Friday 23 January 2015

WIW, plus a story or two.

BLAZER fur fur skirtI recently saw a meme on instagram the other day that had the caption: "If she shaves your legs in the winter, she really loves you, bro." and I instantly thought.. HA. Ha Ha Ha, clearly a dude wrote that. Because I love my guy more than anything, but my leg shaving habit becomes preeettty rare in the wintertime. How I would have worded that is: "If she shaves her legs in the winter, you've only just started dating, bro." Every girl knows how annoying it is when you shave your legs, only to get cold the second you hop out of the bathroom and have the goosebump stubble happen. I KNOW I'm not the only one this happens to. But as I geared up for my bi-monthly leg shave session yesterday (I want to say I'm exaggerating, but that's probably pretty on point), I was doing such a hurried job that I knew I for sure had razor burn in my future, and then I thought to myself, why are my legs not used to this by now?! I've been doing this for longer than a decade, and the skin still isn't tough enough to withstand a little razor? Come on legs, I thought better of you. I mean like, I've never taken a chunk out of you while shaving, you think you could do me a solid and toughen up. Meet halfway kind of deal.

Now on to another tale from the bathroom, because why not. My skin has been really bugging me lately, nothing insane or anything, just a little more splotchy than I'm used to. Well, I had a mean little zapper on the side of my forehead - THANK YOU, bangs, for always bein' there in crisis's like these - but I managed to squish it pretty quickly. Well, I'm washing my face a couple nights ago and have my hair up in a headband, and I see Jake literally zero in on it. "Yes yes, I know it was a nasty one.. I'm aware of it" is what I said before he could even make a comment.. "Yeah, well that's good.. Don't know how you could have missed it though."..

Now THAT, is love. None of this clean shaven legs crap. Real love is when your boyfriend can make you laugh about the big ol' post apocalyptic zit on your face, and say it in the way that still makes you feel pretty, and have it make you giggle for days after.

-This is totally what classy fashion bloggers write about.. right?

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