Friday 31 May 2013

Hey girl, I like your style.

So yesterday, I was standing in line to get my lunch on break from work, and I could see these two girls and a guy in front of me keep looking back at me, giving each other a "wtf is she wearing!?" look, and snicker to each other. Now, did this slightly hurt my feelings? Of course! But, being that I'm in a small town, I could understand why my high-waisted leopard pants wouldn't go over so well with everyone. Still slightly rude, and clearly they weren't taught manners, but oh well. It reinstated a thought that I've had for a really long time: Style, and someone's sense of style, is a tricky little devil, isn't it?

It's pretty hard to classify as well. For instance, if you had seen me over the weekend in my sparkly blazer, you'd think to yourself, "well look at this delicate little flower. she's some kind of fancy". But on the other hand, if you saw me today in my loose white tee, boyfriend jeans, oversized blazer and nude pumps, you'd think "wow! that's a great outfit", and I'd say thank you. ;) The conversations in my head are always so complimentary - and after getting mean girled, thankfully my mind is on my side ;). But I digress, style is something that changes on a daily basis, I know mine does. So much so, that I have a really hard time classifying it. I'm not boho, but I obsess over style icons like Nicole Richie & Rachel Zoe. I'm not a die hard classic prep, but  few ladies can make me squeal over their outfit as old pictures of Audrey Hepburn can. Or Princess Kate for that matter (in one word, perfection. She's a princess for goodness sake). And it goes on and on.

My "style" changes with my moods, the weather, and the seasons. There are some key aspects in it, but it is always developing, and always growing/maturing. What I wore when I was 18 makes me shudder now that I'm 24 (too tight, too low and too much boob. no wonder my boyfriend fell in love instantly ;) ). And what I wore when I was in grade 9? Good lord. But you get the point. I love taking aspects from every style genre to make it into my own, offbeat pretty style. Trademark that, I have found my style genre. "Offbeat Pretty". I love taking a pair of ripped up, loose jeans and throwing on a fancy blouse, sparkles and heels. Wearing my combat boots with a sundress and jean jacket. Never too fussy, never too "edgy", always my own touch. Style is always about balance; you can make the tomboy look incredibly sexy with a great pair of heels, and give the prim & proper a good amount of grit with some studs or leather. It's all about how you balance what you wear, and the touches you bring to make it uniquely "you".

Case in point of how style is so radically different. Whenever I go shopping with my girlfriend Danielle, we more than often pick out the same items. But when we leave the store, that's when those two items stop being the same. Why? Let's say it's a top. She will now pair hers with black skinnies, converse and a leather jacket, and I'll pair mine with pumps, high waisted pants and a blazer. Same item, two distinctly different ways of making it our own.

And now, a mega massive collage of all the ladies that I continually think, "damn, I LOVE her style." Slow clap lades, keep rocking what you're wearing. If the girls in front of you at Subway ever snickered at you (while wearing MOM JEANS, ahem!), I would totally stand up for you. love her's love her's-001

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