Friday 6 June 2014

What's wrong with a uniform?

I'd like to say that I'm an ironic fashion blogger, for two reasons: 1) I do not have unlimited income that allows me to buy all designer goodies, or have endless supplies of clothes on rotation, and 2) I basically have a uniform that I stick to. I'm not one who's going to be splurging on those valentino shoes we see everywhere on the blogs (and thank god, because I think they're uglier than sin, sorry not sorry), and I'm also a pretty conservative dresser, which is to say on most days I will be wearing a palette of grey, white, black or navy. I do love me a good kimono or leopard print pant, much to my boyfriend's dismay, but on most days its a solid uniform of jeans, and my beloved target boyfriend tanks. when I say beloved, I'm not joking. One in every shade (two black ones, because they're $8 each and I must have a black one ready to go at all times) and then from there I will accessorize as I see fit, which means some days it's a pair of stud earrings and that's it, and some days it's a chunky gladiator heel, kimono and statement necklace. In my opinion- get ready for a baking metaphor- dressing this way is like a vanilla cake. You can leave it as is and it is delicious, but you've also laid down the foundation for endless possibilities, too.

My go-to's for a workable, mixable wardrobe:

  1. Bodycon dresses. In the winter I wear them with leggings and boots, and in the summer they're on their own with a jean jacket or vest. The most comfortable dress you'll own, I have a black long-sleeved and short-sleeved one, striped one, tribal print & tropical. In love. Forever21 makes all my favorite ones, but they're literally everywhere.

  2. Grey or Black jeans. GAP has made my ultimate favorite pair of grey jeans, and I wear them all the time. They fit perfectly, hug my bum and make it look perky (bonus! because I have no bum.), and hold their shape. A pair of grey or black are a lot more versatile than your standard denim, and can be dressed up as much as they can go casual.

  3. Boyfriend tanks. These from target are the absolute best deal I've found yet, they fit long and tight, and they hold their shape past two wears, huge!

  4. Accessories!!  If you're like me and don't have the biggest budget to play with, accessories are your holy grail. Colorful, funky jewellery; unique shoes & bags; amazing kimonos (much to your guy's dismay, turns out they're not huge fans. Also, turns out I don't care ;) ), these take your outfits to the next level, without breaking your bank on one item. c600x579^ today's uniform. Actual fashion posts will be returning next week, blame it on an MIA camera charger for the last 7 months!

SIDENOTE, a few months ago I went through my usual "F-ck it, no more blonde" phase and dyed my hair dark. Box dye, because 1) I just do not learn, ever, and 2) to get it done in a salon would cost me well over $150, and in my opinion if you're going dark brown, it's kinda dumbass-proof - don't yell at me hair stylists, I knooow. Thankfully, I'm absolutely in love with my dark hair, I don't see myself going back blonde anytime soon - thank god because my hair would melt in revolt against me if I even tried at this point. BUT, yesterday I decided to slightly step it up from the drugstore box and got some color & developer from Sally Beauty. My mom has all of the equipment for us to do it at home, so we had a mother-daughter root day, how's that for bonding. Well, Holy SHIZA I'm in love. My hair is SO soft I had to spray it with sea salt spray this morning to actually give it some grip to style it, and it is so damn shiny. I've also been wanting to go a little on the violet-red side, but was afraid to do that myself for fear of turning out like Ariel. Well, the color I chose (3CH chocolate brown) actually had a violet-red tinge to it, so I got the best of both worlds! Clearly I'm only a day in, but I think I've found my new line, this one here.


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  1. Hi there,

    Stumbled across your blog looking for info about 3CH Dark Chocolate Brown! It looks gorgeous on you! Answered my question about the color, too.. :) Currently have a level 7 red in my naturally brown hair so I wanted to be sure the red in it wouldn't effect the outcome too much! You've got a cute blog, definitely gonna read some more posts.. :)