Tuesday 3 May 2016

What I wore Tuesday.. Only 3 years later.

Well well well, it's been a while hasn't it? What's new with you? Here's what's new with me:
  1. I got a cat.. Well, inherited, really. She hates me. Okay doesn't hate, but only tolerates me at best, but definitely isn't gonna be cuddling on me anytime soon. Remember when I figured I needed a furry, no nonsense friend named Henry? Yah, not so much. It's a work in progress. I'll post about her soon, little sassy pants deserves her own post. 
  2. House Reno's are underway, and part 1 was completed with minimal damage and f bombs - just kidding my dad had to come in and touch up everywhere I hit my ceiling, which turned out was a lot, and it sounded like a sailor's bar up in here. But we did it, and it's definitely renewed my love for this place. Can't wait to start part 2, aka watch Jake install new countertops & update our tile! He wouldn't let me help with that even if I tried ;) 
    One of my favourite (two) updates to the house: the little accent shelf behind me that used to be a blank and boring wall, and THIS amazing mirror that my parents had in their house that I have LONGED FOR for over a decade. They recently moved and their new decor didn't have room for a gold (I KNOW), Art Deco-esque mirror. Lucky for me, they had two. But I mean, not excited about it at all. 
  3. I got a new job! And I love it! Now, I'm only 3 weeks deep so who knows when the honeymoon phase will wear off, but so far I couldn't be happier that I made the leap to something unknown and uncomfortable (I'm such a creature of comfort at heart - making changes is not comfortable for me, and requires quite a bit of thought first). Now, what brings a new job with a more business casual vibe? A whole new desire to dress up and have fun with my outfits. I was a bit nervous to have to start dressing up again since I have gotten so used to dressing so casually, but after updating a few key pieces: adding in black trousers, floral pencil skirt a white boyfriend blazer & "workhorse" aka wear a million times camisoles; I have actually found it way easier, and fun, than I thought. We'll see how my creativity goes when the heat reaches melting temperatures though. 
So, drum roll please, welcome back outfit posts! Mirror style, circa 2013. 

Alternate title: "I really need a full length mirror"
 Oversized blazer, black silk cami & forest green biker style skinnies. Accessorize with gold watch & black ballet flats. 
White oversized blazer - I wore this 4-5 times in the last two weeks! Love love love this purchase. Paired it with a navy floral cami - one of the workhorse ones I can wear a million ways - and my beloved grey skinnies. Featuring, the cat. Or should I say, Optimus Prim. Told you she needed an entire post. 
 You guys, this Zara skirt is literally amazing. It hits me mid calf, is slim fitting, but has a vent in the back. It is so comfortable and is going to make me so many beautiful outfits.. This skirt is literally why I need a full length mirror. Paired with a lace detailed navy cami, and oh hey again, perfection blazer. 
Parisian inspired, option #1. This ballerina top is probably 3 years old and it's been so well loved, and on its last legs. I am actively searching for a replacement - any ideas? Paired with black slim trouser pants and for a little extra, some chunky heeled leather pumps ;) kitten heels are an office saviour, just FYI. Comfortable to wear all day, but still gives the effect of heels! HG 
HELLO There, blazer. Balancing out the two piece cranberry dress. The hem on this one is juuuust on the line of "is this too short?" And since it's too hot to pair with tights, the larger fit of the blazer tones down the amount of legs.  
Truth be told I definitely wore this with a cardigan over top - no cleavage or not, that's just way too much upper body for an office! - but it's just so pretty it deserved to be seen on it's own ;) with these gorge Stella & dot earrings, this outfit literally just made my day awesome - literally when you look good, you feel good. Not bad for a Monday morning. 

Parisian option #2. How else could I end this post but with an all black outfit? Not quite pictured: the crazy amount of cat hair on all of these outfits.
Until next time ;) 

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