Friday 10 March 2017

the search for perfect skin.. part 1

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I've been struggling to get my skin clear since I stopped taking birth control, and my skin erupted like it apparently should've when I was a teenager. I tried just using coconut oil as a cleanser, African black soap (this actually worked the best out of everything for a few years, and it's literally $3), Rodan & Fields, the say yes to.. line, Vichy, all of it. It would all work for a bit, kind of, but truth be told there's not much that can cure hormonal acne, it just is what it is. I fought every urge to throw things at Jake when he would offer the suggestion of "just stop using all that crap on your face and use water, that's what I do", and the lucky little turd has skin that practically glows like a cherub. Nope, I just had to ride it out, and hopefully one day it would cease to be the thorn in my side. Truthfully, as vain as it is to say, it was really hurting my self esteem and was a massive insecurity of mine. To the point where I considered going back on birth control to just make it go away. If it wasn't for the fact that they make me legit crazy, I might have done it... Around the same time, while dealing with what felt like a never ending series of breakouts, I started to notice wrinkles starting on my forehead. Like, are you f-cking for real? Wrinkles & pimples?! No, no way that's utter bullshit. One or the other hormones, not both.

SO, I was not about to just let my skin continue to look this way, or slab it full of makeup, without trying everything. Mama didn't raise no quitter, or something like that. That means healing from the inside out, as well as continuing to find my HG product(s). After a few months, and clear skin now for going on almost a month (!! including a period cycle !!), fingers crossed, I've found my system. I want to give enough credit for both inside & out, so I'm breaking it down into two posts. Also, one long post would lose just about everyone, so you're welcome.
From left to right: at my very inflamed worst, red marks everywhere & cysts like no tomorrow; half way through Riversol & no dairy - even tone, small marks but greatly improved; this week - full Riversol everyday & my serum regime; clear skin, even tone and no wrinkles! All the Hallelujah emojis.

First up, what I put on my face.

Now, in addition to having hormonal acne, my skin is beyond sensitive. Acne products don't work for me because generally they burn my face. So, no harsh products, they had to be gentle. I of course learned this after repeatedly waking up with rashes on my face from the terrible concoctions I would try. Enter, Riversol. Riversol is a Canadian company, located in Vancouver BC. So right out of the gate, I was pre-disposed to loving it fully. My mom had been using it and gave me a few samples to try, and I was blown away at how fast it brightened up my face, even with visible spots still there. The stubborn forehead wrinkle that has been taking up residence for the last few years is all but gone, and my skin tone is so even. Dare I say it, I finally have the glowy skin I have been coveting for what feels like years. The line is super gentle & formulated for sensitive skin, but still effective by using sun damage reducing anti-oxidant Beta-T. It's all about the anti-oxidants people.

Beyond a product that works for me, customer service and how I'm treated as a customer will always determine if I continue on a product or not. The staff at Riversol were incredibly helpful for me, answer questions and their newsletters are always informative - never spammy. If you're unsure, you can order a 15 day (!!!) sample for the cost of shipping to try it out for yourself. Win win, really. For the cost of a coffee, you can start a two week trial that I guarantee will see you just like it sold me. My skin is glowy, soft, wrinkle free and just keeps getting better.

Next, serums. I truly honestly consider serums to be the fountain of youth for how well they work. Some might bawk at the price of good, cold-pressed organic oils, but considering how little you use, well #costperuse - you'll have them forever. I've been using 3 in rotation in addition to my Riversol regimen (which already has a freaking great serum to begin with), and they are Vitamin C, Rosehip Oil & Retinol Oil. Vitamin C & Retinol are little powerhouses that work best when used together for regenerating skin cell turnover and re-texturizing skin. I put my Vitamin C serum on in the morning before my Riversol serum, and my Retinol oil on at night alongside Rosehip - some use it during the day too but I find it makes my skin a bit too oily. Rosehip oil is fantastic for moisturizing, but is also great for reducing scars, stretch marks, dark spots and reversing sun damage. It's almost as if I'm learning that years of tanning my face sans sunscreen wasn't a great call...

One little tip I recently learned, is how to layer serums. Start with the thinnest formula, allowing ample time to dry in between products (few minutes), and finish with a moisturizer to "seal" everything in. If they're all similar consistencies, start with the most potent and work your way out from there. And, don't exceed more than 2-3 products per application (morning application, evening application), as they'll begin to dilute and then you're just putting lipstick on a pig - aka it's becoming a little useless. And to finish it all off in the morning - SUNSCREEN! Don't even think about going through all of this if you're not going to protect your skin from further damage afterwards!

Whew, what a novel! Thanks for making it this far ;) Next up, superfoods for super skin..

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