Friday 22 February 2013

Wake me up when it's March.

I can't say this has been a very fun month, and I'm pretty happy to see March come! I've been the worst blogger in the world because of it, and do you know why? My brain has been so fried. Case in point, I love making lists. Love it. So the other night, well, the day before my exam, Andy needed some help to make a list on some topics. I could barely hold that thought in my mind, and not 30 seconds after we finished talking, I looked over at him and said, "What were we just talking about?" Seriously, space cadet x a million. And as a result to this, I literally have had nothing to talk about. Nothing. Unless you wanted blog posts on the differences between segregated funds, mutual funds, and all of the other wonderful ins and outs of investment/life planning. But, thankfully I have now written my LLQP Provincial, and -fingers crossed!- in a week's time, I will know whether or not I passed it. So, unfortunately, until then, I still have mush for brains, because I don't have that "I PASSSSED" relief yet. So until then, a little bit of randomness, to send you to your weekend in a happy mood :)

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Have a lovely weekend,
xox B

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