Tuesday 30 September 2014

31 x 31

It's always good to challenge yourselves, right? My sister came into town recently and she made a comment about how I'd been playing it safe with outfits lately. And she's right, I have. Most days I go to work without even wearing earrings. The fuck!? I'm not one to play outside the box when it comes to what I wear, I just learn how to play within the box. So, to re-set my mojo on my clothing, I've decided to play the capsule game that a lot of my favorite bloggers have done either in the past or present, two favorites being this fantastic  New Yorker & this gorgeous little mama. The idea here is that you choose a set amount of clothes, and only wear those clothes for the length of time you choose. I will be doing 31 for 31 days in October. It just so happens this is my favorite time of year to dress, and I think this will just be marvelous. Opinions may change by the 16th day, but that's why it's a challenge.

*Disclaimer, not everything is pictured.. Because, well laziness. I took the pictures while home sick, and the items not pictured were in my car - meaning I'd have to take a trip, to my car, outside of my warm bedroom. Hence, laziness.



  • Black Leggings (not pictured)

  • Jeans - khaki, grey, burgundy(not pictured) black & jean

  • total items: 6
    31x31 2


  • Floral Midi Bodycon

  • Grey Midi Bodycon

  • Striped Bodycon

  • Black Bodycon

  • total items: 4 ...not that I like bodycon or anything31x31 1


  • Navy striped muscle tank

  • long sleeved stripe shirt x 2

  • black long sleeve

  • black ribbed tank

  • white ribbed tank

  • white loose tank

  • navy/lace "date top" - technical term

  • red ribbed tank

  • total items: 931x31 3

Jackets & Sweaters:

  • black pullover

  • grey asymmetrical sweater

  • black hoody

  • black cardigan

  • hooded buffalo plaid button up

  • leather bomber

  • jean jacket

  • jean vest

  • olive utility jacket

  • total items: 931x31 4Miscellaneous Items:

  • leopard scarf

  • charcoal circle scarf

  • "fur" stole

So there is my round up. Dare I say it, finding 31 items was almost tough. I'm sure there are items I have missed and will be kicking myself for, but hey, live and learn. I'll be posting all of the outfits up here, as to avoid inundating my non-fashion loving instagram followers (ie, my boyfriend, his friends, my brother, and the other straggler male friends) with everyday posts of "look at the combo I used today!" But too bad for them, some of them will make it there. If you want to follow along, it's @breezylutz.


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