Thursday 30 January 2014

Addicted to the Denim.

Well let's face it, there could be worse things to have a penchant for, amIright? Confession: I friggin' love jeans. Any type of jeans, black, skinny, distressed, colored, you name it  - except floral print, because sorry but they do not flatter anyone. If I actually took the time to count how many pairs I had, we'd for sure be in the double digits, but I'm not giving an actual number for fear of the judgement I'd incur. I'm currently on the absolute hunt to replace my favorite pair that I recently wore out. They were the perfect amount of distression (? is that a word? Making it one.), and the right balance of slouch while still being in skinny territory and not venturing into boyfriend jeans. But, sigh, I wore a hole right beside the bum and from that you can't come back, no matter how many times you iron on those denim patches in vain (thanks for nothing, Wal-Mart.). So until they can be replaced, I've been day-dreaming up outfits that will include my new babies when I finally find them, as well as some favorites I wear on the daily. For real, my current job has its perks for sure, but the main one is I can wear jeans every single day. My current favorite are courtesy of GAP: here, here and here.  c600x533 c600x600

c600x608 Below are my two absolute favorite outfits to wear, because anything with stripes wins my heart, and any time I can bust out my jean vest is sure to be a good day.




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