Monday 28 April 2014

Oh the randomness

  1. I have been scouring the internet shopping world for a while, looking for the perfect pair of nikes: black, with a white swoop, but not too "sporty" looking. In the market for new runners? No, I specifically want them to wear with jeans, and other non-sporting event outfits. Because I am a poser.

  2. My boyfriend the other day is playing with my hair and goes "Why are your ends so shiny?" Now, it was the first thing in the morning bed head, and I know the ends were not shiny.. so wtf? Oh, my adorable little stud was not aware of what split ends were. I texted this to a couple girlfriends, and their responses were just the best: "Aww, that's cute. Lucky little fella is going to learn alot from dating you."; "Boys, I tell ya." My favorite was from my sister though, "Don't tell him what they are! If he thinks it's shiny, pull the wool over his eyes as long as possible" - she's a genius, straight up.

  3. I am always on the hunt for the best drugstore mascara combination. For the past few years I have been loyal to L'oreal's voluminous, but on the weekend I decided to break out of my eyelashes slump and try some new ones. I found the holy grail. I'm talking it looks like I have falsies on holy grail. This one & This one: Maaaagic.

  4. Has anyone not heard about Shakeology yet? I've heard raves about it, and somehow scored an un-opened full size bag of the vegan chocolate kind for 5$, which usually retails for $130. What a siiick deal, I thought to myself! Yep, because it tastes like what chocolate shits out. I have tried everything to make this stuff tastier without adding actual sugar to my smoothies, but hot damn that does not taste yummy. It does give me energy and keeps me satisfied for longer than if I don't use it, but to all the Shakeology ravers: you are either lying, or you know some secret combination that I do not. If this is the case, spill.

  5. I have a guilty pleasure for deliciously bad movie watching on the weekends: Glitter, Burlesque, Honey.. real cinematic masterpieces. I watched one on Netflix the other night and it was so spectacularly bad I actually want to erase my viewing history so my boyfriend can't see it and then make fun of me forever: G.B.F. So far, I can't figure out how to clear history, so thanks for nothing, Netflix. Except thank you for Suits <3

  6. I've started legitimately making the effort to go out for jogs/hike-jogs for the past week or two, and am still waiting for the enjoyment to kick in. I want to look hot this summer in a bikini, so that's my major motivation. But the bi-polar thoughts I have while running are kind of what keep me going, because they make me laugh.. "You are 24 Brianne, your body is most likely going downhill from here, so why not make it the best it could possibly be?! Let's see what this body can achieve!" is the positive Bri, but this one usually overrides her: "Fuck I hate running. Are my lungs exploding?! They feel like they're exploding. Who the fuck does this for fun!? Is this going to get fun for me too?! Doubt it. Think of your bum, think of your bum."

What's a post about nothing without an unrelated outfit shot? This shirt was made exclusively for 15 year old pseudo hipsters. Clearly, I needed it. photo

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