Tuesday 7 March 2017

the black hole has my pictures.

A few years ago I decided to move over to a (free) new blogging platform, for two reasons:

1. I didn't make a penny off this online diary of sorts, and I didn't want to fork over $600 for 3 more years of hosting when I could easily use a free domain, which also gave me the chance to...
2. come up with a new blog name because truth be told, I didn't love love my original.

For a fairly technologically impaired lady, google really helped me easily package up my blog, pictures and all, and unload them into this new site, with a fancy new theme to go with it. It was perfect, seamless & easy! Too easy...

Because fast forward me ignoring all of the "your account is about to expire! click here to renew" emails for 4-6 months, and not backing any of my archives up into something OTHER than the internet - can you feel where this is going yet?

I went for a creep sweep of my blog posts as I sometimes do when I want to relive my thoughts circa 2-3 years ago, and ALL of my pictures were replaced with white boxes & broken links. In my noobiness (technical term), I never stopped to think that my pictures were still hosted along with my account I (now, in hindsight) so callously ignored and allowed them to go into the abyss that is the forgotten black hole avenue of the internet, & never thought to find an alternate way to also save my old posts/pictures somewhere useful & safe, before I didn't have the option anymore.

Silly as it admittedly sounds, I was devastated. If I spend too much time thinking about it now, I get a pit in my stomach. I love pictures, pictures are my favorite way of keeping memories. Much to the detriment of anyone around me. A part of me feels like my memories from 2012-2015 were just wiped away in a sense. I of course still have my posts, but the accompanying pictures, gonezo. And I mean like, the memes I used? You guys, some of them were borderline genius placement.

To accurately paint the picture of how devastated I was, I will of course use the most iconic crying face of our generation:
 So, moral of the story is: 1. the easy way is generally the wrong way, and 2. back your shit up. Lesson Learned. Take it away, Kim.

F-ck you confusing internet background with confusing archiving process!

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