Thursday 27 December 2012

Get Inspired

Sorry for my lack of posting; my sister was in town for ten days and just left today (sniff sniff..) tomorrow will be back to normal!

These days, with the likes of pinterest, fashion blogging, instagram, you name it, it's never been a better time to share your outfits with people who appreciate it, and take little snippets from outfits you like to make them your own. Personally, I love it. 90% of the bookmarked blogs and websites are fashion related sites (big shock, I know). I'm sure the boys following my instagram do not appreciate my "Outfit of the Day" posts, but they make me happy, and since I love seeing other people's, I like sharing mine! Lately, I cannot get enough of mixing patterns and textures. I don't know why, when it came out to be a "trend" a little while ago I thought it was hideous. Guess I came around to the idea! My one rule personally when I'm doing it, is one color in the combination has to match; something about it has to "go together". For example, plaid and polka dots? For sure, but make sure it isn't a navy based plaid with black-based polka dots. It has the capacity to get loud, tacky and wrong so fast, you want it to look chic and on purpose, not like your 5 year old neice dressed you in the dark, blind-folded. ;) . I was looking at one of my favorite inspiration websites the other day and came across a picture of an outfit idea that I was so instantly drawn to. It is relatively quite easy to do, and I had all of the elements to do so, so I couldn't wait to put my own spin on it:


The inspiration: Stripes and a bright, funky scarf.outfits for xmas-001 My interpretation: striped tank, and my favorite nautical-esque scarf. Finish the outfit off with burgundy tights and my pleather skirt, and as I so glamorously and elegantly call this: my Clusterf-ck of an Outfit :)


I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas that was full to the brim with lots of laughs, too many family members to even count (whether by blood or the family you acquired yourself), and enough food to keep your belly full until New Years.




  1. Love the combo Bri. Especially love the striped shirt and burgundy tights.

  2. Perfect the smash up of patterns!

  3. Hi Bri, I really like the stripes and patterned scarf idea. Very cute! Thanks for the tip - I will be trying that one for sure!

  4. Thanks Mandy! I was always very reserved about mixing patterns/prints, but once you have a basic formula or guideline, it's pretty fun! Thanks for reading :)