Thursday 2 May 2013

Currently Coveting

Utility Jackets! 

This has been a hot ticket wishlist item of mine, but I cannot seem to track down one that has the jusst right amount of length, and isn't too stiff. As you can see below, this jacket is much more versatile than you may want to give credit for. It can be dressed up, down, worn casual, chic, preppy, edgy, you name it. In my opinion, it is one more jacket to add to your arsenal, much like the jean jacket, or a blazer. CCCC2^ ^Above are two ways that I would style this, so that it complete the outfits, but with polar opposite styles. It can take a very feminine outfit and give it just the right amount of grit to balance it out, or it can take an edgier, street style and neutralize it so you don't feel too much like you're standing out - though there is nothing wrong with that!

Here are some options I found, ranging from all different prices. So far, I feel like I may need to save my pennies for this option from Aritzia, but hopefully the bargain goddesses will let me find one for a better steal, here's hoping.

Zara: here, here & here - the leather sleeves make this one so yummy.

Asos: here

Forever21: here & here

Urban Outfitters: here

What is the item that you are currently coveting?


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  1. Rebecca Liedtke2 May 2013 at 04:28

    So agree! I've been looking for one since sept. finally found one last week at garage of all places!