Tuesday 23 September 2014

Taking Stock.

I don't know about you but for me, Fall has always symbolized new beginnings. It is without a doubt my favorite season, because it is coming off the crazy busy blur that is always summer, and everything is a little cozier, relaxed, and romantic. You can spend days hiking in the sunshine, to come home and snuggle on the couch with a book, some tea or a special person. The crispness in the air and the realization that we'll all be effing freezing soon just always motivates me to clean my house top to bottom, and reflect on where life has taken me in the last 365. 

unnamed Making: muffins, and by repeated request, banana bread for the boy. 
Cooking: warm your soul up soups. these kinds are tomato based, fyi. 
Drinking: 1/2 sweet non-fat pumpkin spice lattes; because fuck it, they're delicious. 
Reading: Harry Potter... And no, I am not ashamed. 
Wanting: The weather to find comfort at 14-16 degrees Celsius, and stay there for a good long while. 
Looking: At old photos and sincerely missing my blonde locks. 
Wasting: the weekends away cuddling. funny how it doesn't feel like a waste when you do that, though. 
Wishing: January 1st would come faster so I can have the most handsome person sharing my space with me. 
Waiting: for January 1st, rather impatiently. 
Enjoying: how unbelievable it is what finds you when you stop looking, and how what found you is what you had been looking for, wanting & needing your whole entire life.   
Liking: the direction life is taking me.
Wondering: If my life has come this far in a year, what is next Fall going to look like? 
Loving: sunsets.   
Hoping: that this season, I actually start to enjoy jogging. not just pretend I do once.
Marveling: At the goals I set myself for love & life this time last year that have come true, almost like serendipity. 
Needing: more storage. and then a little bit more storage  
Smelling: vanilla, cinnamon & coffee scentsy. is that a scent they sell? no, that's a "I'm too impatient for this one to melt fully, so i'll just combine all three and hope for the best". results were very pleasurable.  
Wearing: the dolce & gabbana "pour femme" rollerball I got at Ulta last year, only to be forgotten about and loved one year later.
Following: instagram accounts of french bulldogs, and british fashionistas. inspiration and future fur babies.   
Noticing: how much I love this sleepy little town more and more as I get older.  
Knowing: I really shouldn't read the spoilers for homeland, but I reeeally want to.  
Thinking: about all of my smartest ideas, right before I fall asleep.   
Feeling: unbelievably loved. 
Bookmarking: crockpot recipes for the coming winter. I will be domestic!! 
Opening:  treasure boxes from high school since my parents are moving, and letting nostalgia crash over me like waves. 
Giggling: all the time. I never knew myself to be so giggly.
Feeling: amazingly, peacefully, content. unnamed (1) 
unnamed (3)


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