at the very least, wax it. Stubble is nobody's friend. just sayin

  • Manscaping in general. There's the polite amount which everyone appreciates, and then there's "hey you wanna borrow my lipchap?" aka, a fine line.

  • You think you're prettier than me. Let's be honest here, I need to be the pretty one..

  • You know you're prettier than me. (hint hint: even if this is true, keep that thought to yourself. You don't see me telling you my hair is better than yours.)

  • If you use the line "All I am right now is a really good friend to you.." Aww, hunny. I may not have been born that long ago, but it sure wasn't yesterday. Good effort though.

  • Really bad tattoos. One? Fair enough, we all make mistakes. More than one? We call that "shitty taste".

  • You use the word "bro" and or "swag" enough to be ironic, but you're not saying it ironically.fake laugh

  • Your favorite conversation topic is yourself.

  • Your least favorite topic of conversation is me.

  • Hockey Player. Yes, yes I'm sure you're "one of the nice ones". Except that you're not. Unless you stopped playing hockey before high school started, you're not. Case closed.

  • You live with your parents. Hey, wanna go make out in my room while my mom cooks us dinner?....:nooope

  • Unless you are unemployed and drive a shitbox, I don't care how much money you make. Or what you drive. In fact, if we hang out more than once, it will probably be a while until I can give a better description of what you drive other than "light colored truck...?" or "blackish car.. maybe a toyota?".  You being able to carry on a conversation and be interesting is worth more to me than the commas in your bank account.

  • You take mirror shirtless selfies. NO.

  • Selfies at the Gym. No, no, no no no.MjAxMy0xNjUxYWQzZThlZDI5YzY3

*If, while reading this, you thought: "Oh shit, is that.. is she talking about me!?" Welllll, maybe. most likely. Welcome to my blog! Didn't know you'd read it. Just be grateful I didn't use names here fellas. And just know that if you weren't a Grade A Douche, you wouldn't have been written about. So, who's reeally to blame here? ;)