Tuesday 1 March 2016

The 5th anniversary says Silver.

So do you think painting my downstairs grey will suffice? How about throwing down some swanky new granite countertops to replace the 1993 glamour edition that currently resides? Laminate "granite" obviously because hahha, I wish the real deal was in my budget. 

February 28th was the 5th anniversary of buying my own home. Mine. 5 years, holy smokes man. I was just a little baby, only 21! The eff was I thinking? Best, most terrifying -at times- decision of my life though, I must say. This place has seen me be unexpectedly unemployed in the early days, it's seen me be dead broke, it's seen me heartbroken and it's seen me deeply in love; and every time, it's seen me grow into a stronger person through every stage. To me, and please excuse the cheese for a moment, but this house to me embodies my early-mid 20's and the growth that happens in that time period, which thank god for me was a lot. The laughter, tears, kitchen mishaps, kitchen miracles, wine nights & overall good times this place has seen will definitely become some of my most fond memories. Once I give this place the old heave ho that is, hopefully in the near ish future. Mine or not, communal parking lots are a bitch. And any place that doesn't allow me my dream dog due to silly ass strata rules, well, our days are definitely numbered. 

When I first got her (all of my inatimate objects are female, FYI - including Vivica the VW & Consuela the Credit Card), she had previously been owned by an elderly woman with a penchant for macramé
hanging plants in every room & chain-smoking inside her house. It has 20+ steep ass stairs to get to the front door which probably forever put my name on the black list for the moving company I used, and I will attribute to a semi perky booty - especially when hauling groceries. 

I've done the odd decor changes to it since then & paint job, but the time has come to really bring her into her own. To grow out of that awkward "I don't know how to dress myself" stages of young adulthood and blossom as a modern, stylish abode. For our 5th anniversary, I'm giving my lady a makeover. 

A modern, clean and bright, semi bohemian makeover. And I can't, fucking, wait. 

At this moment it is still in the fun stages of Jake & I going to Home Depot to brain storm and decide on colors/material, cruise etsy for new wall prints (purchasing downloadable pdf's are my jam - get them printed yourself for half the cost!), and just fantasizing about how to redecorate our space.. Okay fine the last part is mostly me. Stay tuned for the final reveal, in about 6 months ;) 

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