Friday 1 February 2013

Lately I am Loving..

Harem Pants! Aka "MC Hammer Pants". I love them. They are so comfortable, and take a chic spin on the traditional work pants. Plus, bonus! I love anything high-waisted, so these are just so up my little alley, I'm in heaven. I own 3 pairs now, and have to talk myself out of wearing them every day. You know those god-awful jean/pyjamas that are now a thing? (For real!? Who green-lit that product? I personally would like to give them a stink eye from fashionistas everywhere) Well, this is my chic, not embarrassing version of those. I say not embarrassing  because I seriously love them so much I don't care what anyone else has to say about them. Case in point, my boyfriend said this to me when I walked down the stairs wearing my leopard printed pair: "Wow. Yeah. Those are.. interesting..I mean, you can for sure pull them off. They're just.. interesting.". It took him a good 4 hours to actually enjoy them on me. Boys, I tell ya.IMG_4051IMG_4245IMG_4281-Seriously, I am so in love with these pants.

Now, this last picture brings me to the second topic I wanted to cover today: wearing printed pants. There is a fine line my friends, because if you do not choose the pattern wisely, you will not get the flattering result you had hoped for. They're tricky, one way or the other, they are tricky. I have a few tips to go along with them, so that you don't end up looking like Fashion RoadKill.

1. Streamline your prints. Unless you have stick thin legs that could use some beefing up, stick to darker, uniform prints. Like wearing white, these draw attention to the body part they are covering. For white/light colored floral prints, all I have to say is: Proceed with caution. I have yet to find even a supermodel that looks 100% flattering in them.

2. Mind the cut. No flares, no wide-legged, and no boyfriend styles. A little baggy is okay, but they should look as though they were meant to be slightly loose, not as though you need to size down a few. There is such a fine line between looking chic and looking messy with these, you want to stick to a cigarette leg*, and at maximum a straight bootlegged cut. Nothing below the ankle either. Tailored pants will be your best friend with this trend.

3. Balance it out. Notice in my last picture above, to balance out my crazy bottoms, I have stuck to a dark top, and just a slight pop of color? You are wearing a loud piece, so everything else needs to be mellow, neutral and basically, plain. Keep everything else simple, and let your statement piece be the spotlight.


*Cigarette Jeans: As showcased above by Miss Swift. They are slim and fitted, but not your true "skinny jean". They also hit at the ankle bone or just above. Personally my favorite cut. The pants she happens to be wearing are also a dark polka dot pattern.

What trend are you dying to try out this season? Let me know!

Happy Friday Lovelies,



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  1. I loved this post especially the first paragraph made me laugh! I love your outfits so cool!