Friday 16 January 2015

brought to you by sushi & a healthy amount of wine.


Look at that glorious dinner I have prepared (ordered and poured) for myself. and yes, that is still my Charlie Brown tree kickin' it in the background.. Jake decided to have dinner with a buddy on his way home from work tonight, and at first I was a little bummed, and then I thought - raw sushi all to myself. And a generous glass of wine to toast to the weekend. Done deal, I'll see you in a couple hours babay.  It's Friday! We've all made it to the weekend - sorry if you're a server or retail worker.. sucks to be you. A few highlights, thoughts & moments of my week, to those of you that find this kind of thing interesting - hey mama <3.

  1. I have come to the conclusion, as so evidenced by my dinner of choice, that I could eat Thai & Japenese food for the rest of my life, and be very happy. On alternating days of course so I don't get too bored, but my goodness do I love me some sashimi and Tom Kha Gai.

  2. If you follow her, you know that Amber of Barefoot Blonde has unbelievable hair. Like, we're talking real-life barbie hair. She put up a tutorial recently that I attempted to emmulate myself. Now, I could only do the top part of it because I have roughly 1/8 the amount of hair she does, but I was pretty impressed my teeny bangs stayed in the braid all day! Score. bfb hair

  3. 3. While on the subject of hair, I am desperately seeking blonde over here. Numerous box dyes and dark colors and my hair just ain't havin' it. My hairdresser even said to me at my last visit "Let's not go dark again okay?"

  4.  So you know when you read in the news about all the phone call scams and how many people for it? I always am judgemental, I always think to myself "Have some common sense here, how are people so gullible?!".. Yeah well, after today, I'm apparently one of those people. I called the customer service line for one of our companies today, and it rings twice and goes to an automated message about completing a survey to be entered to win a cruise. It didn't give the option of opting out, so I completed the easy 4 question survey, and whaddyaknow, I won! Now, because this call came from a legit company, I was still hesitant but not gonna lie, pretty damn excited. So yea, I won a Caribbean cruise, could cash it in any time in the next 18 months, and all it's going to cost me is the docking fee for myself and Jake. While I'm on the phone I'm googling this company to see if it's a scam, but at the same time I'm snapchatting Jake telling him I'm preeeetty sure we just won a trip. Alas, when the overly southern woman would not allow me to verify them and make sure this was legit before handing over my payment details, I figured it was definitely too good to be true, and hung up. But man, those 3 minutes I had as a Caribbean cruise winner were goood, let me tell you.

  5.  I'm about 6 months late to this party, but Let It Go is definitely my new "singing my private concert in the car" song. If you don't know what I'm talking about (aka you don't have children under 14, either), you'll be hooked. Sorry in advance.

  6.  my brother got himself a little fur baby, a french bulldog named Georgia. Look at all that squish! I'm obsessed. If I didn't live in a teeny tiny condo with 30 stairs to our door and no yard, I'd have her sister in a heartbeat.

  7. unnamedSpeaking of this teeny tiny place of ours, I'm definitely ready for an upgrade. No dishwasher and about one foot of counter space really gets to a girl, how can I make fancy dinners if I can't spread out? I mean, I probably still wouldn't with more space, but I'd like the option.

  8. Friends. The entire series on NETFLIX. And my boyfriend loves the show as much as me, aka we watch it together in bed. My goodness, he's just swell.

Now, back to my wine. TGIF, friends :)



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