Thursday 24 September 2015

Things that bother me, but really shouldn't.

The internet lately bums me out. Not the internet around here, the blogosphere that is lifestyle blogging, which is doused in lovely valencia-esque filters, internet perfect hair and wicked outfits (and currently smells like pumpkin spice). No, I mean the harsh reality that with the good of how accessible everything is thanks to the internet - like reviews on literally anything you can spend money on, the catch-22 that everyone's opinion is now just as accessible, no matter how wrong, skewed or just plain unnecessary it is.  The more ignorance and hatred and darkness that I see on the internet, the more I just want to become a technology-less recluse - and that's saying something because one of my favorite pastimes is to creep on people and take vain selfies. So, instead of letting myself be pulled down into the dark pit, I figured I would instead think of other things that really bother me, but shouldn't hold too much room in my heart or brain - it wouldn't leave room for the other really wicked things like my boyfriend's half grin and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Or peanut butter anything
^yep, that's the one. melt.
 A list of things that bother me, but really shouldn’t:

  1. Girls who wear leggings and crop tops as acceptable outfits.

  2. Girls who wear leggings and short shirts, as acceptable outfits.

  3. Slow wifi/No wifi – first. world. problems - but still annoying as fuck.

  4. Kids who just get their licenses who are driving brand new vehicles, when it literally took me a decade to achieve this. Also, 15 year olds with a newer edition iPhone than me.

  5. The fact that my boss’s 10 yr old son has a mega crush on our new administrator, when I’ve been around for 4 years and have never had said attention. Not even close. rude.

  6. Showering, am I right!? Especially leg shaving day.

  7. How bloody long my hair takes to grow, when some people I know and love can’t keep up to how fast theirs does – share the wealth peeps.

  8. People who don’t break eye contact when eating or drinking.

  9. The sound of Styrofoam.

  10. When people cut their food too hard and their knives squeak/scrape the plate.

  11. Walking through spider webs.

  12. Slow walkers.

  13. People who choose to drive yellow vehicles.

  14. Flyers & Junk Mail.

  15. Literally all paper mail unless it’s money or a letter/card.

  16. When I turn my computer on and try to do too many things at once and my shit freezes, but I continue clicking on things for a solid 10-15 seconds to really make sure.

  17. Posting numerous selfies to social media in a small timespan.

  18. OMG - GYM SELFIES. We get it, you work out

  19. The baby prostitute perfume my co-worker insists on wearing. For reference, it smells like a bushel of berries rolled around in cotton candy and were then doused in sugar.

  20. The fact that Netflix feels the need to play the opening credits on TV Shows. Literally, know your audience, ‘Flix.

And there you have it. Now, for me I am off to watch puppy videos, cats doing stupid shit, and drink some wine. That's enough internets for today. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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