Monday 31 March 2014

Warby Parker, the blind girl's BFF.

We've discussed my blindness before; but have we hit upon my cheapness yet? I love shopping, and I love spending money, but nothing gets me going more than when I hit a great product, at a wicked deal. Enter Warby Parker. My beloved glasses are on their last arms (ha ha glasses pun), with the hinge just waiting to break. I happen to work above my optometrist's office, so I went down to see if they could fix them, no luck. Obviously needing to buy new ones (although I gave serious thought to duct taping the arm and making that a new thing..), I asked how much I'm looking at spending here: "Well, you're a year overdue on an eye exam so that's $150 right off the bat, then with your 'special' prescription, you're looking at $300 for the lenses, then the cost of whatever frames you choose." So, around $600, minimum. MINIMUM. Not, a f-cking chance. Before I could have a panic attack followed up with a "I'm too broke for this shit" ugly cry (those are really fun), it was like the blogging gods blessed me with a break, and I got an email from Brian at Warby Parker. Like clearlycontacts, they do a lot of their sales online. They do have store fronts, but are only in LA, New York & Boston. Now, unlike clearlycontacts, for every pair they sell, they donate a pair to someone in need. Best part? Glasses & lenses for a total of $120 ($160 for me, since any regular lenses look like coke bottles and I have to get the fancy ones.). !!! $120! Sign. Me. UP. I haven't taken the plunge quite yet because I'm undecided on a few pairs, front runners being these & these. Opinions?

With their new summer sunglasses collection just launching, I thought it would be fun to style some of their frames in the meantime. Because who doesn't love playing virtual dress-up? For the outfits, I chose to do the "Minnie Eucalyptus", the "Downing Striped Sassafras" & the "Piper Woodland Tortoise", in that order. How fun is the word Sassafras, anyway? That alone should be a deal maker.

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*this is a sponsored post, though all opinions are my own.

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  1. hmmm the Marshall's would be my choice! Did you try the virtual try on?!?!