Friday 14 December 2012

Bucket List

My birthday is on Sunday (EEEEE!!), and I have been thinking a lot about getting older, wiser, saggier, you know, all the perks that come with it. And I thought to myself, I have so many “dreams” that I say “before I become an adult, I want to do this..” Well, girl, you’re a homeowner, haven’t lived at home with mom and dad since you were 18, and every month you pay bills for various lovely companies. Wake up! You are an “adult”. It happened when you weren't even looking. I consider being an adult when I've finally come full circle, when I’m caring for someone other than me, be it to a dog baby, or a real baby. So, as I continued thinking about what life will bring me as I grow older, I thought of what my “adulthood bucket list” would look like; meaning, what do I want to accomplish before I can no longer be completely selfish, and before my life is no longer 100% about me? And, I decided since my birthday was coming pretty quickly, why not make a “Before I am 25 Bucket List” I give myself until 25, because by then I’ll be ANCIENT. (JOKING! no hate mail please! ;) )

Bucket List before 25.

  1. Finally live out my love affair with Europe. Paris, to be more specific. I have heard so many times it will not be what I have made it out to be in my head. Trust me, it will. Dirty, grimy, amazing Paris.

  2. Learn to love peppers. It’s a work in progress, but I will learn to love those antioxidant filled suckers.

  3. Finally, finally, learn to love the body I have been given, 100%, jiggles, scars, “this could be bigger, this could be flatter/smaller/whatever” and all. It is the only one I will ever be able to have, and I intend to show it a damn good time while I have it.

  4. Learn my left and right without having to make the “L” with my hands. Andy catches me every time.

  5. How to change a tire, by myself. My dad has already “taught me”, but let’s face it, I just watched and he wouldn’t let me actually do it myself.

  6. Have my Tiffany Blue, Feminine as all get-out “Closet Room”. In exchange for this, Andy will require a Man-Cave. Fair deal.

  7. Finally finish my various schooling endeavours. For someone who put minimal effort in during high school (which, hindsight talking here – FOR real 16-year old Brianne!? That was the easiest and most fun school has ever been, you silly lovesick girl!), I have continued being a “Student” since. I will be very happy when I can finally finish!

  8. Master the art of the parallel park job. At this point, it is pretty laughable.

  9. Embrace all of the quirks and differences in my personality. Yes, I may be quite mouthy, sarcastic, and a bit of a hot-head. But you know what? You will never find someone more loyal or fierce to those that I love, and if I wasn’t mouthy or dramatic, I probably wouldn’t have that attribute.

  10. Above all else, don’t stop dreaming. Having dreams and goals are what let me know there is more to life, and more to my life, than what is in front of me. I pray that there is never a day where all of my dreams have come true, because then what do I have to fantasize about and look forward to?

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I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, for myself I will spend Sunday basking in my entire Princess goodness, invisible tiara and all. You only get one day a year devoted absolutely to you, why not make the most of it?




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