Tuesday 8 October 2013

Taking a page out of your book.

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? I do, fairly often. I think I would have done pretty well in the 60's, taking inspiration from the Talitha Getty's, Twiggy's, even Audrey Hepburn; depending on the day. Free-loving Hippy one day, classic and understated ingenue the other, yeah I would have rocked that. Also, did you know Audrey Hepburn had a pet deer!? Named Pippin! Does it get more adorable?  Only in the 60's, because that era was the best. audrey-hepburn-and-her-pet-deerFotor01008111031

Taking a page out of each of their books, here's my modern take on how I'd wear these 3 classic, timeless style genres.  Lately I've been finding most of my inspiration is a lot more bohemian than anything, and am really just fiending to buy more kimonos & caftans, therefore I wanted an excuse to make outfits with them ;). Arizona, don't disappoint me, I'm counting on you to have some winners for me down there! Free People & I have a hot date come October 19th.

For those Twiggy Mod Days: c600x488 c600x492Classic, simple Audrey moments:c600x388

c600x494Channeling my inner Bohemian Goddess, ala Ali McGraw, Talitha Getty, or Carly Simon. c600x410c600x580

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  1. love your blog so much!<3
    Emma xx