Thursday 2 January 2014

What I Wore.

A day late, but who actually does anything productive on New Years Day? I certainly did not, unless you call marathon'ing Breaking Bad and napping productive. HAPPY 2014! I have a pretty good feeling this year is going to be fantastic, I'm already a day and a half in and it's prett-ay nifty. Anywhoodles, here's the mix from the last little while, enjoy. IMG_5491 ~"Just think that when you wear this sweater, it's like me giving you a hug." My mamabear knit me this insanely beautiful blue swing sweater for Christmas, and it is fabulousIMG_5492Leopard print leggings, I've loved you for so long and now you're finally mine. The collection of leopard print anything I have is getting quite impressive.


IMG_5493 Let's hope pattern mixing isn't going out of style anytime soon, I love it so. IMG_5494 "Queen B", oh just a little too fitting ;) IMG_5495

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