Thursday 21 February 2019

Bumpdate #3

Hopefully my last bumpdate and the next one will be an introduction, but we'll see! I can understand why pregnant women get to an "okay i'm friggin done" stage, because i'm very much almost there.  My hospital bag is mainly packed apart from last minute items I'll need to pack the day of, carseat is installed and nursery is ready; I even have diaper cream & nipple butter ready. Baby Boy Stuchberry, please don't make me wait 6 more weeks. Your dad's life may or may not depend on it ;) 

how far along:  35 weeks! Still boggles my mind how fast that came!  I’m 50% ready to have this baby and meet him and learn every inch of him, and 50% not ready to share him with the world quite yet.
Left - 30 weeks, Right - 35 weeks

baby size: babe is the size of a pineapple, or 18 inches & about 5 lbs! Although he feels like he’s already atleast 6 or 7 some days. My doctor told me today she expected him to be in the average size range of 7.5-8lbs given that my belly isn’t massive, so I’d be happy with that. I just feel like he’s going to be 7 lbs 8-9 oz.. here’s hoping he’s around that marker! Please lawd no 10 pounder for me.

gender: Mama’s little dude is still baking away in there like a little champ! I’ve heard stories now about women who were told they’re having one gender and it comes out the other, and to be honest if little boy Stuchberry turns out to be little girl Stuchberry? It would probably take me a hot minute to kind of go “well, okay, so who are you then?” because I’ve just gotten so used to the idea of my son being in there. Here’s hoping the ultrasound was accurate! Otherwise mama will be overnight shipping quite a few headbands and bows to go with all the boy onesies we have stocked up!

showing? LOL. Anyone who doesn’t think I’m pregnant when they see me by now would most likely get a death glare because that would mean I just look fat ;) - it’s a safe assumption at this point. But here’s the flipside, when people tell me my belly is still really tiny, I take offence to it – for some reason it feels like they’re telling me my baby is small, and I get all mama bear defensive. Hormones are weird.

belly button: that ol girl is really hanging onto being an inny still, which I appreciate. With all the changes my body is going through, good and bad, I really think my belly button being pushed out would be too much for me to handle. For now it’s very stretched and smooth, which is fun to stroke. However my old belly button piercing hole is SO itchy and red, it’s driving me crazy a little bit. It’s simmered down but about 2 weeks ago I couldn’t stop poking it trying to scratch the itch without scratching.

weight gained: Umm to be honest? More than I was supposed to :) . I just haven’t been one of those “can’t even tell from behind” pregnant ladies, and it’s honestly beyond my control. My body is doing what it wants to do, and so long as I’m indulging in more veggie soup than pizza, I just need to live and let live. My mom & sister are two of the leanest ladies I know, and they both did not have the “skinny girl pregnancy” so it’s not like I had false pretenses of what my own body was going to do. It’s just weight, it’s not going to be around forever. That’s not to say I love gaining weight – fuck no, but it is what it is. I’ll probably be around the 50 mark by the time I give birth, but lately it seems to all be belly which I’m more than fine with. But I won’t lie either, I cannot wait to get back to hard workouts and work this off. I miss burpees.

symptoms:  A very very sore pelvis (rolling over in bed can actually be excruciating if I go too fast), I am SO WARM all the time, my skin is crazy itchy from stretching, and gums that bleeed bleed bleed excessively. My second trimester was so freakin’ easy that it feels like it’s about time I had some discomfort – so long as the discomfort stays with me and babe stays happy & healthy in there. I am a fairly small person frame wise, so at this point it does feel like I have a bowling ball on me and the waddle is real, so I just take things slow and have really started to go easy on myself. I stopped exercising about 2 weeks ago because I was experiencing some possible early labor signs, so I’ll resume again at 37 weeks when I want him to come. I’ve even scouted out my friends with trampolines to get the ball rolling. I picked up a pelvis belt (finally!) so I can walk him out once maternity leave starts, without pain.

cravings:  oh, just the usual everything I’m not supposed to.. Pizza, Pasta, fried chicken, creamy & cheesy things.. cake.. sour candy..  I have been keeping it in check but also am not afraid to indulge every once in a while, if it’s really worth it. 

aversions: Not much really, at this point I’m into everything – especially carbs of the bread kind. Once baby comes I plan on cutting out dairy and gluten again for both of our tummies, so I’m making hay while the sun shines until then.

This week we have started referring to him by his name finally, and it feels like I’m getting to know bits of his personality while he’s still in there. For instance, his dad is a fidgeter. He cannot sit still, and he paces a room when he’s on the phone, or brushes his teeth. It drives me crazy. Well, on Sunday little bubba was moving his feet I would say 75% of the day. Crossing and uncrossing them, wiggling his toes and kicking alongside my belly. I kept laughing because I was honestly incredulous at how much he just kept playing with his feet in there and then it clicked – that’s what his dad does! Whenever we watch a movie or cuddle in bed, I’m constantly telling Jake to stop playing with his feet and he always goes “I can’t, I just have to move them”.. so, one more little clue that once this dude is with us, I will never sit down again.  Ohh I just can’t wait <3

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