Tuesday 14 May 2013

Two Ways Tuesdays

Okay I fibbed, this is really three ways.. But, in my defense, the third outfit was a last minute "Hey I wonder how these two would work together".. and, it made the cut. Plus, this way it rhymes, and sounds more appropriate than "Three Way Tuesday", ya know? my mama reads this.

Anyways! Today we are taking a piece and showcasing how versatile it is, even though on first glance it may not look it. The Tribal Kimono. Or really, a kimono in general.  Whenever I put this on, I remember my brother in law telling my sister that hers looked like a grandma's robe.. But I love it anyways. I feel much more chic when I wear this as opposed to a regular cardigan or blazer, it just brings more personality to the outfit. And as you can see here, it can go casually over a tee and skirt, a little edgier with some "leather" skinnies, or act as the perfect cover up on date night. My kind of staple. New folder1-012


And that's all I have to say about that.


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