Monday 11 March 2013

That's "Miss Domesticated Goddess" to you.

Is anyone else a Friends fanatic like I am? If you are, do you remember when Monica was talking about her inner fat girl, and how she never lets her eat? That's me. It's a long running joke between Andy and I, that I do not keep yummy, sinful guilty food in our house, because I will eat it all. I am not even exaggerating, I will eat it all. Usually within a span of 24 hours. It is gross. "Seriously Bri, do you have any self-control!?"- Andy, "Yah, I do, it's what keeps me from buying it in the first place."-Me. This is actually why, unless it is an emergency, Andy has been banned from grocery shopping. Why is this, you ask? Let me play you a scenario:

"Hey love, can you pick up some {insert noodles/meat/vegetables} on the way home? I thought we had some but we don't, and I'm right in the middle of making dinner."-Me.

Andy comes home, with 4 grocery bags. Wtf!? "Oh, they had those kettle cooked chips that you love on sale, buy 5 bags for 5$! And Nutella was on sale. And you know what we need in this house? Cheese Whiz" = Banned.

Like I said, I try so very hard to eat healthy 90% of the time, but if there is something salty & crunchy, or chocolaty/creamy and sugary in my house? It is devoured. In a really sophisticated fashion that does not involve wearing fat pants at the same time, obviously.

SO, that leads me to my post. I have had a craving for Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting for 3 years. Am I joking? No, I am not. I have wanted this delicious little duo since my birthday three years ago, and my friend Kalie baked the most amazing red velvet cake I've ever had in my life. But, since my cooking skills are limited -read, I'm too lazy to bake a freaking cake, and I just couldn't give in to buying store made ones, I've just ignored my craving, and silenced it. For 3 years. But! It is my best's birthday today, and in a totally un-selfish, selfless act of domesticity, I am baking her Red Velvet Cupcakes. For her of course.

Now, I'm about to share the secrets to these scrumptious, accessorized muffins. Try not to be too envious, i worked hard perfecting these skills.

IMG_1805Only use the finest of ingredients.IMG_1810Try not to make the cupcakes all the same size; that's boring.IMG_1812Voila! And for the record, those cupcake shows that ice their cakes like it's no big, are lying.IMG_1815Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a birthday girl and some red velvet.

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