Tuesday 28 May 2013

Life will always be magical.

View More: is a spot by our house, that every time I drive past it on my way home, i think "This is such a magical spot." the way the afternoon sun hits it, the light comes pouring in and illuminating all of the trees, it's really just beautiful. I'm obsessed with it. So when we had Scott & Meg over for dinner last week, I knew she'd love it too. (Like me, she loves all things pretty and enchanting. we're Disney Princesses at heart & soul, I tell ya.) Unfortunately the sun did not cooperate, but I still wanted to show her. So, we brought our cameras down, and she took a couple (wicked) snaps of me and Andy. One thing I love about Meg, she sees every day as a fairytale. Every moment can have magic in it, you just need to open yourself up to see it. As we walked over to our spot to take the shot, Andy inhaled a mouthful of those tiny little bugs that hang out in groups (know the ones I'm talking about?) While I was laughing and Andy was supremely grossed out, Meg said this gem, "I love those little bugs, they look like sparkles in pictures. their wings get illuminated." Have you EVER heard someone compare bugs to sparkles? I sure haven't, but it was the coolest way of looking at them. And now, I will forever think of those things as sparkle bugs.   View More: we were princesses, she would totally be Rapunzel. my hair envy for this girl is unREALView More: More: is officially my favorite picture of us of all time. This is our "backyard", and it is honestly one of my favorite parts of where we live. It reminds me of a side-street park in Paris, something a lot more romantic than Vernon. This photo is so special to me, because it will be something that I can look back on, and know that this is from the first house we lived in, together.

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