Tuesday 14 July 2015

you smell like home.

It's been a while, hasn't it? You haven't missed much on my end; I haven't been doing too much insightful stuff, other than learning the art of mastering the 3 minute dutch braid half up-do, because unless you currently live in Australia, it's pretty fucking hot.. everywhere. And well, I have healthy sweat glands which means, summertime heatwaves, my hair & I get along like cats and dogs. Like Sophia Loren's side-eye & Jayne Mansfield's boobs, if you will. Jake & I will cuddle for all of 10.34 seconds when we climb into bed, before both of us go "god you're so fucking hot", "oh why thank you babe, I think you are too", "no seriously, no more cuddling" .. it's all very romantic in the fiery armpit of hell that is our upstairs in the summer.

When it comes to braiding, I have the agility of someone with two left hands and club thumbs, so I'm pretty impressed with my dutch braiding abilities - mainly because it's the only one I can do so it gets a lot of mileage.

I went to Nanaimo over the weekend to trade in my old car for a new one, and you guys, my life has changed. My old car earned me the reputation of having a homeless person living in it because it was always full of shit, but this one? No, this one will be staying pristine. Case in point, I ate a sandwich on the way home while driving, and didn't move until I could get out and shake the crumbs off of me. 4 hours. I also got lost not once, not twice but three times trying to find the exits to get said sandwich, one of which included me getting on the exit back towards the coast, which resulted in me going "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck" repeatedly until I was sure I had managed to get back on track, 30 minutes later. Directions, never been a strong suit of mine.. #gotitfrommymama.
i tried therefore

I also realized while shopping in the girls/tween department for my 10 year old niece, that training bras are NOT what they used to be. As in, they're kinda cute, good cup support but no underwires..  I was thisclose to legit buying one for myself, because as a lifer of the IBTC, apparently the tween section is a section I don't need to avoid when looking for bras. Fantastic. The overwhelming sense of judgement coming from my sister being the only thing that stopped me. girls

Now, while I was in Nanaimo, Jake was in Vegas for a bachelor party. I know, why didn't I start off with that since it must have been the highlight of my month, right? What girlfriend isn't stoked about her boyfriend going to Sin City for a stag?! Anyway, when I picked him up at the airport on Sunday, Vegas had clearly kicked the shit out him, and stolen his voice at the same time. When we got home - after grilling him the entire car ride.. I mean, asking him what he and the boys did ;) - he could not have gotten into bed fast enough and demanded I not leave his side. Pretty cute actually, when they're so hungover that they're near death and beyond affectionate, obviously I'm going to comply. Wrapped up in his arms I had to laugh because, dude smelled like a bar well. I was giggling and said "Oh babe, you need to shower. I love you, but you smell like Vegas." His response? Smelled my hair, sighed a little, and said "You smell like home." unnamed (1)

Melt. You wanna say things like that, maybe you can go to Vegas bachelor parties more often. Just kidding, over my dead body are you doing that again.

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