Tuesday 9 April 2013

You & Me.

It's done! Maybe it's because I'm still technically "Shopping", or actually just becoming an actual Grown-Up, but re-doing this room and going together and buying all the little bits & pieces for it was so much fun for me. I think A.Stein just tagged along to be a good boyfriend, but I loved it. All we need are some art prints {and I happen to know one handsome little artiste ;) } and we are on to the next project!

I am so ridiculously happy with these Katie Daisy prints. I just order the 5x7 greeting cards off of her Etsy page and framed this with these gems I found at Homesense! The lamps were a fluke find we saw while at Homesense last time we were there, and they fit in SO well and are so mod, I'm ridiculously stoked about them. IMG_2451 Don't they match well? ;)IMG_2453 {This is my "Saving for a Paris Day" corner, complete with a "just for looks" candle. }IMG_2454Sugar Skulls from Mexico! I love them so much, and they match the room amazingly! ;)IMG_2459 Love this idea as opposed to the usual dresser! Especially with the whicker baskets. All A's idea!IMG_2456I thiiink this year I may even venture out into real plants in my pots.. We'll see how long the poor things survive! And I LOVE the pottery in Mexico! I want to go back just to stock my bowls and plates with it! All I got this time was a little change dish, but it's pretty cute! IMG_2464And that's it! My vision come true: Zen, Romantic & Relaxing. When I walk into the room I literally go "Ahhhhh". Now on to the next room, right A.Stein? ;)


  1. I loooooove your walls in that grey!! They look fabulous!!

  2. Oh my goodness me too! It makes the room feel so fresh and cozy, I think this will always be "the" bedroom color now! :) Thank you!