Wednesday 23 July 2014

Instagram vs. Real Life

Hello, I am a social media addict. Incase I ever forget, my boyfriend loves to point it out on the regular.  And you know what, for the most part? I'm not sorry about it. I love fashion & checking out outfits of the day to get inspiration, I love looking at pretty pictures, and I like taking pretty pictures. Instagram is my jam. But, we all know the beauty of social media and social media apps: you control what is shown to the world. You stage the picture to show the best possible highlight of the certain scene. It's not necessarily that you're lying about what's going on, it's just that sometimes in order to show off what you want, you crop out what you don't want seen, like a chubby arm or the 3 weeks worth of laundry pile up behind you. Life is messy, it's just that not everyone needs to see that part, they only need to see the pretty filtered version of it. Here are some examples of the picture vs. the reality.

IMG_9309Not shown: 30 seconds after this was taken, that delicious little blonde wrinkle wobbled up, and peed all over my bed.. Ahh, puppies. We still want one, but maybe we'll housebreak before we all have family cuddles on the bedding. IMG_9310Shown: Saucy little ladies rocking the sh-t out of a pole dancing class. Not shown: saucy little ladies with bruises ALL OVER THEIR BODIES. Seriously, have you ever had a constellation scattering of bruises directly under your ass!? I can now say that I have. Strippers, you have my utmost respect (just for your strength, the rest is meh, a little questionable still)
IMG_9311 Liike this needs to be pointed out, but here we go: How many selfies does it take to capture the perfect one to post? On a good day, somewhere in the 10-20 range. On a bad "I need a self esteem boost" day? The limit does not exist. Thankfully, filters do. Not captured on screen, the boob sweat happening from 40+ weather. TMI? IMG_9312 I'm just going to position my hand in a very natural claw-like shape to show that my nail polish matches my tank top, as well as flowers on my shorts. Also, pattern mixing! I'm sitting well over the edge of my chair so that my thighs do not mush together like they love doing so regularly. IMG_9313 Goodness, how handsome is my boyfriend? Ferris Wheel ride that I convinced him to take me on, which cost $13... #bargain. For 13 big ones that ride must have been like a good solid 7 minutes at least though, right? No, pretty much long enough to take this selfie. IMG_9314 Well hello perfectly positioned shot to include my pseudo-hipster ankle boots with rolled up jeans, how ya doin'!? IMG_9315We all know that if that was some two-buck chuck wine, the bottle would not have made it into the shot. But, because it is fancy and Apothic, it balances out my white trash dinner beautifully. Composition, people.
IMG_9316And sometimes, you don't need to do anything to make the picture seem better than reality.. I had an awful day, and I came home to the sweetest little note and flowers on my table. Because, I have a #keeper and no instagram filter or cropped out picture changes that. Sometimes life is really just that good.


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  1. Glory MacTavish23 July 2014 at 07:35

    Love your photos Brianne and your blog. I've missed you since you've been away.