Thursday, 5 January 2017

To quote the great Beyonce, I woke up like this.

If you could only do one thing before leaving the house, what would it be? Lipgloss, blush, or mascara? Mine is my eyebrows. I had to at least shape them a little bit before running errands, or else I really felt naked. I truly believe that eyebrows frame your face, and as silly as it sounds, they're super important to me. Perhaps it's because I once had a waxing incident where I lost half of one for a while? But it's anyone's guess. It doesn't matter if you like them arched and feathered or straight and bold, eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature.

The always lovely before pic

After overplucking them to basically their absolute last hair in my teen years (remember when teeny skinny eyebrows were in?! Terrible), it meant that now my caterpillars were more like inch worms that had no intention of growing back - who knew that our mothers were right about that too?! They never get anything right ;) And trust me, I tried to grow them back - hello #latisse. Nothing worked, they were what they were, and I was destined to a lifetime to eyebrow pomade and pencils. So when microblading became really popular, I was pretty much instantly sold. If you have ever seen Shaughnessy Keely's instagram, it's not hard to see why. I hemmed and hawed it for a good 2 years (it’s quite an investment at $450+), until recently I got the opportunity to take the plunge. 

And then my life changed forever. 

Prism Permanent Cosmetics had recently opened in Kelowna, and having known Joelle for years & years, I knew that she would take care of my brows like they were her own. The process itself was very thorough; we spent a good hour drawing them on, tweaking, me literally making every facial expression possible to see how they looked, and playing with ink colors. Once we were both more than happy with the shapes & color, she got to work. The initial process took just under 3 hours, and if you’re thinking “Oh my god there’s no way I’d be able to lay that long”, well, when it comes to permanent makeup on your face, I’m not one to rush the professional, ya know? 

For the first few days, my new brows looked slightly red-tinged, dark and slightly scabby. Joelle had warned me that this was to be expected: your brows are healing and you just have to let them heal, ignore them as best as you can. By day five, it had faded, and my eyebrows were just dark brown, but still unreal (the picture below shows how dark they go when they're first healing; darker than I would normally have, but not anything terrible). Each day my brows got progressively lighter, and by day six, they’d settled on their current shade—which is perfectly matched to my hair color, giving the illusion that they’re naturally full. I’m now on day 10 of my last touch up, almost at the official end of the healing period, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I REALLY DO WAKE UP LIKE THIS!

I recently went in for my 6 week touch up, and am now good to go until I go in for another refresher probably in 2 years – I’m afraid to lose them! The healing process initially takes about 6 weeks – 2 months before your touch up, and then roughly a month after that they will fully be healed.

When anyone asks me what I think about my new brows, literally all I can say is why didn’t I do this sooner!? If you’re in the Okanagan and ready to take the plunge yourself, give Joelle a call – to say you won’t regret it is a massive understatement. She also does eyeliner, lip contouring, full lip color and more. And even more, if you refer someone, both you and your referral will receive $100 off your next service (limit to one time referral)! She's the Okanagan's new Shaughnessy; am I biased? Fuck yes, I have amazing eyebrows, duh ;) but legit, this girl is going to take off so you may want to book in before her waitlist is half a year or more! 

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