Thursday 8 October 2015

Thanksgiving is coming..

I'm going to be honest, hard & fast with ya right now. Do you know what is most important to me when it comes to what I'm going to wear for Thanksgiving? The amount of food I can reasonably eat while still being mostly comfortable. There, I said it: my outfit has to be a direct correlation of how much food I'm planning to stuff inside me in one sitting without bursting. How do I achieve this? Easy, two outfit designs that'll be your best friend: high-waisted and or belted. You may be thinking I'm crazy, but hear me out: First of all, high-waisted keep everything tucked in, so while you're full, you don't have the added uncomfort of feeling like your food baby is hanging over your waistband- no beuno. Also if you wear something a little looser on the bottom and belt it like say a flannel dress, fit and flare dress or even a shift, again the food baby is hidden - with the added support of compression tights (insert hallejuuuuah emoji)

 Below are a compilation of the looks I will be rocking for our two dinners, one at my parents and one at Jake's grandmas. Thankfully neither of us come from families that do formal dinners, so while I like to be dressed up, I can still be cozy and comfortable - my favorite

For the casual dinner at my parents place: chic, but not sloppy or looking like I don't care. Cable knit sweaters are so cozy and feel very British, maybe that's what lends them the more swanky vibe?  Also, literally any excuse I can use to wear my faux fur scarf, I take it. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's probably the best fall/winter purchase I've ever made.

Lately I have been loving the look of dressing up plaid & flannel, and what's an easier way than wearing it as a dress?! I bought this one from Urban Outfitters which admittedly does have side slits, but that's not a dark slip underneath can't hide. It's comfortable, unsuspectingly chic, and feels so cliche Fall that I feel like I fell right out of an Autumn family photo. I'll take it ;) Add some booties and glam earrings and you have just the right amount of rustic and glamour.

Now, those of you that really do have the formal dinners, I got you covered too ;) I feel like it's every girl's mini secret that while dresses appear to make you look posh and put together (and like you spent a lot of time on your outfit), it's really the powerhouse of clothing. In the summer, it's the easiest thing to throw on and keep you cool; in the fall and winter, it takes an outfit and amps it up on the fancy meter, without doing much at all.
 And there you have it! Now all you have to think about this weekend is how to arrange your plate for optimal food coverage. You could be like my brother who makes a mote between his food so that nothing touches, but that takes up too much space. Personally I like to have everything together, family style. Last tip of the day: calories don't count during the holidays - but they do the next day so maybe throw a jog in ;)

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