Wednesday 11 December 2013

If I could stuff my own stocking.

My birthday is just over a week before Christmas, so shopping for myself beforehand is just silly, but I still do it. I find it helps inspire me for Christmas shopping? Worst excuse ever, but I've used it for the last 6 years or so, not going to stop anytime soon ;) But, I'm finding lately more than I like the one larger present, I much rather have a whole bunch of little things instead, quantity over quality apparently. So, since I have now decided to stop buying myself anything until Boxing Day, here are the trinkets I've been eyeing up for a while, and would gift as a "to Bri from Bri" so to speak, if I could. c600x613

  1. Funky, unique mugs. I decided this year I want to start collecting mugs, either from travels or just ones that catch my eye. In my mind, the bigger the mug, the better it is. Currently on my wishlist: a "B" mug, anything that has gold accents, and the prettier, the better. If I can find one that has to do with Paris or New York, I'd be set. Examples: herehere and here.

  2. GLOVES. My hands are in a constant state of near-freezing to icecubes cold, so I'm on the hunt for some nice toasty gloves that are a step up from the basic boring ones. And if they allow me to still use my iPhone without taking them off? Winner winner, chicken dinner.

  3. Candles. I got a small version of this one from Chapters last year, and it still hasn't been lit because it smells so pretty I don't want to use it.. So naturally I want more, to never light and just sniff.

  4. These, because they're just so cute.

  5. I'd also continue my journal hoarding. One day I'm going to count all of them up and be disgusted in the amount I have. I don't see that day anywhere near though, so I will continue on. One like this: herehere and here.

  6. And what kind of Christmas present would it be to myself without some chocolate? Ferrero Roche, naturally because they are the best, ever ever.

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