Thursday 3 October 2013

Things I no longer believe are the "Fashion Rules"

I am not someone who likes admitting when they are wrong, it's the stubborn German in me, but these are "rules" I always followed, and for the last little while have constantly been breaking. In my opinion, true fashion doesn't really come with rules anymore. To a point, at least. Should your clothes be clean and in good condition? Duh. We all know my opinions on wearing bedazzled anything as well, or having your clothing brand splashed all over your gear. Other than that? Guidelines are there to help you, but your personality is what makes the fashion, nothing else.

  1. Once it's out of style, it's out of style forever.. Do I even need to explain why this isn't true? Bell bottoms, acid wash, high-waisted, overalls.. and that's just denim! Maybe this is my all-time excuse for why I won't part with any of my clothing.. But fashion is always a cycle, and if you have to wait a few years on it for your favorite piece to come back in, believe me, it will. The plaid shirt I'm wearing today? Four years old, and only now do I actually like it - seriously, previous to today I've worn it once. Stick with some things, what goes around comes around. It's like clothing karma! Ruffle front dress-shirts though? Meh, some things are better left behind. Same goes for toe socks.

  2. Denim Tuxedos are a no-no. Now, there is a line between looking effortlessly cool, and "I'm on my way to go herd some cattle." How to avoid crossing it? Maybe don't wear cowboy boots/hat with the ensemble, and you should be good to go.Fotor010039073

  3. Loose Draping will make you look chubby - Let's sincerely hope this isn't the case, otherwise 99% of my wardrobe is making me look like a fatty. I don't believe that, and neither should you. Like I've said before, balance is key. If you're wearing a really over-sized loose top, balance it out with a skinnier leg. Loose clothing all around? Show off your clavicle and shoulders. Too much bulk will hurt you, but just enough is chic. Fotor0100390638

  4. Wearing all black is depressing and Gothic. False. Chicest & easiest outfit you can make. Slimming, simple, makes a statement without "making a statement", and goes with everything. If you really feel like you have to have some sort of color, use your accessories to help make the pop, like the middle picture's red shoes, or the statement necklace at the end.

  5. There has to be a Rhyme & Rhythm to pattern mixing. When I was first dipping my feet into the pattern mixing pool, I made sure that at least one factor of each pattern complimented each other. Now? Pfft, I dive right in. Plaid & Leopard (today's choice)! Stripes and Floral! Texture on Textures! It's the funnest part of dressing, and I think the opposite even works: the more the patterns may "clash", the more they work. Keep everything else neutral if you're really going out there, and just enjoy it. Fotor010039083

  6. Your socks have to match. I give you, Exhibit A: Fotor01003123024Since I can remember, I have never matched my socks. Ever. Athletic socks even. Sometimes I coordinate them to go well with each other, but it is a serious rarity that they will be the matching pair. My mom (the avid knitter) even told me that when it comes time for me to (hopefully) have babies, she's going to knit my future children just one sock, never a pair, so I can mis-match them.. Is it okay that that's kind of the only appealing part of parenthood to me right now? A mini-me doll to dress up.. Oh the possibilities.

  7. Simple is boring. Sometimes simple can make the best statement, not to mention the obvious factor of being the most comfortable. There's been a few nights as of late where I am getting ready to go out, and alll I want to do is wear black jeans, chucks and a tee. I haven't, because I'd get shunned by my girlfriends, BUT my point is, a simple outfit is always your most comfortable, whether for you that means a kimono and harem pants, a maxidress, or leggings and a hoody. Simple should never be left out.

What are "rules" you've broken when it comes to your style?


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