Friday 4 April 2014

Currently Coveting a slice of the 90's

unnamedThere's a new little trend making waves lately, and it's basically: raid your parent's closet/value village/thrift stores to find clothing from the early-mid 90's (ideally), that has no shape, "style", color or trend to it. Throw on a pair of Teva's (why.) with socks (NO.), maybe wash your hair and leave the house with it wet, and you are right on trend. This is called "Normcore", and while I can get down with little aspects of it, to me it's a very ironic trend because while you want to look like you're "not trying", let's face it, there's a whole lot of try hard going on.44816_60_news_hub_multi_630x0

The trend should really be called "Thanks Mary-Kate & Ashley", because those little munchkins started it, in my opinion. While I'm all for not trying to keep up with every single flash in the pan trend, I don't necessarily think going the absolute opposite is accomplishing anything either. One piece I am SO down with on this trend though?


The Birkenstocks. They're comfy, easy to wear, you can walk around in them for hours and your feet won't hurt, plus they're very versatile. I mean f-ck, they should be when they run $100 per pair minimum. Also why I think this "trend" is bs; if you want to look like you don't care about fashion, then dropping a cool hundo on a pair of sandals is a teensy bit poser like, dontcha think? Now that I'm done hating on the second coming of a hipster-like rage, I'm currently pinching pennies, sweeping discount sites and perusing eBay for some Birkies that don't break my already broken bank. If you ever see my in Teva's with socks however, feel free to backhand me across the face, because:

what. the. fuck.are. you. doing

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  1. I LOVE MY BIRKS! (the gizeh) HA! All for the long wearing/comfort aspects. Take a few days to get your own personal mold.
    Check or they have a location in Kelowna Orchard Park. Sometimes, you can score black and browns on sale for 79.99!