Monday 1 June 2015

karma manifests as a blow horn.

In grade 9 science class, my friend Mia and I were comparing our new belly button rings  - totally serious - when one of the boys in our class decided to be a dinkus to Mia. I told her not to worry because Karma would eventually get him. Well, not 10 minutes later, the pen he's chewing on explodes in his mouth. Gross, but Karmatic Justice at it's finest. Mia was a converted believer, and I've always been reminded that whether you believe it or not, karma is real. From smoking my head on something after thinking something particularly rude, an ex getting what's coming to them after they treated me horribly, etc, it's been proven time and again that Karma is very much real, and you don't fuck around with it. Unless it's hilarious.

Now, cut to a month or so ago, Jake had a hockey tournament in Kelowna, and Mia decided we should get blow horns for the game. Genius idea, really, and hilarious because Jake got into a bit of a fight on the ice and I was definitely that girlfriend blowing the air horn at him. We also blew them whenever they scored and trust, we were super popular ;) unnamed

Enter Karma. The hilarious kind.

How can you be mad with a giggle like that? Sneaky little bastard. He's lucky I love him, and am currently waiting for a truly epic hangover wake up call opportunity. Love is graaaand people, it really is.

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