Thursday 10 October 2013

What I wore... Thursday

Busy week prepping to leave for the next - basically - three weeks = selfie outfit photos, in between running out the door. Also, little side note: how many of you believe in the Law of Attraction? I can't say I'd ever put too much thought into it, other than thinking it was a cool system to believe in. But within the last couple days? Total believer now. Without even doing a whole lot, other than making plans and goals and ways in which I want to expand this blog in the coming months, The mojo I apparently put into the universe is coming back to find me. And it is AWESOME. Power of positive thinking, I tell ya. Maybe it has to do with my Indiana Jones hat? Because that thing is wiiiiiicked; what good karma wouldn't be attracted to it?! Let's say it's half and half. Half good mojo, half great hat.

Fotor0100913000 Fotor0101085955 Fotor01009113528 Fotor01009113646


  1. your hair in that blue periwinkle/cheetah number. HELLLOOO BEAUTIFUL ;)

    ps. that hat is rockin.

  2. I Love Love Love the hat! It is totally kick ass! ;)

  3. LOVE that first outfit--that hat is amazing!!
    Also a big fan of your forearm tattoo; we're tattoo placement twins! :)